Welcome to the Seminary for Reformed Theology!

The Seminary for Reformed Theology is among the institutes that shape the profile of the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Münster.
The emphasis of it lies on reformed teachings, their traditions, and their significance for today. The reformed teachings tradition comes from the History of Reformation in western Europe, especially the Reformation by Huldrych Zwingli in Zürich and Johannes Calvins in Genva and the creeds that go along with them. The work at the Seminary lays its focus on theological insight in the beginning of reformed church history and historical theology, and more lately insights that are aligned with the latter. They are reflected and consulted in regard to prevailing questions in relation to creation, society and church.

The Seminary of Reformed Theology is part of an international network and especially works in cooperation with reformed institutes in the neighbouring Netherlands and in Hungary. There is a close relationship to the Johannes a Lasco Library in Emden. And the reformed summer school, that was developed on initiative of our Seminary in the year 2007, is very popular among national and international participants.