Wilhelm Killing, 1847-1923
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Colloquium Wilhelm Killing

The colloquium is named after Wilhelm Killing, who was a distinguished professor of the Department from 1892 to 1919.

According to Hans-Joachim Nastold und Otto Forster: Die Mathematik an der Universität Münster. In: Die Universität Münster 1780 – 1980 (Hrsg. Heinz Dollinger), S. 429 – 432, Aschendorff,Münster 1980:

Killings main interests were the foundations of geometry, of non-euclidean spaces and - in today's terminology - the classification of simple Lie Algebras.

Killing contributed critical parts to the classifcation of semi-simple Lie Algebras, which was later completed by E. Cartan. It is a theory that has a tremendous significance for various areas in Mathematics and Physics.

Please find remarks about the history of the department here (in German).


Time, Place: Thursdays 14:15 to 15:15, weekly, as hybrid event in person (lecture hall M4) and/or via ZOOM, virtual tea time starts at 15:30, if not announced otherwise


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