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Group Actions: Dynamics, Measure, Topology

28 Nov - 2 Dec 2022

This meeting will focus on the measurable and topological dynamics of group actions, with emphasis on the cross-pollination of themes and techniques that have been driving these subjects in novel directions over the last few years, ranging in flavour from probability, symbolic dynamics, and combinatorics to Lie groups, representation theory, and operator algebras, and including new types of interactions at the boundary of measure and topology themselves.

Public online event
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A night full of mathematics

2 December 2022, via Zoom

Scientists from our Cluster of Excellence, the "Hausdorff Center for Mathematics" (Bonn) and "MATH+" (Berlin) will show in digital workshops and lectures (in German) the fascination of mathematics - from 3 pm to midnight.

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Workshop on the Bezrukavnikov equivalence

16 December 2022

The workshop is a joint activity of the Arithmetic Geometry research groups in Bonn, Essen and Münster. The aim of the workshop is to understand the work of Roman Bezrukavnikov about an equivalence between certain constructible sheaves on an affine flag variety and certain coherent sheaves on a variety related to the Springer resolution of the nilpotent cone.

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Videos of conference talks

Mathematics Münster has recorded some lectures and mini courses and has made the videos available online to give you the opportunity to attend the talks on topics that interest you at a later time.

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MM Connect

The event series "MM Connect" offers young scientists of the Cluster the opportunity to exchange ideas regularly. Doctoral researchers and postdocs can present themselves and their research project (MM Arrival), say goodbye when the next career step is due (MM Departure) and exchange basic ideas and concepts (MM Common Ground).

Mathematics Münster's public events

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"Brücken in der Mathematik"

Public lecture series for mathematical laypersons

The lecture series "Brücken in der Mathematik" focuses on questions and topics that are trend-setting in different mathematical areas and that connect the areas.

Further information and video recordings: Lecture series "Bridges in Mathematics" [de]