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"Battery Chemistry, Characterization, Analysis, Recycling and Application"
“A distinct feature of the International Graduate School is the synergetic combination of basic and applied research – motivating and preparing young scientists for future careers in science and industry in a unique and ambitious way.”
Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius
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17 Doctoral Students Join BACCARA

Strengthening for the International Graduate School for Battery Chemistry, Characterisation, Analysis, Recycling and Application BACCARA: 17 prospective battery researchers will start their doctoral studies at the University of Münster in the town’s battery hotspot by the end of the year. Among them are another six female scientists who will conduct research on next-generation batteries in the future.
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BACCARA Power Day 2022

On 19 May 2022 we finally had our first external conference at the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Münster, the BACCARA Power Day, and we are very proud to call it a real success! There were four panels of discussion, namely Batteries and Energy Storage, Materials, New Perspectives and Methods, each of them with inspiring presentations and in the end fruitful discussions. Another highlight was the poster competition, in which 20 posters gave insights on the research projects of PhD students from BACCARA and from other universities.
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