ZIN staff

Dr. Rebecca Froese

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Research Fellow at the Center of Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research

Here you can find more information about projects, publications and talks etc. from Rebecca Froese.

Research areas:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Socio-ecological tipping points
  • Human-Environment Interactions
  • Latin America, (especially Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador)
  • Universities in sustainability transformation
  • Global Change
  • Conflict & Environmental Peacebuilding
  • Land, environmental and resource governance

Associated employees

Tobias Gumbert, M.A.

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Chair of International Relations and Sustainable Development
Department: Political Science

Research Areas:

  • Sustainable Development, Sustainable Consumption
  • Global Agrifood Politics, Waste Politics
  • Governance and Governmentality
  • Limits to Growth and Degrowth
  • Environmental Political Theory and Political Sociology
  • International Relations Theory

Nils Stockmann, M.A.

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Chair of Global Environmental Governance
Department: Political Science

Research Areas:

  • European environmental policy and local implementation in the mobility sector
  • new approaches to norm research (in particular norm translation)
  • subject- and recognition theory and its approach to urban mobility

Dr. Björn Wendt

Chair of Socialization
Department: Sociology

Research Areas: 

  • Sustainability Research/Environmental Sociology
  • Research on Utopias/Sociology of Knowledge
  • Research on Protest and Social Movements/Political Sociology
  • Power Strcutre Research/Sociology of Elites
  • Research on Poverty and Wealth/Social Inequality
  • Urban and Regional Sociology

Former at the Center for Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research