New fog measurements in Taiwan

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A measurement station is running in Xitou, Taiwan since the beginning of March. The study focuses on fog and the data will be analyzed in a master thesis. Therefore visibility, droplet size distribution and carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes are measured with the eddy covariance method. In addition, fog water samples are collected with an active fog collector for chemical analysis during fog events.

No office hour for 4 weeks

Since Prof. Klemm is on a visit abroad from the 26th of Februrary till the 30th of March there are no office hours in this period. He is still available per email.

Climate change in urban planning

On the 14th of December an interview with Prof. Dr. Otto Klemm about the challenges of urban planning in terms of climate change was published in the university newspaper "wissen|leben". link

More participation in Kolloquium AG Landschaftsökologie

In January 2017 there will be more presentations of masterthesis relevant to climatologie in the Kolloquium AG Landschaftsökologie (5pm, room 513). The topics are "Fog Water Chemical Composition at Ailao-Mountain, Yunnan Province, SW China" (at 9th of January, presented by Felix Nieberding), "Temporal high resolved measurements of gas and particles along the roadside: New ways of analyzing air quality and emissions" (at 16th of January, presented by Christian Peitzmeier) and "Up on the roof: Quality inspection of 3D ultrasonic anemomenter data in a herterogeneous urban environment" (on 23rd of January, presented by Petra Steffen).

PhD candidate Bruna Segalin in Münster for three month

Since 14th of December 2016 the brazilian Bruna Segalin from São Paulo is part of the working group clomatology. The meteorologist and Phd candidate in atmospheric science is analyzing particulate matter from indoor elderly residence in São Paulo, to get to know the levels and composition, compare with WHO standards, find sources and some relationship with the health. For three month she will be analyzing her measurements with the help of
Prof. Dr. Otto Klemm. We're happy to have her here.

Participation in Kolloquium AG Landschaftsökologie

At  12th of December the masterstudents Elena Plank und Bettina Breuer will give a overview of their masterthesis in the Kolloquium AG Landschaftsökologie (5pm, room 513). The topics are "LiDAR Messung am Aasee - Stadtklimatologische Untersuchung einer Kaltluftschneise" (Elena Plank) und "Fog and Water Vapor Fluxes above a primary subtropical mountain evergreen forest in SW China" (Bettina Breuer). Both presentations will be in german.

Visiting of kindergartners


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On Thursday the 8th of December a group of kindergartners from "Die Glühwürmchen e.V." visited the University of Münster. For the compition "Klima.Kita.NRW " ( eleven children (plus two tutors) came to the faculty of earth science to learn something about geoinformatics and climatologie.

ILÖK-Kolloquium on the 8th of November

We welcome Prof. Neng-Huei (George) Lin from the National Central University, Chung-Li, Taiwan (Department of Atmosperic Sciences) in Münster. He will present a talk about "Overview of Chemical, Physical, Optical and Radiative Mesurements of Biomass-burning Aerosol and related pollutants during the Seven South East Asian Studies (7-SEAS) Spring Campains" in the ILÖK-Kolloquium on the 8th of November 2016 at 6 pm in the lecture hall Geo 1. This Event is creditabel in MSc Lök, module M2/M1.

Welcome new employee

This semester Hanna Lokys joins the team of the research goup climatology. We welcome her and wish her a good start in her new job.