BACCARA – Cutting-Edge Research and Education

Setting standards in research and education the International Graduate School of Battery Chemistry, Characterization, Analysis, Recycling and Application (BACCARA) was established on July 1, 2020 at the University of Münster. Founding partners of BACCARA are the MEET Battery Research Center and the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Münster. Moreover, the International Graduate School was established in close cooperation with the Helmholtz Institute Münster.

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Passion for Research & Education

A comprehensive research programme covers the fields of materials science, (macro-)molecular chemistry, electrochemistry, catalysis and battery cell research for energy storage as well as life cycle analysis and recycling. Theoretical chemistry involving modern information technologies will provide added value including data analysis, simulations, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the networking of man and machine, i.e., the programme will target the topic of Industry 4.0. A distinct feature of the International Graduate School is the synergetic combination of basic and applied research – motivating and preparing young scientists for future careers in science and industry in a unique and ambitious way.

In BACCARA young research talents benefit from the concentrated knowledge of renowned researchers: More than 20 professors and heads of junior research groups from the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, MEET Battery Research Center, Helmholtz Institute Münster and other departments of the University of Münster will be involved in BACCARA.

The International Graduate School is open to chemists and materials scientists with all specializations. Three cohorts of 15 doctoral students each are planned. Due to the broad didactic portfolio, the 45 young research personalities, who are recruited through a highly competitive selection process, are not only trained at the highest level in science and research, but also in scientific communication and career advancement qualifications.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is funding BACCARA with 9.5 million euros over a period of five years.