Informal PhD Seminar

The Informal PhD Seminar is a running seminar organized by PhD students at the MMGS. Its main aim is fighting off the slumber of the term break, and getting to know what is happening in other areas of the department. It happens every Wednesday at 16:00, hybrid on Zoom and in-person, starting from the 9th of February. Talks are roughly 45 minutes long, one or two per session. Here are some possible prompts:
  1. One Open Problem in Your Research Area
  2. A Fun Puzzle (explain the puzzle, then give time to the audience to solve it!)
  3. Your Research for Dummies
  4. Your Favourite Theorem
  5. Why Should We Care About...


For information, or for signing up for a talk, contact azul.fatal [at], mamelio [at] or sramello [at]
The seminar is currently on hiatus during the Summer semester 2022.

Spring break '22

30/03/2022, 16:00 (remote and M2)
Adrian Riekert: What o-minimal structures have to do with optimization
Blaise Boissonneau: Quick, I have to go home and watch anime!

23/03/2022, 16:00
Stefano Ariotta: Who put categories in my code? (remote and SRZ216-217)

16/03/2022, 16:00
Konrad Bals: Why spectra?
Alessandro Codenotti: You think compact metric spaces are nice? Think again!

09/03/2022, 16:00
Dennis Wulle: Differential Geometry without Derivatives
Martina Fruttidoro: Puzzle

02/03/2022, 16:00
Marco Amelio: Non-split sharply 2-transitive groups (or: is sum associative?) (slides)
José Miguel Balado Alves: Harmonic maps

23/02/2022, 16:00
Julian Kranz: What are all these C*-algebras people doing?
Simone Ramello: We Don't Talk About \((\mathbb Z, +, \times, 0, 1)\) (notes)

16/02/2022, 16:00
Agnese Mantione: What scalar curvature has to do with topology
Azul Fatalini: Transfinite induction (slides)

9/02/2022, 16:00
Jeroen Winkel: Ultrafilters and ultralimits (slides - exercises)