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Centre of Mathematics Münster

The focus at the Centre of Mathematics Münster (CMM) is on the interaction between researchers from different fields of mathematics. The aim is that reseachers work together to develop overarching approaches to solving fundamental mathematical questions.

The approximately 3,500 square metre research building will be constructed on an as yet undeveloped plot on the Orléans-Ring. The construction site has been under preparation since Spring 2022 and the research building should be ready to occupy in 2025. The principal builder of the project is the Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb Nordrhein-Westfalen (BLB NRW).

  • Vision and research programme

    The research programme at the CMM is run by 37 research groups and ten teams of junior researchers from four institutes within the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, and it aims to develop overarching approaches and techniques to solving central mathematical questions. The projects focus on four basic mathematical principles: structure, geometry, dynamics and deformation. The results are not only relevant to mathematics – they also form important foundations for applications in other fields including medicine, biology and physics.

  • The philosophy of the building: Openness and flexibility

    Many mathematical breakthroughs arise out of chance interactions, and therefore, these will be particularly encouraged at the CMM through numerous scientific programmes and intelligent architectural solutions. Openness and flexibility characterise the philosophy of the building and were reflected in the plans drawn up by the Münster office of North Rhine-Westphalia’s Buildings and Real Estate Management Department. Atriums and glass walls facilitate spontaneous communication and collaboration while sliding board elements will promote mathematical discussions. The CMM has been conceptualised as an academic think tank that takes its inspiration from concepts associated with coworking spaces and the start-up culture.

    There will also be spaces for withdrawal and concentrated working. 153 workstations will be available for researchers, working groups and guests, on a rotating basis and for a limited period of time so that new group configurations will continually be brought together. The concept is rounded off by an interaction lounge, conference rooms with hybrid technology, an open-design library, a scientific computing lab, a virtual reality lab for 3D visualizations, networked media technology, rooms for science communication and childcare facilities.

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Organisierter Zufall als Planungsprämisse

Moderne Forschung lebt von Kommunikation und Austausch. Das hat auch Auswirkungen auf die Architektur von Forschungsbauten. Zum Beispiel beim Center of Mathematics Münster, das der Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW (BLB) für die WWU realisiert. Auf seinen Webseiten berichtet der BLB über das außergewöhnliche Bauprojekt - inklusive einem Interview mit Prof. Dr. Mario Ohlberger.

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Funding for "Centre of Mathematics Münster" has been approved

The members of the "Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz" (Joint Science Conference) have been convinced by the innovative concept for the research building "Centre of Mathematics Münster". After the "Wissenschaftsrat" (Science Council) recommended funding in April, it is now assured. The federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia will support the project with around 31 million euros. Construction work will begin in spring 2022. [de]

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Science Council recommends funding for mathematics research building

The innovative concept drawn up by the Centre of Mathematics Münster (CMM) completely won over the German Council of Science and Humanities, which has now designated the planned research building as a particularly outstanding project.