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Brücken in der Mathematik

The public lecture series "Brücken in der Mathematik" focuses on questions and topics that are trend-setting in different mathematical areas and that connect the areas. Video recordings of some past events are available - in case you missed the lecture or would like to listen to it again.
Next event: 27 April 2023, 6:30 pm, at the "Schloss", lecture hall S8

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Portraits of Mathematics Münster's members

With the series "Portraits of MM members", we would like to introduce you to the investigators of Mathematics Münster. Through short texts and interviews, you will learn more about the main focus of their research, their careers and which aspects of mathematics they find particularly beautiful. The series is constantly being expanded.

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Vivid insight: videos of investigators' talks

We provide a lot of information about the three mathematical research areas of our Cluster. You will also find links to recent videos of talks given by our investigators. This offer should give you a vivid insight into the researchers’ work.

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Women in Maths

Gain interesting insight into the work of female mathematicians: We have compiled portraits, videos and further information about female professors, postdocs and PhD researchers.