"What's next? Junior Researchers at Münster University" featuring Dr. Karin Kleiner

The video series “What’s Next? Junior Researchers at Münster University” introduces junior researchers at the University of Münster. What are the PhD students and postdocs at the University of Münster researching into? What do they find fascinating about their subjects? What obstacles do they have to contend with? A closer look will be taken not only at the research topics, but also at the people who are working on them.

Dr. Karin Kleiner

Teaching, learning and researching at the same time – that’s what Dr. Karin Kleiner finds exciting as leader of a team of junior researchers at the MEET Battery Research Centre as well as a member of the recruiting committee of the International Graduate School BACCARA. In her research she deals with the active components of lithium-ion batteries, which are to be found for example in smartphones or cars. The following video gives insights into her current research, her daily work in the lab and what excites her about her profession.

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