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MATHRIX Professorship: an important step in an academic career

The deadline for applications for the MATHRIX Professorship is 30 September. Assistant professor Dr. Mira Schedensack held the post until 2019 and, looking back, she says, “The MATHRIX Professorship enabled me, for the first time, to carry out research really independently.”

Online event
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Virtual edition of “Brücken in der Mathematik”

Online lecture on paradoxical phenomena in mathematics on 29 September

The world - especially the world of mathematics - is full of mysteries. Particularly interesting and exciting are those that yield unexpected results that run counter to our intuition. Such thought experiments are the subject of the lecture "Paradoxe Phänomene in der Mathematik" which will be held online on 29 September 2020, 7:30 pm, in German. The Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster invites everyone who is interested.

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Vivid insight: videos of investigators' talks

In the "Research" section of our website we provide a lot of information about the mathematical research areas of our cluster. You will also find links to recent videos of talks given by our investigators. This new offer should give you a vivid insight into the researchers’ work.

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MM now on YouTube

Mathematics Münster now has its own YouTube channel! The episodes from our inspiring interview series "Behind the Science" can now be found there. More videos will follow. Subscribe to the channel and spread the word!

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Portraits of Mathematic Münster's members

With the new series "Portraits of MM members", we would like to introduce you to the investigators of Mathematics Münster. Through short texts and interviews, you will learn more about the main focus of their research, their careers and which aspects of mathematics they find particularly beautiful. The series is constantly being expanded.

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Women in Maths

Gain interesting insight into the work of female mathematicians: In celebration of the International Women in Maths Day on 12 May 2020, we compiled portraits, videos and further information about female professors, postdocs and PhD students.