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Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology (MEET) is the battery research center at Münster University. It comprises an international team of around 140 scientists who are working on the research and development of innovative electrochemical energy storage devices with high energy density, longer durability and maximum safety. The aim is to improve batteries for use in electric cars and stationary energy storage systems – at the lowest possible cost. MEET thus strives to further enhance the competitiveness of its partners in battery research – in particular on lithium-ion technology – both regionally and nationally.


Developing future super-batteries

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The new "Battery 2030+" large-scale research initiative supported by the European Commission will gather leading scientists in Europe, as well as the industry, to achieve a leap forward in battery science and technology. The first "Battery 2030+" project kicks off in March 2019 and will lay the basis for this ten-year research initiative. Read more

Poster Award for Till-Niklas Kröger


The MEET PhD student Till-Niklas Kröger has achieved a CRC Press Poster Award with his poster contribution at the conference "European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry 2019" in Pau (France). At the conference, current research topics in the field of plasma spectrochemical processes are presented annually. Read more

Next Generation besucht das MEET

© Annette-Gymnasium Münster

An zwei Tagen im Jahr (September/Februar) lädt das MEET drei Chemie-Kurse ein, um das Batterieforschungszentrum im Rahmen eines 2-stündigen Programmes kennenzulernen. Beim letzten Schülertag am 21. Februar waren auch Schülerinnen und Schüler des Annette-Gymnsiums in Münster in der Forschungseinrichtung. Der Besuch stellte zeitgleich das Kick-Off für eine spannende Kooperation dar. Mehr lesen

10th anniversary at Hannover Messe and Advanced Battery Power/Kraftwerk Batterie

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In the beginning of April there will be first-hand information about research at MEET Battery Research Center both at "Advanced Battery Power" in Aachen and at "Hannover Messe" in Hanover. As co-organizer of Advanced Battery Power, MEET is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the conference this year, and there will also be the same anniversary at the Hannover Messe, where the Battery Research Center will be exhibiting for the 10th time in a row. Read more

MEET beim Science Breakfast im CeNTech vertreten


“High Power versus High Energy” – zu diesem Thema präsentierte am Dienstag (12.02.2019) MEET-Wissenschaftler Dr. Markus Börner beim Science Breakfast des Center for Nanotechnology (Veranstalter CeNTech GmbH) aktuelle Forschungsarbeiten am MEET Batterieforschungszentrum. Mehr lesen

Poster award for Dr. Simon Wiemers-Meyer


MEET researcher Dr. Simon Wiemers-Meyer and his colleagues convinced the poster award jury at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) Europe taking place at the end of January in Strasbourg, France. Their poster on "Revealing the Network of Reactions in Lithium Ion Batteries" won one of the three prizes.Read more

MEET presents at AABC Europe 2019 in Strasbourg


From 28 to 31 January the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) Europe took place - this year in Strasbourg (France). With posters, a symposium and an information stand, the MEET Battery Research Center showed with a strong presence the progress in Münster battery research. Read more

Poster award for MEET doctorand Roman Nölle

© Ernst Fesseler Fotografie für KLiB e. V.

Researchers of the "Materials" Division of the MEET Battery Research Center are excited to receive an award at the German conference on batteries, Batterieforum Deutschland in Berlin in January 2019. PhD student Roman Nölle and fellow researchers Gerrit Overhoff, Dr. Vassilios Siozios, Prof. Dr. Martin Winter and Dr. Tobias Placke were awarded 2nd prize for their poster contribution on the investigation of various pre-lithiation processes for silicon/carbon electrodes. Read more