Postdoctoral research at Mathematics Münster

Establish your research profile in our stimulating research environment, amongst internationally renowned scientists, and benefit from the career development opportunities designed to foster your scientific independence.


Our Postdoc Programme

Postdocs are a vital part of our research community, for example as investigators within the Cluster and organisers of international conferences. They profit from the amenities of the Cluster of Excellence, including receiving funding for hosting guest researchers, not only for short collaborations but also for longer stays within our Young Research Fellow programme.

Financial support is also given for conference travel and attendance at summer schools. Postdocs are encouraged to organise academic events, for example as part of the Young Mathematicians Conference Network (YMCN), and to participate in networking opportunities and soft skill workshops.

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The core of the Mathematics Münster Postdoc Programme is the Postdoc Mentoring: mentors chosen from among the professors of the mathematical institutes provide guidance in the postdoc’s academic endeavours during their time in Münster. Halfway through the contract, the mentor and the postdoc jointly reflect on the academic development with regard to competencies for the respective career goal and further steps.

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Apply for postdoc positions

Applications for postdoctoral positions and Young Research Groups are accepted each year in autumn. Calls are published on

Young Research Groups: Collaborate for four years as a Young Research Group of two or three postdocs working together on a joint research project relevant to the focus areas of Mathematics Münster. Group members are expected to apply individually for the postdoc positions and hand in a joint letter of motivation.

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Collaboration and Networking

The Young Mathematician Conference Network gives postdocs the opportunity to organise conferences and summer schools on their own responsibility, together with other postdocs or doctoral students. The Cluster supports the event financially and organisationally.

Through the Young Research Fellow Programme excellent young researchers can be invited to Münster. In this way, young researchers can establish and consolidate collaborations at an early stage, and new projects can be initiated.

The Cluster provides travel funds for international collaborations and conference visits for all postdocs. Funds can be applied for easily via the internal portal.

Exchange of experience: MM Connect is the networking seminar for young researchers within the department and across working groups.

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Math skills and soft skills

Lectures, advanced seminars, colloquia: Postdocs are specifically invited to the department's mathematical events as lecturers and participants. The lecture culture is an integral part of the exchange and expansion of knowledge.

Additional qualification and career planning: The WWU Graduate Centre offers a diverse programme which is divided into four modules: (1) academic work, (2) soft skills and interdisciplinary competences, (3) career planning and orientation and (4) networking - exchange - culture.

Higher education teaching: Offers of the Centre for Higher Education Teaching with course programmes and various advisory services, including competence enhancement for digital teaching-learning formats.

Third-party funding expertise: The SAFIR research funding advisory service advises and supports postdocs in the acquisition and strategic use of third-party funding.