Mathematics Münster

Dynamics - Geometry - Structure

Mathematics is a key technology for scientific and economic progress. New discoveries in mathematics are not only interesting in themselves, but they often lead to unexpected breakthroughs in other sciences as well.

We will tackle fundamentally important mathematical problems, viewing mathematics as an organic whole with countless interactions. The research in our Cluster of Excellence "Mathematics Münster" is unified by three major approaches: focusing on the underlying structure of a given problem, taking the geometric viewpoint and studying the relevant dynamics of group or semigroup actions. The theories which we will build will not only solve the problems under consideration but also many others of a similar nature; these theories will also raise exciting new questions.

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O-Minimality and the André-Oort Conjecture

"Bridging the Gap" seminar in winter semester 2020/21

Prof. Dr. Urs Hartl and Prof. Dr. Martin Hils organize the "Bridging the Gap" seminar "O-Minimality and the André-Oort Conjecture" which connects Model Theory and Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry. It will be held on Tuesdays, 2-4 pm. PhD students and master's students may enroll. The seminar will start in the first week of November. HIS-LSF

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Opening colloquium

CRC Geometry: Deformations and Rigidity

The CRC opening colloquium will take place on Thursday, 5 November 2020, at 4:15 pm via Zoom. There will be two talks: "The Langlands Program" by Prof. Dr. Urs Hartl and "Deformation spaces of Galois representations - and their interplay with representation theory" by Prof. Dr. Eugen Hellmann.

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A night full of mathematics

13 November 2020 - from 3 pm to midnight

Scientists of our Cluster of Excellence and the "Hausdorff Center for Mathematics" of the University of Bonn will show in workshops and lectures (in German) the fascination of mathematics.

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Supporting a good start at Mathematics Münster

31 new PhD students and postdocs from more than 15 countries are currently starting at Mathematics Münster. Welcome! To ensure a good start despite the current pandemic situation, we are offering a new Buddy Programme and various information events.