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We are happy to announce the Probability Event: Point Processes, Exchange & Research taking place at the University of Münster, November 19-22. This PEPPER-School on point processes and their dynamics consists of three mini-courses, invited talks and includes slots for contributed 'pitch'-talks. For more information and registration, see the website.

Recently published preprints of the Institute:
Recently published preprints of the Institute:
  • Gilles Bonnet, Anna Gusakova: Concentration inequalities for Poisson U-statistics [25 Apr 2024] arXiv Link

  • Alexander Iksanov, Zakhar Kabluchko, Alexander Marynych, Vitali Wachtel: Multinomial random combinatorial structures and r-versions of Stirling, Eulerian and Lah numbers [25 Mar 2024] arXiv Link

  • Steffen Dereich: Traces left by random walks on large random graphs: local limits [24 Mar 2024] arXiv Link