DEMAIN - DEveloping MAthematics in INteraction

In recent years, mathematics has enjoyed an unprecedented growth. Furthermore, its applications have evolved  in continuous interaction with the sciences, especially with physics and biology.

Münster University hosts a strong center in Mathematics. At the same time, a multitude of disciplines are represented at the WWU in which mathematical methods are used or needed.

In order to take advantage of that asset, the University of Münster established DEMAIN, the research center for DEveloping Mathematics in INteraction. Its mission is to support the interaction of scientists among the different fields of mathematics,  and the exchange of mathematicians with researchers from other areas.

DEMAIN organizes the weekly Mathematical Colloquium, the annual prestigeous von Neumann Lectures, Workshops and Special Events.

We strongly believe that DEMAIN will promote research in mathematics and in the related fields.

Angela Stevens, Speaker of the Executive Board