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BACCARA Bootcamp 2024| 30.04.2024
BACCARA Public Lecture Series SoSe 2024| 22.04.2024
BACCARA Expert Seminar | 12.04.2024
Innovative Coating Technique Improves Capacity and Stability of Lithium-ion Batteries | 24.01.2024
BACCARA Power Day 2023 I 14.09.2023
“This format makes networking easier” I 06.09.2023
“Create a Dynamic and Vibrant Community” I 18.07.2023
Developing the batteries of tomorrow together I 10.07.2023
Luigi Aloisio Galvani: With frogs in search of electricity I 18.02.2023
“We Are at the Beginning of a Change in Mentality” I 10.02.2023
17 Doctoral Students Join BACCARA I 27.07.2022
"It’s the Mixture of People with Different Backgrounds that Bring Up New Ideas" I 15.07.2022
BACCARA Power Day 2022 I 31.05.2022
Girls' Day 2022 I 28.04.2022
Alessandro Volta – Inventor of the Battery I 18.02.2022
"It's Not Just about the Desire to Have Children" I 11.02.2022
Minister Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen visits Münster I 14.10.2021
International Interest in BACCARA: 17 Students Start Doctoral Studies I 04.10.2021
Future battery cost: Crucial for the success of the mobility and energy transition I 10.08.2021
Leonardo-Campus-Run 2021 I 29.06.2021
“There Is Hardly Any Way Around Circular Economy” I 22.06.2021
Martin Winter is Unity Ambassador of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia I 20.06.2021
Prof. Frank Glorius admitted to "Leopoldina" Academy I 09.06.2021
“It’s a lot about collaboration” I 17.05.2021
"What's next? Junior Researchers at Münster University" featuring Dr. Karin Kleiner I 12.05.2021
Sustainability & Recycling: Hot Topics of Battery Research and Education I 13.04.2021
BACCARA represented at the “Battery Day NRW” I 12.04.2021
New Online Event Series Focusing on Electrochemistry Start I 17.02.2021
Advanced Electrolyte Additives Improve Performance and Lifetime of Silicon based Anodes I 04.02.2021
New Young Investigator Group for Electrolyte Formulation I 26.01.2021
“Curiosity and Interest Matter, Everything Else Can Be Learned” I 05.01.2021
"It's like a really good roller coaster ride!" I 09.12.2020
First Students at International Graduate School BACCARA I 16.11.2020
New International Battery Research School Opened I 05.08.2020