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"Battery Chemistry, Characterization, Analysis, Recycling and Application"
“A distinct feature of the International Graduate School is the synergetic combination of basic and applied research – motivating and preparing young scientists for future careers in science and industry in a unique and ambitious way.”
Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius
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Girls' Day 2022

We want to use the Girls' Day today to encourage young women to pursue a career in science. For useful tips and inspiration, we asked three of our female PIs: Prof. Dr. Melanie Esselen, Institute of Food Chemistry, Prof. Dr. Monika Schönhoff, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Dr. Nella Vargas-Barbosa, Helmholtz-Institut Münster. Read here what they advise women in science, what inspires them and who their role models are.
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Alessandro Volta – Inventor of the Battery

Already used your smartphone today or opened your laptop? Batteries are so taken for granted in our everyday lives that we rarely realize their constant use. To commemorate their value, February 18 has therefore been designated International Battery Day. On this day in 1745, Italian Alessandro Volta was born, the inventor of the prototype electric battery. Read More

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Future battery cost: Crucial for the mobility and energy transition

For years, there has been a clear downward trend in battery costs. This development is important since batteries, as key components of electric vehicles and stationary energy storage systems, account for the majority of their cost. Today, these products are not yet fully competitive and further battery cost reductions are needed. Read more