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Public lectures "Brücken in der Mathematik"

The public lecture series "Brücken in der Mathematik" focuses on questions and topics that are trend-setting in different mathematical areas and that connect these areas. Video recordings of past events are available (in German) - in case you missed the lecture or would like to listen to it again.

Upcoming talk: 11. April 2024 - "Die Superkräfte der künstlichen Intelligenz – mathematisch erklärt".

Mathematik der Klimakrise
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Pop-up-Museum mit Rahmenprogramm

Mathematik ist unverzichtbar, um den Klimawandel zu verstehen und Zukunftsszenarien zu modellieren. Auf Initiative des Exzellenzclusters Mathematik Münster ergänzte das Pop-up-Museum 10-Minuten Museum Mathematik der Klimakrise von August 2023 bis Januar 2024 die Sonderausstellung DAS KLIMA im LWL-Museum für Naturkunde in Münster. Ein vielfältiges Rahmenprogramm ermöglichte großen und kleinen Interessierten, das Thema zu vertiefen. Hier finden Sie Videoaufzeichnungen von einigen Vorträgen und Foto-Impressionen.

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Portraits of Mathematics Münster's members

With the series "Portraits of MM members", we would like to introduce you to the scientists of Mathematics Münster. Through short texts and interviews, you will learn more about the main focus of their research, their careers and which aspects of mathematics they find particularly beautiful. The series is constantly being expanded.

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Inspiring video series: "Behind the Science"

With the video series "Behind the Science" we take a look behind the scenes and learn more about outstanding mathematicians: How did they come to their scientific findings? In addition to all the genius, was there perhaps a little luck involved? Which ups and downs can research bring? The interviews provide inspiring and motivating insights.

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For children and teenagers

Supporting young maths talents and offering insights into the study programme and work of mathematicians: The Cluster of Excellence in Mathematics Münster and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science make this possible through offers such as workshops, a summer academy, videos and short lectures. Check out this overview of upcoming and past activities for children and teenagers!

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Women in Maths

Gain interesting insight into the work of female mathematicians: We have compiled portraits, videos and further information about female professors, postdocs and PhD researchers.

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Vivid insight: videos of investigators' talks

We provide a lot of information about the three mathematical research areas of our Cluster. You will also find links to recent videos of talks given by our investigators. This offer should give you a vivid insight into the researchers’ work.

Insights - interviews, videos and much more

Learn more about mathematical research in Münster!
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Michel Talagrand receives Abel Prize

Matthias Löwe gives a short insight into his work

The French mathematician Michel Talagrand was awarded the prestigious Abel Prize this year, one of the highest honours in mathematics. Over decades, Talagrand has developed a number of methods to better understand random processes. They are also used at the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster.

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What is Eva Viehmann's research about?

An approximation to the research of the 2024 Leibniz Prize winner

Prof. Dr. Eva Viehmann, investigator at Mathematics Münster, has been awarded the Leibniz Prize 2024 for her influential work on arithmetic algebraic geometry as part of the Langlands Programme. Prof. Dr. Urs Hartl, Dr. Stefania Trentin and Dr. João Lourenço, mathematicians from Eva Viehmann's research environment, provide insights into this complex field of research. Their contributions for mathematical laypersons, maths students and the mathematical community allow an approach in several stages.

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How can mathematics help to reduce confusion in information transmission?

Insights by our Young Research Fellow Priyanga Ganesan

Explore how mathematics enhances information transmission. Journey through Quantum Information Theory’s role, touching on quantum graphs, operator algebras, and their impact on secure communication channels. The text was written by Dr. Priyanga Ganesan, who spent several months as a Young Research Fellow and WiRe Fellow last year at Mathematics Münster.

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Die faszinierenden Brücken zwischen Geometrie und Topologie

Video des Vortrags von Prof. Sebastian Hensel jetzt online

Mit einem sehr anschaulichen Vortrag mit vielen animierten Darstellungen brachte Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hensel (LMU München) bei der jüngsten Ausgabe der öffentlichen Reihe "Brücken in der Mathematik" dem Publikum die Verbindungen zwischen Geometrie und Topologie näher - angefangen mit klassischen Resultaten von Gauß und Euler, bis hin zu ganz moderner Mathematik aus dem 21. Jahrhundert. Wer die Veranstaltung verpasst hat, kann jetzt die Videoaufzeichung des Vortrags anschauen.

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"Mathematics helped me overcome boredom"

Portrait of Christopher Deninger in the university newspaper

He discovered his love of mathematics in Tokyo when he was about twelve years old. He later studied mathematics and earned his doctorate at the age of only 23. On the occasion of his 65th birthday this year, the university newspaper "wissen|leben" presents a portrait of our Cluster spokesperson Prof. Dr. Christopher Deninger. It's about mathematics - but also about metal concerts.

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"Women in Research" interview with Priyanga Ganesan

Dr. Priyanga Ganesan, current Young Research Fellow at our Cluster and WiRE Fellow at Münster University, answered 33 questions on her research, challenges and funny moments in science, and her experiences at Mathematics Münster.

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"Making MaRDI" interview with Mario Ohlberger

"Awareness and recognition for FAIR data culture must be increased." says Mario Ohlberger, Mathematics Münster's spokesperson, in the "Making MaRDI" interview, a series of the Mathematical Research Data Initiative. To learn about his role in establishing a FAIR culture for mathematical research data, read this interesting interview.

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“Learning from one another means we arrive at findings faster”

Interview with Hendrik Weber and Raimar Wulkenhaar

Collaboration across the boundaries between mathematical fields can lead to new approaches and insights. In this interview, the Cluster investigators Prof. Dr. Hendrik Weber and Prof. Dr. Raimar Wulkenhaar explain why even collaborations within one dicipline are challenging - and which opportunities it provides for their research.

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Video portrait of MATHRIX professor Theresa Simon

In a new series of videos, the Communication and Public Relations department of the University of Münster presents six academics from a variety of disciplines who are either junior professors or who head a group of junior researchers. A video portrait of out investigator Dr. Theresa Simon was recently published. As a junior professor at the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster, she studies patterns in magnets.

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New "Bridging the Gaps" professor for Mathematics Münster

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Weber - a portrait

The Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster has established special professorships for mathematicians who bring together a variety of fields in their research – such as Prof. Hendrik Weber. Recently, Hendrik Weber, an expert on stochastic analysis, moved from the University of Bath to Münster. He brought with him an ERC Consolidator Grant, approved in 2022.

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Interview with Prof. Ursula Ludwig

Ursula Ludwig has been Professor of Theoretical Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Münster and  investigator at the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster since April 2022. In this interview she talks about her research, her career so far, and what the best thing is about being a mathematician.