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Congratulation to Martin Brückerhoff for defending is disseratation! He worked on the concept of shadow of measures. Parts of his dissertation has already appeared in several preprints.

Beginning from January 19th we continue our stochastic "Ringvorlesung". The topic of the current semester is Spin models in statistical mechanics and Gaussian free fields
with lectures by Mathias Löwe (Jan 19, Jan 26)  A short introduction into spin models in statistical mechanics 
and Chiranjib Mukherjee (Feb 2, Feb 9), on Gaussian free fields.
For more information see mini-courses. Lectures are via zoom.

Recently published preprints of the Institute

  • Florian Besau, Anna Gusakova, Matthias Reitzner, Carsten Schütt, Christoph Thäle, Elisabeth Werner: Spherical convex hull of random points on a wedge (15 Mar 2022) arXiv Link
  • Zakhar Kabluchko: Lee-Yang zeroes of the Curie-Weiss ferromagnet, unitary Hermite polynomials, and the backward heat flow (10 Mar 2022) arXiv Link
  • Gerold Alsmeyer, Alin Bostan, Kilian Raschel, Thomas Simon: Persistence for a class of order-one autoregressive processes and Mallows-Riordan polynomials (Dez 6th 2021) , arXiv Link
  • Jonas Jalowy: The Wasserstein distance to the Circular Law (Nov 5th 2021) arXiv Link