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Event series by and for doctoral researchers and Postdocs
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The event format "MM Connect" offers young scientists of the Cluster the opportunity to exchange ideas regularly. They can present themselves and their research project (MM Arrival), say goodbye when the next career step is due (MM Departure) and exchange tools, concepts and experiences (MM Impulse). With MM Common Ground experienced researchers can contribute to MM Connect by sharing their insights into life in academica and providing personal advice for early career researchers. With MM ReConnect former members provide insights into their career paths in and outside academia after leaving Mathematics Münster.

MM Connect will be held every two to three weeks on Fridays at 2 pm at the MM Conference Centre or via zoom.


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Current Talks

Date Speaker InstitutionTitle
10.10.2024Franzmeier MM Spotlight on Applying for postdoc positions.

Past Talks

Date Speaker InstitutionTitle
12.07.2024Johannes Branahl, Achim Krause [MM Connect] MM Departure and MM ReConnect
05.07.2024Junior Parfait Ngalamo, Marjory Mwanza and Abakar Assouna Mahamat YAM-Fellows (2023/2024Junior Parfait Ngalamo, Marjory Mwanza and Abakar Assouna Mahamat (YAM-Fellows (2023/2024)
27.06.2024Wensing MM Spotlight on MMGS Progress Review
21.06.2024Thomas Nikolaus, Dima Sinapova [MM Connect] MM Common Ground
13.06.2024Wilhelm Killing Kolloquium: Postdocs of Mathematics Münster Universität Münster Scientific postdoc presentations
13.06.2024Wensing/Franzmeier MM Spotlight: Applying outside of academia
07.06.2024[MM Connect] Dmitry Kabanov, Devarshi Mukherjee, James Stanfield, Ben de Bondt, Alexander Schell MM Arrival Talks
17.05.2024Raquel Murat, Bahareh Yousefi [MM Connect] MM Arrival
08.05.2024Franzmeier/Wensing MM Spotlight on Shaping the doctoral phase
26.04.2024Ada Lovelace Fellows 2023 Ada Lovelace Seminar
12.04.2024SAFIR [MM Connect] MM Impulse on Third-party funding
23.02.2024Marko Sobak [MM Connect] MM Departure
30.01.2024Imke Franzmeier Workshop on 'Goals: finding and reflecting your own path' for postdoctoral researchers at Mathematics Münster
26.01.2024Cancelled [MM Connect] MM Impulse Third-party funding INSTEAD: MM Connect Rethink
12.01.2024Jannes Bantje [MM Connect] MM ReConnect
14.12.2023Imke Franzmeier Workshop on 'Goals' for doctoral researchers
08.12.2023Tingxiang Zou, Kostas Zemas & Darya Sukhorebska [MM Connect] MM Departures & MM Stay
24.11.2023Azul Fatalini, Benjamin Brück, Zahra Mohammadi, Robin Sroka, Lukas Obermeyer Ressources for PhD students and MM Arrivals
10.11.2023Olga Vvedenskaya Dragonfly Mental Health A Scientist's Primer on Mental Health
27.10.2023MM Connect André Schlichting, Julia Schleuß, Allen Fang, Simon Gabriel & Jule Kalbertod, Imke Franzmeier: MM Common Ground, MM Stay, and MM Arrival

Would you like to give a talk or do you have ideas or suggestions for additional events, speakers or trainings? Great! Send a mail to or talk to Marco Amelio, Ravjot Kohli or Kristina Wensing.

Additional Events

  • Workshop on "Competence development during and for an academic career" for Postdocs and advanced doctoral researchers (tba spring 2024)

  • Past MM Connect talks and additional events (prior to October 2023)


    • 13 October - MM Impulse "Writing research statements" by Diego Martínez
    • 22 September - MM Departure by Stefania Trentin and report from the Talking Maths in Public Conference by Simone Ramello
    • 18 August - MM Departure by Víctor Navarro and Estefanía Loayza-Romero
    • 28 July - MM Departure by Kristin Courtney
    • 14 July - MM Special: Beyond the Finish Line: Insights into Postdoc Life - Q&A with Postdocs of Mathematics Münster
    • 30 June - Coffee, Cake and Conversations
    • 16 June - MM Special: Making a website - second edition: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue by Simone Ramello
    • 26 May - MM Arrival by Mathias in Wolde-Lübke and Lukas Niebel
    • 12 May - MM Connect meets Women in Math Day 2023 with MATHRIX professors Franziska Jahnke & Marlies Pirner
    • 14 April - MM Departure by Antje Dabeler; MM Stay by Dennis Wulle
    • 24 February - MM Impulse - vscode: the ultimate text editor for LaTeX by Jannes Bantje
    • 10 February - MM Impulse & Miniworkshop - Do's and Dont's of personal websites by Simone Ramello
    • 27 Januar - MM Special - Career opportunities for mathematicians in the private sector with Dr. Dieter Wemmer


    • 9 December - MM Impulse - Resources for (first year) PhD students by Azul Fatalini & MM Arrival by Pia Dillmann, Guilherme Feltes, Katharina Harengel, David Steigenberger, Thomas Tony, Alessandra Tullini & Zhixiang Wu

    • 7 December - MM Special - Miniworkshop on the Impostor Phenomenon in Academia with Dr. Brooke Gazdag

    • 25 November - Cluster Lunch (@12 pm) and Getting Started at MM (for new members)

    • 11 November - Welcome Session - Get to know our new members in their MM Arrival talks with Lucas Mann, Morris Kopelke, Ruojun Huang, Edith Hübner, Andrea Vaccaro, Salvador Esquivel and Margarete Ketelsen

    • 28 October - MM Departure by Leonard Kreutz and Sahana Balasubramanya

    • 14 October - Report of the MMGS Retreat by Simone Ramello

    • 30 September - MM Departure by Federico Vigolo and MM Common Ground by Christopher Deninger

    • 23 September - SRZ 205 - MM Arrival by Sascha Beutler and Kristina Wensing

    • 9 September - MM Impulse "Gender Bias in Mathematics – Research and Practice" by Dr. Tanja Hentschel (University of Amsterdam)
    • 15 July - MM Departure by Jonas McCandless
    • 24 June - MM Departure by Sebastian Kassing
    • 17 May - MM Impulse on "MaRDI - Mathematical Research Data Initiative" by Christiane Görgen and Tabea Bacher "Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften Leipzig" (organised by Christian Himpe)
    • 13 May - Ada Lovelace Seminar (part of the international Women in Math Day) with Azul Fatalini, Judith Lutz and Luisa Meinke
    • 04 May - Welcome Session - Get to know our new members in their MM Arrival talks, with Masoumeh Zarei, Hossein Lamei Ramandi, Luzie Kupffer, Konrad Bals, Isabel Lammers, Ravjot Singh Kohli, Marco Sthefano Amelio, Frederic Weber, Stefania Trentin
    • 20 April - MM Impulse by REACH "From science to start up" (SRZ 216/217)

    • For MMGS members:  informal PhD seminar during the term break in February and March 2022

    • 9 March - MM Impulse on "pimping your personal WWU page" by Tobias Leibner

    • 9 February - MM Arrival by Christian Himpe and Hung Hoang

    • 26 January - MM Special: Meet the new MMGS representatives / Shaping MM Connect - what are your ideas for MM Connect 2022?

    • 12 January - MM Arrival by Chun Yin Lam and Diego Martinez


    • 2 December 2021 16:30
      Postdoc Colloquium: meet some of the new postdocs and learn about their research (SRZ 216/17)
    • 8 December  - MM Arrival by Manuel KrannichJosé Miguel Balado Alves
    • 24 November - Prof. Tim de Laat on Early Career Opportunites at Mathematics Münster (SRZ 216/17)
    • 10 November -  Estefania Loayza-Romero, Matthias Wink, and Mario Schulz
    • 5 +12 November 2021 (online) MM Special
      Workshop on "Mikropolitik"
      (Trainer: Doris Cornils) via Gender-pooling
    • 3 November - MM Arrival by Prof. Anna Gusakova, David Meyer, Oskar Riedler  and Simone Ramello (online)
    • 20 October - Getting Started and Welcome Event part of the MM Buddy Programme (online)
    • 15. October 2021 9:00-15:00 (SRZ)  MM Special
      Workshop on "Mein Karriereweg - Wie man einen passenden Job findet"
      // "Career styles: finding one's own career path" for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers (auf Deutsch!)
    • 13 October - MM Arrival by Prof. Theresa Simon, Silke Meissner, and Judith Lutz (online)
    • 6 October - MM Arrival by Jan Kruschewski, Alexander Kutzim,  Johan Klemmensen (online)
    • 22 September - Prof. Manuel Friedrich on Applying for professorships (aka "Vorsingen") and his MM Departure talk
    • 21 July - MM Arrival by Lukas Renelt
    • 23 June - Prof. Gustav Holzegel on ERC Starting Grants, MM Arrival by Luisa Meinke, and MM Departure by Eusebio Gardella
    • 9 June - MM Arrival by Maximilian Langner, and informal Q&A session on post-doctoral job market with Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos
    • 26 May - MM SPECIAL: Workshop on Female leadership (Trainer: Imke Lode)
    • 12 May - MM Common Ground with Prof. Anna Siffert
       meets "International Women in Maths Day" with Prof. Urs Hartl
    • 21 April - MM Departure talk by Alexander Hock (Postdoc) and Impulse talk by MMGS representatives Maike & Dennis on "MMGS: What we should do next?"
    • 7 April - MM Arrival talks by Christopher Kauffman (Postdoc), Hendrik Ranocha (Postdoc)
    • 24 March - MM Arrival talks by Julian Kranz (PhD) and Sam Evington (Postdoc)
    • 10 March - MM Arrival talks by Federico Vigolo, Julia Semikina and Marko Sobak
    • 24 February - MM Workshop-Special: "Goals – finding and reflecting your own path" by Imke Franzmeier (13:00 - 16:30)c
    • 10 February - MM Arrival talks by Azul Fatalini (PhD student), Jonas Jalowy (Postdoc)  and Jonathan Fabiszisky (PhD student)
    • 27. January - MM Arrival by Olivier Graf (Postdoc) and Hendrik Kleikamp (PhD student) and Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos (Postdoc).


    • 13 January - MM Arrival by Jay Shah (Postdoc), Adrian Rickert (PhD student) and Francesco Mattesini (PhD student)
      + short into on Colloqium speaker by Prof'in Siffert.
    • 16. December - MM Arrival by Shintaro Nishikawa (Postdoc),  Agnes Mantione (PhD student) and Roberto Araujo (PhD student).
    • 9. December - MM Arrival by Rosario Mennuni (Postdoc) and Robert Kropholler (Postdoc)
      + short into on Colloqium speaker by Prof. Ohlberger.
    • 25. November -  "MM Impulse" on Construction of basic bone structure models by Jonas Potthoff (PhD student).
      18. Nov + 02. Dez 2020 (13:00 - 14:30 Uhr) Erfolgreich präsentieren (auch im Online-Setting) Zoom-Workshop von Dr. Elisa Franz
    • 11. November - MM Arrival by Victor Navarro Fernández (PhD student) and Bakul Sathaye (Postdoc).
    • MM  Connect Special
      21. October  at 4:30 pm MM Connect/Buddy programme Special:  "MM Welcome" meet and greet of new and "old" Cluster Members (via zoom)
    • MM Connect Special
      07. October : MM meets International Office - Information for international researchers and on opportunities/support for international researchers
    • 23. September - MM Arrival by Roberta Marziani and Tobias Friesel (organised by Sahana Balasubramanya)
    • 2. September - MM Arrival  by Marco Mauritz and Philip Möller (organised by Antje Dabeler)
    • MM Connect Special
      25. August - Workshop on Reflecting goals by Imke Franzmeier (MMGS Retreat)
    • 5. August - MM Common Ground on Some thoughts on doing mathematical research by Prof. Christopher Deninger and Mini-Workshop on staying focused by Imke Franzmeier.
    • 15. July - MM Common Ground on Internationalisation by Prof. Arthur Bartels and MM Impulse on the MM-Buddy programme (Giles, Claudius, Sahana)
    • 27. May - Jannes Bantje "MM Impulse on CodiMD" and Mini-Workshop on Career Planning by Imke Franzmeier
    • 26. Feb. - Ramona Sasse "MM Impulse" and Claudius Heyer "MM Arrival"
    • 12. Feb. - Johannes Branahl and Martin Brückerhoff  "MM Arrival" 
    • 29. Jan. - Julia Schleuß "MM Impulse"
    • 15. Jan. - Jeroen Winkel - "MM Arrival" and introduction of the MMGS speakers Dennis and Maike


    • 11. Dec. - Stefano Ariotta - "MM Impulse"
    • 27. Nov. - Divya Sharma and Sahana Balasubramanya - "MM Impulse"
    • 13. Nov. - Matteo Perugini and Julius Lohmann - "MM Arrival"
    • 16. Oct. - Jonas Mc Candless and Omar Mohsen - "MM Arrival"
    • 9. Oct. - Jannes Bantje - "MM Impulse"
    • 25. Sept. - Martina Fruttidoro and Chiara D'Onofrio - "MM Arrival"
    • 11. Sept. - Jens Reinhold - "MM Arrival"
    • 28. August - Georg Frenck - "MM Departure"
    • 17. Juli -  Filippo Calderoni -  "MM Departure"


Guiding questions and topics for your MM Connect talk

(These questions are only ideas/suggestions for your talk. You are welcome to find your own topics. A more exhaustive list of questions can be handed out in advance to (potential) speakers).


  • MM Arrival

    getting to know the newcomers

    • About me/Who am I?
    • What have I done prior to my new/current position (Masters, PhD): where and with whom have I studied/worked with?
    • What am I looking forward to with regard to the upcoming PhD/Postdoc period?
    • What am I good at and could teach others? Which knowledge/skills could I share with others?
    • ...


  • MM Departure

    Getting to know what others were doing at MM and what they are up to next.

    • What have I done during my PhD/Postdoc period here at Mathematics Münster?
    • What were my highlights during my PhD/Postdoc period?
    • What have I achieved in the last year? What were the challenges? What did I do well and with what did I have difficulties?
    • What’s next: Which city am I moving to and why? How did I get the new job (experiences in job hunting)? Which challenges am I expecting for the next steps?
    • ...


  • MM Impulse

    Conveying knowledge, tools and experience that can help to succeed in academia and structure or improve work routines.

    • Project management
    • Handling procrastination
    • Shaping your supervision
    • LaTeX or GitLab tricks
    • Networking


  • MM Common Ground

    Finding a common ground of advanced and young researchers beyond the borders of one’s own mathematical research field. Professors can share their insights into academic life regarding the way of thinking and working, challenges and motivation.

    • What would I have liked to know as a PhD student/ postdoc? I wish someone had told me that ...
    • My experience living and working in different countries ...
    • Which idea/concept motivates my research? What is the “core idea” or leading question of my field of research?
      How does my research relate to the terms: Dynamics – Geometry – Structure?
    • I feel stuck, when ... Usually I attempt to get unstuck by doing ...
    • The most beautiful aspect of my research is ....
    • ...