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Supporting Early Careers at Mathematics Münster

In line with our tradition, we aim to further develop high-level master's, PhD and postgraduate programmes that attract and educate the very best students in mathematics. We provide a stimulating research environment with active career development and guidance to foster early scientific independence and promote both excellent mathematical research and fruitful academic careers.

PhD and postdoc positions are regularly offered. PhD students are integrated into the Mathematics Münster Graduate School. Postdoctoral researchers are encouraged and supported to strengthen their scientific profile and to establish themselves in the research community.

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Master's Studies in Münster

The University of Münster is a stronghold of mathematical research and education. As a master's student in Münster, you will not only benefit from a broad mathematical training but you will also be introduced to ongoing research.

You can choose focus topics out of seven mathematical fields: geometry and analysis of manifolds, topology, operator algebras and non-commutative geometry, algebra, applied mathematics and scientific computing, probability theory and applications, and mathematical logic.

Have a look at mathe-master.uni-muenster.de [de] for more information.

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Doctoral Studies in Münster

Benefit from the stimulating atmosphere at the department and use the invaluable opportunity to learn from faculty and visitors, to collaborate and network.

The Mathematics Münster Graduate School, founded in June 2019, provides outstanding young researchers with a broad knowledge and training in mathematics and promotes their ability to interact with specialists from different areas of mathematics. MMGS offers a broad variety of graduate courses, in which students are expected to participate also outside their field of specialisation.

If you plan to do your doctoral studies with one of the groups at the department, why not apply for one of our Ada Lovelace PhD positions for excellent PhD students? If you succeed you will be funded for 2 (plus 1) years with additional resources for travel and material expenses at your disposal.

Have a look at the Early Career site for more information.

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Mathematics Münster also offers a stimulating environment for eary career researchers after their PhD. Regular talks by guests and visiting researchers of the existing Collaborative Research Centre 878 and Cluster of Excellence Cells-in-Motion add to the many possibilities of interaction within and across mathematical disciplines.

In line with our tradition, we focus on highly talented early career researchers on all levels. We aim at providing young researchers with the opportunity to develop independent and individual research profiles. Supporting diversity is as important as providing individual support and guidance beyond mathematical skills.

The University of Münster supports young researchers in their career development by offering various workshops as well as individual consultation services Graduate Centre. As a family-friendly university, there exist also several offers to support partners and families. For instance, the Dual Career Service helps partners of newly appointed staff to identify new professional challenges in the region.

Have a look at the Early Career site for more information. 

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International Affairs

Spending a semester abroad as a Master's student? Have a look at the homepage of the department for existing cooperations with our Erasmus partner universities in Europe. The Fachschaft Mathematik und Informatik [de] (students representatives) informs regularly about possibilies of spending a semster abroad.

As a doctoral student you can also take advantage of the Erasmus+ or the Promos programme of the DAAD. Or write your own proposal to receive funding for a conference you'd like to participate in or for spending a short or longer research visit at an international university or research institute.

The International Office of the WWU advises students, academics and staff who are planning a stay abroad or, vice-versa, who are planning a visit at the University of Münster. It also welcomes and supports visiting researchers and international students.