Where Science MEETs Industry
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Cooperation Portfolio for Companies

Whether novel solution concepts, feasibility studies or various research topics: flexibly adapted to individual needs, the MEET science team offers industry and economy opportunities for cooperation along the entire supply chain of battery cells. Since 2009, we have successfully implemented numerous joint projects and research collaborations. Our more than 120 partners worldwide include national and international companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises from sectors such as the automotive, supply, chemical and electrical industries.

Practice- and Solution-Oriented

The interdisciplinary expertise of the MEET team combined with a strong international cooperation network and a state-of-the-art infrastructure offer optimal conditions for efficiently and effectively tackling practical challenges. Doctoral grants, for example, open up the possibility of researching complex topics over a period of three years, accustomed by young scientists. In further research cooperation with a minimum duration of one-year, experienced scientists take care of individual needs. Our broad portfolio also includes service contracts such as aging tests and post mortem analyses of lithium-ion cells, the determination of electrical, mechanical and thermal safety of cells and cell components or the chemical, physical and electrochemical analysis of battery materials.

With its research and development work, the MEET team contributes to application-oriented knowledge and technology transfer to its partners. At the same time, MEET scientists do benefit from the findings of the collaboration - for application-oriented research at the cutting edge.