MM Connect

Neue Veranstaltung von und für PhDs und Postdocs
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Das neue Veranstaltungsformat „MM Connect“ bietet jungen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern des Clusters die Möglichkeit, sich regelmäßig auszutauschen.

Sie können sich und ihr Forschungsprojekt vorstellen (MM Arrival), sich verabschieden, wenn der nächste Karriereschritt ansteht (MM Departure) und sich über grundlegende Ideen und Konzepte austauschen (MM Common Ground).

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Die Veranstaltungsreihe findet alle zwei Wochen mittwochs um 13.15 statt.

  • 17. Juli -  Filippo Calderoni -  "MM Departure"
  • 28. August - Georg Frenck - "MM Departure"
  • 11. Sept. - Jens Reinhold - "MM Arrival"
  • 25. Sept. - Martina Fruttidoro and Chiara D'Onofrio - "MM Arrival"
  • 9. Oct. - Jannes Bantje - "MM Impulse"
  • 16. Oct. - Jonas Mc Candless and Omar Mohsen - "MM Arrival"
  • 13. Nov. - Matteo Perugini and Julius Lohmann - "MM Arrival"
  • 27. Nov. - Divya Sharma and Sahana Balasubramanya - "MM Impulse"
  • 11. Dec. - Stefano Arriotta - "MM Impulse"
  • 15. Jan. - Jeroen Winkel and tba - "MM Arrival"

Would you like to give a talk? Great! Send a mail to to schedule your talk. 

Guiding questions and topics for your MM Connect talk

(These questions are only ideas/suggestions for your talk. You are welcome to find your own topics. A more exhaustive list of questions can be handed out in advance to (potential) speakers).

  • MM Arrival

    getting to know the newcomers

    • About me/Who am I?
    • What have I done prior to my new/current position (Masters, PhD): where and with whom have I studied/worked with?
    • What am I looking forward to with regard to the upcoming PhD/Postdoc period?
    • What am I good at and could teach others? Which knowledge/skills could I share with others?
    • ...

  • MM Departure

    getting to know what others were doing at MM and what they are up to next.

    • What have I done during my PhD/Postdoc period here at Mathematics Münster?
    • What were my highlights during my PhD/Postdoc period?
    • What have I achieved in the last year? What were the challenges? What did I do well and with what did I have difficulties?
    • What’s next: Which city am I moving to and why? How did I get the new job (experiences in job hunting)? Which challenges am I expecting for the next steps?
    • ...

  • MM Common Ground

    finding a common ground beyond the borders of one’s own mathematical research field regarding the way of thinking and working, challenges and motivation; conveying concepts/ideas/terms of one’s research outside of the concrete research question

    • How does my research relate to the terms: Dynamics – Geometry – Structure?
    • Which idea/concept motivates my research? What is the “core idea” or leading question of my field of research?
    • Do I spend a lot of time on showing that something exists? Or that there is only one of X? Or am I concerned with classifying something? Or with improving an estimate?
    • The most beautiful aspect of my research is .... ?
    • ...

  • MM Impulse

    conveying knowledge/tools that can help to structure or improve work routines

    • Project management
    • Handling procrastination
    • Shaping your supervision
    • LaTeX or GitLab tricks
    • Networking