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The Department of Communication (IfK) is one of leading institutes in research and teaching in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the latest university rankings, drawn up by the Centre for Higher Education Development (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung), Communication Science of the University of Münster achieved top marks in all the categories assessed.

Digitalisation@WWU: Communication Scholars are sought-after Experts

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Accompanying the featured theme "Digitalisation at Münster University", the Press office published expert interviews featuring Prof. Bernd Blöbaum und Katie M. Grosser, as well as a guest article by Felix Brinkschulte und Dr. Lena Frischlich. The video interview with Prof. Bernd Blöbaum started off the 6-month period in which WWU features "Digitalisation".

Prof. Quandt in Oxford & Stanford

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From March till July 2018, Prof. Thorsten Quandt, director of the Münster Department of Communication will be guest professor at the Universities of Oxford and Stanford.

Stephanie Geise and Annie Waldherr gain funding for working group «Computational Social Science»

2018 03 02 Waldherr Geise 1 12018 03 02 Waldherr Geise
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The Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) will fund Stefanie Geise’s and Annie Waldherr’s working group «Computational Social Science», which has been applied for in cooperation with Uwe Engel, Professor of Sociology and Head of the Social Science Methods Centre at the University of Bremen. With the funding CAIS provides financial and structural resources to facilitate cooperation among national and international experts joining together in workshops. The aim of the working group is to reflect the consequences of an increasing usage of computational methods for the further development of the empirical social sciences.

Still Images – Moving People? How visual images trigger the willingness to participate in politial protest

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Cooperation project of PD. Dr. Stephanie Geise (WWU Münster) in association with political scientists Prof. Diana Panke (University of Freiburg) and Dr. Axel Heck (University of Kiel) .Since October 2017, the Friede-Springer-Foundation has sponsored the research project «Still Images – Moving People», situation at the WWU. The inter-disciplinarian project-team will now commence with a pre-study. Lead by PD Dr. Stephanie Geise and in cooperation with two colleagues from political sciences, Prof. Dr. Diana Panke (University of Freiburg) and Dr. Axel Heck (University of Kiel) the project team will examine the (inter-)relationship between perception, typification and processing of positively and negatively framed media images of selective protest movement and their protest-issues with regards to the political participation willingness of citizens.