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The Department of Communication in Münster is a national leader in the study of communication. Research areas of emphasis include themes that have been covered by the Department since its inception, as well as a broad spectrum of other topics in the field. Here, the research areas of emphasis as well as current and past research projects are presented; publications resulting from the research are also listed.

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Current publications and talks by the IfK. A complete list of publications is available. 

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Research profile

The Department of Communication is a national leader in the study of communication. The Department’s faculty covers a broad spectrum of themes in communication science.

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Current research projects

We are currently engaged in a range of projects on different aspects of communication.

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Doctorate programs

 The Institute for Communicational Studies offers doctorate programs for especially qualified postgraduate scholars.

Ethics Committee

 The ethics committee examines research projects submitted by scientists of the IfK. Here [de] you will find information on the application modalities.