WG Ecoplanning: Team 2022
The Research Group Ecological Planning in 2022
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Scientific Staff

name                                    function  phone*  e-mail*  room
Prof. Dr. Tillmann Buttschardt Professor 30104 tillmann.buttschardt 419
Dr. Friederike Gabel Postdoc and
Teaching assistant
30113 friederike.gabel 421
Dr. Jan Lehmann Postdoc and
Teaching assistant
30111 jan.lehmann 508
Dr. Cornelia Steinhäuser Postdoc and
Teaching assistant
30123 cornelia.steinhaeuser 422
M.Sc. Julia Binder Reseachrer and PhD student 30134 j.binder 204
M.Sc. Thomas Middelanis Researcher 30134 t_midd01  
M.Sc. Neema Mtenga Guest researcher and PhD student 30103 nmtenga 448

B.Sc. Felix Aufderheide

Student assistant 30113 faufderh 204
B.Sc. Chiara Pohl Student assistant 30134 cpohl  

External PhD Students

name                                       e-mail*
M.Sc. Landschaftsökol.
Patrick Günner
phD student patrick.guenner
M.Sc. Geogr. Viola Krone phD student viola.krone
M.Sc. Biol.
Margarete Dytkowicz
phD student Margarete.Dytkowicz [at] hsrw.org
M.Eng. Landschaftsarchitektur
Moritz Hillebrand
phD student moritz.hillebrand [at] wlv.de
M.Sc. Geogr. Malte Hoffmann phD student m_hoff28



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