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Doctoral Studies in Münster

Benefit from the stimulating atmosphere at the department and use the invaluable opportunity to learn from faculty and visitors, to collaborate and network.

The Mathematics Münster Graduate School provides outstanding young researchers with a broad knowledge and training in mathematics and promotes their ability to interact with specialists from different areas of mathematics. MMGS offers a broad variety of graduate courses, in which students are expected to participate also outside their field of specialisation.

Applications for the PhD positions in the MMGS will be announced in spring and autumn each year.

If you plan to do your doctoral studies with one of the groups at the department, why not apply for one of our Ada Lovelace Fellowships for excellent PhD students? If you succeed you will be funded for 2 (plus 1) years with additional resources for travel and material expenses at your disposal.


Mathematics Münster Graduate School (MMGS)

The Mathematics Münster Graduate School (MMGS) was founded in June 2019. The MMGS is a joint graduate programme of the Cluster of Excellence “Mathematics Münster” and the mathematical institutes of the University of Münster.
The MMGS is open to graduates pursuing a PhD in mathematics at the University of Münster and offers excellent research and teaching in numerous mathematical fields.

The MMGS offers an outstanding research profile and excellent scientific training for PhD students in mathematical fields to strengthen their competences for future career success. Professorial supervision will ensure steady and focused development of the PhD's professional expertise and personal goals. A mentor encourages a transparent and open progress review. In addition, a range of seminars, lectures and events are offered to broaden the horizon regarding neighbouring mathematical fields.

MMGS researchers profit from the amenities of the Cluster of Excellence, such as receiving funding for conference travel or summer schools, gaining opportunities to co-organise scientific events and participating in numerous networking opportunities and events.