Integrated Natural Ressources Management

Mission statement

Aim of every strategy in environmental planning today is the sustainable and careful handling of landscape potentials and landscape ressources. Guided by the model of a "Integrated Natural Ressources Management" we continuously develop further classic approaches of ecologigal planning. We tend to find innovative answers to hot current topics such as "new energy landscapes", planetary exeedance of planetary boundaries, depletion of natural potentials of water, soil, air and biotic systems. As we see landscape as coupled human-environmental systems we integrate holistic aspects such as a better understanding of the man/environment relationship, environmental communication as well as the necessity to make complex systems better visible and understandable.

  • Current projects

    GrünSchatz - Perennial wild flowering plants for biogas production

    EUfMa River vitalisation of heavily modified water bodies

  • Completed projects

    Wege zur Vielfalt - Lebensadern auf Sand

    Westfälisches Naturerbe kennen und erleben

    Netzwerk Grüne Grenze

    Handbuch und Datenbank Produktionsintegrierte Ausgleichsmaßnahmen

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  • PhD theses


    • Gewässerentwicklung durch Gewässerunterhaltung - Potenziale der Entwicklung von Tieflandfließgewässern im Münsterland durch Gewässerunterhaltung (Moritz Hillebrand), laufend

    sucessfull completetd

    • Grüne Infrastruktur – mit Landwirtschaft Lebensräume schaffen. Implementationsmöglichkeiten der EU-Strategie für grüne Infrastruktur (Jenny Schmidt)
    • Räumliche Veränderungen durch die Erschließung erneuerbärer Energieträger (Eva Huth)
    • Wasserkörper - Integration von dynamischen Prozessen  in die Umweltziele der EU-WRRL (Harald Grote)
    • Detection and Impact of an Invasive Ecosystem Engineer from Leaf to Landscape Scale merging Field Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing with Ecophysiology (André Große-Stoltenberg)
    • Unmanned Aerial Systems in Landscape Ecology – New Remote Sensing Capabilities and Perspectives for Scalable Enviromental Applications and Analyses (Jan R.K. Lehmann)
    • Boundary Work for Collaborative Water Resources Management: Conceptual and Empirical Insights from a South African Case Study (Esther I. Dörendahl)
    • Understanding spatial growth and spatial resilience of megacities based on the DPSIR conceptual model, Study case: Greater Cairo Metropolis, Egypt
      (Ahmed Abdelhalim Mostafa Hassan)
    • Water-Saving in the Landscapes and Lifeworlds of Khorezmian Farmers, Uzbekistan (Lisa Oberkircher)

  • Publications

    • Oldeland. J., R. Revermann, J. Luther-Mosebach, T.K. Buttschardt, J.R.K. Lehmann (2021): New tools for old problems — comparing drone and field-based assessments of a problematic plant species. Environ Monit Assess (2021) 193: 90
    • Grote, H. (2021): Anwendung des Konzeptes der hydromorphologischen-ökologischen Aue am Beispiel der Ems. In: Wasserwirtschaft 1/2021: 49-53
    • Paltrinieri, S., J.A. Schmidt (2020): Wildpflanzen statt Mais für Biogas –Was beeinflusst die Akzeptanz dieser biodiversitätsfördernden Anbaualternative? In: Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung 52 (12) 2020: 578-583
    • Heringer, G., J. Thiele, C. Hummel do Amaral, J.A. Alves Meira‐Neto, F.A. Ribeiro Matos, J.R.K. Lehmann, T.K. Buttschardt, A. Viana Neri (2020): Acacia invasion is facilitated by landscape permeability: the role of habitat degradation and road networks - Applied Vegetation Science
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