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The Department of Communication (IfK) is one of the leading institutes in research and teaching in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

IfK Celebrates its 100th Birthday

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© IfK

Flowers, golden balloons and musical accompaniment by the jBM Saxophone Quartet – it felt just like a real birthday. In this manner, the ceremony on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Department of Communication (IfK) was celebrated on Saturday, May 11th, at the Münster City Castle. Framed by a get-together and a poster exhibition showcasing the department’s history and – of course – a party, about 300 current and past IfK-members, as well as numerous guests jointly remembered the department’s evolution from its beginnings to its current state.

Workshop: Web Scraping with R with Fabian Gülzau

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© Fabian Gülzau

On Friday, May 7, Fabian Gülzau will give a short workshop in which he introduces students to the technique of webscraping with R. Participants will learn a general scheme that can be applied to scrape information from the web. First, the workshop provides a brief introduction to the underlying structure of the modern web. Second, after acquiring this knowledge, we will go through the individual steps that are necessary to retrieve information from a website.