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Kids room and Childcare

The Cluster maintains a parent-child room at Orléans-Ring 10 on the ground floor. It is equipped with a play corner, changing table, washbasin, fridge, sofa and office workspace. Parents can work here while the little ones play in the children's room.
On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 pm to 6 pm experienced babysitters look after the children, which range in age from babies to primary school students. In addition, parents can book this service if required. Any participants of conferences put on by the Cluster can also use the childcare for their children.
There is also another parent-child room at the department on the ground floor at Einsteinstr. 62.

Emergency childcare

Emergency childcare, for example to care for sick children at home during courses, is being set up. For this to work, the child minder must be well known to the child. During the child care offered on three days per week by the Cluster the children can get to know a permanent circle of experienced child minders who can take over childcare at home in an emergency. In addition, it is also possible to apply for a home childcare service for very young children. Please contact the Equal Opportunities Commission of the FB10 if you would like to participate in this programme.

Support by the University Muenster

The Family Service Office [de] offers expert support to employees of the University concerning child care information and provides contact to child service providers. The University offers a day care center for children of academic staff, open for children under the age of three, and a flexible day care service for scientists with children.

Mobile kidsroom "Kidsbox"

The Kidsbox is a mobile playroom with toys for children from zero to ten years, a travel bed and much more. Employees who are planning a conference or have to bridge care problems can borrow the Kidsbox free of charge from the Family Service Office.

Travel assistance for childcare

For parents of small children, it is possible to take the child and a child minder with them on business trips in justified cases. Travel and accommodation costs are paid for these. Contact and information under gleich10@wwu.de.

Single office

Pregnant women and young parents can get one-person offices with suitable equipment (e.g. gymnastics ball, standing desk, armchair, toys, baby bed, mobile changing table, etc.).

Travel funds after return from family leave

Those returning from family leave (parental leave, care of relatives, etc.) can receive additional travel and guest funds, SHK funds, etc. from the Cluster for an even better return to scientific careers.

Transitional financing of the own position

If a contract extension of the own position is not possible due to family-related time off because the third-party funded project has ended, the missed period of employment can be made up by a contract extension.
In the case of university positions or DFG projects, this is in any case an WWU or DFG regulation, but not, for example, in the case of BMBF projects. The Department 10 and the Cluster help out here.

Extension of the employment during maternity leave

If the employment contract of an employee (scientific or non-scientific) ends no more than two months before the beginning of the maternity leave, it is extended by three months, but at least until the end of the maternity leave.

Explanation: During maternity leave, the statutory health insurance pays a maternity allowance of 13 euros per day, which is increased by the employer to the average monthly net. If the employment contract ends before or during maternity leave, the employer will no longer be required to pay the supplement. Then only the Krankengeld of the health insurance will be paid. An early start of the parental allowance is also possible, but all this brings financial disadvantages.

Family-friendly University

The University of Münster supports the compatibility of studies, academic career and family life through multiple measures and programmes. The family portal familienleben informs about activities, legal and financial aspects of family-related matters and provides contacts for further information.

The Family Service Office [de] serves as a coordination and advice centre for all staff members regarding questions of how to combine family and career. They also inform and organise measures and programmes ranging from childcare and day-care activities during school holidays through advice on parental leave of absence to support for carers of family members. Newsletter [de]

The Dual Career Service helps spouses and partners of academic staff to develop and create their own professional perspective in the region.

The faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science also offers supportive measures. Support for families