Events beyond maths

Mathematics Münster regularly hosts talks, seminars, and workshops on non-mathematical topics such as academic skills, career planning, equal opportunities and diversity, and knowledge transfer and science communication to complement the mathematical education and broaden the horizon.

MM Spotlight

  • 8.5.2024: Shaping the doctoral phase (Supervision and Mentoring)

  • June: Progress review: preparing and making use of the conversation

  • June: Application check

  • July: Planning (the next) postdoc position - selection criteria and shaping profile

Upcoming events

  • TBA: Workshop "Career planning: competence development for and in science" with Dr. Imke Franzmeier and Dr. Kristina Wensing

Do you have ideas, suggestions, and wishes for talks or workshops with a non-mathematical focus? Great! Get in touch with Kristina Wensing or Imke Franzmeier or email

Past events

  • Academic skills

    • 24 November 2023: Talk "Abstract and concrete advice for PhD students" by Azul Fatalini
    • 10 November 2023: Talk "A Scientist's Primer on Mental Health" by Dr. Olga Vvedenskaya (Dragonfly Mental Health)
    • 30 October 2023: Bystander Intervention Training with Anoushka Dufeil and Lauraline Michel
    • 10 February 2023: Miniworkshop - "Do's and Dont's of personal websites" with Simone Ramello
    • 9 December 2022: Talk "Resources for (first-year) PhD students" by Azul Fatalini
    • 7 December 2022: Miniworkshop "Impostor Phenomenon in Academia" with Dr. Brooke Gazdag (University of Amsterdam)
    • 17 May 2022: Talk "MaRDI - Mathematical Research Data Initiative" by Christiane Görgen and Tabea Bacher (Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften Leipzig)
    • 5 +12 November 2021: Online Workshop "Mikropolitik" with Doris Cornils (via Münster University's Gendermittelpooling)
    • 26 May 2021: Workshop "Female leadership" with Imke Lode
    • 18 November + 02 December 2020: Online Workshop "Erfolgreich präsentieren (auch im Online-Setting)" with Dr. Elisa Franz
  • Career planning

    • 30 January 2024: Workshops "Goals - finding and reflecting your own path" for postdoctoral researchers with Dr. Imke Franzmeier
    • 14 & 19 December 2023: Workshop "Goals - finding and reflecting your own path" for doctoral researchers with Dr. Imke Franzmeier
    • Fire site chat series
      27 January 2023: "Career opportunities for mathematicians in the private sector" with Dr. Dieter Wemmer
    • 15 October 2021: Workshop "Mein Karriereweg - Wie man einen passenden Job findet" // "Career styles: finding one's own career path" for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers (auf Deutsch!) with Dr. Imke Franzmeier
    • 24 February 2021: Workshop "Goals – finding and reflecting your own path" with Dr. Imke Franzmeier
    • 25 August 2020: Workshop "Reflecting goals" with Dr. Imke Franzmeier (at MMGS Retreat)
    • 5 August 2020: Mini-Workshop "Staying focused" with Dr. Imke Franzmeier
    • 27 May 2020: Mini-Workshop "Career Planning" with Dr. Imke Franzmeier
  • Equal Opportunity & Diversity

    • Talk Series "Achieving Gender Balance in Science":
      9 May 2023: Prof. Eva Maria Feichtner (University of Bremen)
      25 January 2023: Dr. Jasmin Herr (German Chemical Society)
    • Lunchtime Lecture Series "Biases in Academia" by Dr. Lisa Horvath
      21 October 2022: "Implicit biases in academia"
      30 November 2022: "Group biases"
      10 May 2023: "Gender biases in academia and how to reduce them" 
    • 9 September 2022: "Gender Bias in Mathematics – Research and Practice" by Dr. Tanja Hentschel (University of Amsterdam)
  • Knowledge Transfer & Science Communication

    • 22 September 2023: Talk "Talking about Talking Maths in Public" by Simone Ramello
    • 14 September 2023: Mathematics Meets Business in collaboration with the IHK Nordwestfalen
    • 20 April 2022: Talk "From science to start up" by Dr. Anne Vortkamp (REACH - Euregio Start-up Center)