“Create a Dynamic and Vibrant Community”

Interview with Elina Nazmutdinova, President of the ECS Student Chapter Münster
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The ECS Student Chapter Münster was founded in 2020 to encourage young scientists and provide networking opportunities within the scientific community. As a recognized group of the largest international Electrochemical Society (ECS), it offers students of (electro)chemistry and related disciplines numerous events, contact and knowledge exchange as well as further education possibilities. With Elina Nazmutdinova, Ph.D. student at the International Graduate School BACCARA, the ECS Student Chapter has a new president since this year. What goals she is pursuing and what activities the Student Chapter is planning for this year, the young scientist shares in this interview.

What are your responsibilities as president of the ECS Student Chapter Münster?

Elina Nazmutdinova: As president of the ECS Student Chapter Münster, my primary responsibility is to generate event ideas based on my network and input from other officers. Collaborating closely with our faculty advisors, Prof. Dr Martin Winter and PD Dr Gunther Brunklaus, is crucial for effective communication and guidance. Our goal is to create a dynamic and vibrant community by providing opportunities for knowledge sharing and interaction. In addition to event coordination, I organize the general assembly meeting and handle administrative tasks, including communicating annual results to the Electrochemical Society.

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What are your priorities? What goals are you pursuing?

We aim to effectively communicate science and make it accessible to all by organizing events open to the general audience. We curate speakers and topics to match the current research scope, provide detailed insights, and invite experts from adjacent fields to broaden knowledge. Additionally, we strive to bring novelty and facilitate networking opportunities for students, supporting their future career development. Our chapter aims to create a dynamic and inclusive environment, making science approachable and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.

What activities is the ECS Student Chapter Münster planning to achieve these goals?

The ECS Student Chapter Münster has an exciting lineup of activities planned for this year. We started with a successful in-person event called "Career Pathways: Learning from Successful Women," where accomplished specialists shared inspiring personal stories and insights. Following that, we had a hybrid lecture featuring Prof. Michael Metzger, who provided valuable insights into the intriguing self-discharge phenomenon observed in large-format lithium-ion batteries.

On July 25, 2023, we will welcome Dr Rinaldo Raccichini, a senior editor from the renowned journal Nature Communications. He will discuss the editorial process at Nature journals and provide valuable insights for publishing in a Nature journal. To conclude the year, we are enthusiastic to host the second Alumni Meeting of MEET Battery Research Center, Helmholtz Institute Münster and the University of Münster, which was a huge success last year. This time, we are excited to bring a fresh perspective from both startups and well-established industry leaders. In addition, we will continue our series of electrochemistry webinars.

Why is it beneficial for students to join the ECS Student Chapter?

Membership provides students with a free ECS membership, opening up opportunities to participate in events and network with professionals in the field. Moreover, student chapter members gain the right to vote in the elections for the student chapter board, allowing them to have a say in shaping the direction and activities of the chapter. Interested individuals can consult the advantages of ECS membership on the following website: https://www.electrochem.org/individual-membership. Joining the ECS Student Chapter offers students additional valuable resources, networking prospects, and the ability to actively contribute to the chapter's initiatives. More about benefits of the ECS Student Chapter you can find here.

The ECS Student Chapter Münster is the first of its kind in Northwest Germany. Why is Münster the ideal location?

Münster is an ideal location for the ECS Student Chapter because it has emerged as a significant Power Hub for electrochemical research. The city boasts a concentration of leading professors and their research groups, creating a vibrant scientific community. Additionally, the presence of the international Graduate School BACCARA further enhances the pipeline for members and scientists. The combination of renowned research expertise and academic resources makes Münster an ideal setting for the ECS Student Chapter.