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Congratulations to Sebastian Kassing for handing in his Dissertation!

We welcome our newest member Hung Hoang at the institute!

Recently published preprints of the Institute

  • Jonas Jalowy: The Wasserstein distance to the Circular Law (Nov 5th 2021) arXiv Link
  • Zakhar Kabluchko, Joscha Prochno: Large deviations for random matrices in the orthogonal group and Stiefel manifold with applications to random projections of product distributions (Oct 25th 2021) arXiv Link
  • Thomas Godland, Zakhar Kabluchko, Christoph Thäle: Beta-star polytopes and hyperbolic stochastic geometry (Sep 6th 2021) arXiv Link
  • Martin Huesmann, Francesco Mattesini, Felix Otto: There is no stationary cyclically monotone Poisson matching in 2d (Sep 28th 2021) arXiv Link
  • Gerold Alsmeyer: Linear fractional Galton-Watson processes in random environment and perpetuities (Sep 30th 2021) arXiv Link