International Programmes at Mathematics Münster

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Master's scholarships

We support international activities of excellent master's students through several programmes. We offer full grant scholarships and short-term scholarships for international master’s students. With the Mathematics Münster Study Abroad Programme we encourage University of Münster's MSc Mathematics students to spend time at non-European universities.

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Young African Mathematician (YAM) Fellowship Programme

The mission of the YAM programme is to provide fellowships for talented and motivated young African mathematicians at a master’s level who wish to gain research experience in a subject of their interest in mathematics. Through immersing themselves in the activities at one of the four German Clusters of Excellence, students can profit from the high-quality international research environment of the host institution and ultimately increase their own network and their chances of applications to PhD programs in the global north.

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Fellows and Guests

With our fellow and guest programme we promote the exchange between researchers - beyond the borders of Mathematics Münster. With the  Münster Research Fellow programme we invite distinguished mathematicians to a long-term stay. Our programme for Young Research Fellows gives outstanding young researchers the opportunity to spend a long-term stay at the Cluster. With the Visiting Doctoral Researchers programme our investigators are able to invite excellent doctoral researchers.

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International cooperations

The members of Mathematics Münster maintain close contacts with mathematicians worldwide. Official cooperation agreements now exist with a number of institutions.

News International

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Münster Research Fellow: Dima Sinapova

We welcome Prof. Dr. Dima Sinapova from Rutgers University as a Münster Research Fellow. She is one of the leading experts worldwide on the study of aspects of the failure of the Singular Cardinal Hypothesis (SCH). During her stay at our Cluster in June 2024 she will continue her collaborations with Ralf Schindler.

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YAM network meeting

The fellows 2023/2024 of the Young African Mathematicians (YAM) Fellowship Programme and representatives of the YAM network from Berlin, Bonn and Heidelberg and Münster met this Monday, 17 June, at Mathematics Münster for the final meeting.

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New Visiting Scholar: Volker Schlue

We welcome Dr. Volker Schlue as a Visiting Scholar (on leave from the University of Melbourne). His stay is funded by the Humboldt Foundation. Volker is a promising mathematician in general relativity and nonlinear wave equations. He joined our Cluster in April 2024. During his extended stay at our Cluster until February 2025, he will contribute actively to all activities in the research group of Prof. Gustav Holzegel.

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Surrounded by top-level reseachers

YAM fellows from Africa give insights into their time at Mathematics Münster

The "Young African Mathematicians Fellowship Programme" enables talented and highly motivated master's graduates from Africa to further their academic development in a stimulating, international environment and lay down a solid foundation for their own careers. Since October, for the first time, three YAM fellows have been conducting research at Mathematics Münster.

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New Münster Research Fellow: Thomas Leblé

We welcome Dr. Thomas Leblé (Université de Paris Cité) as a Münster Research Fellow. He is a promising mathematician in probability theory and mathematical physics. During his stay at our Cluster from 19 February to end of March 2024 he will continue his collaborations with Martin Huesmann.

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New Cooperation Agreement with the University of Copenhagen

It's official now: The Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster has signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. We spoke with Thomas Nikolaus, spokespersonof Mathematics Münster, about the background and opportunities of this collaboration.

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New Münster Research Fellow: Martin J. Gander

We welcome Prof. Dr. Martin J. Gander (University of Geneva) as a Münster Research Fellow. He is a renowned mathematician in numerical analysis and scientific computing. During his stay at our Cluster in October and 04 - 08 December 2023 he will continue his collaborations with Prof. Dr. Mario Ohlberger and with Dr. Stephan Rave on localized model order reduction and domain decomposition methods and will plan new projects with further members of Mathematics Münster.

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The first full-time scholarship holders have finished their master’s studies

The first scholarship holders have made it: Anupam Datta, Zhuang Kang and Shervin Sorouri, who were supported by Mathematics Münster with a full-time scholarship during their master's studies, have finished their studies in Münster and received their certificates. The international students have had many valuable experiences in Münster over the past two years, as they report here themselves.

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Mathematics Münster starts cooperation with Brazilian research institute

Two strong research institutions have now agreed on an intensive cooperation: Mathematicians from the University of Münster and researchers from the "Instituto de Matemática e Estatística" of the "Universidade de São Paulo" (IME-USP) will cooperate in the field of geometry for twelve months as part of the FAPESP-SPRINT funding programme.

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New Münster Research Fellow: Duong H. Phong

We welcome Prof. Dr. Duong H. Phong (Columbia University) as a Münster Research Fellow. He is known for his research on complex analysis, partial differential equations, string theory and complex geometry. During his stay at our Cluster from 30 July to 30 August 2023 he is collaborating with Dr. Bianca Santoro, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Hein and other members of the complex geometry group in Mathematics Münster.

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New international master's scholarship holders have started their studies

The new holders of the scholarships for excellent international master’s students have arrived: Yassaman Jafarabadi, Vindula Kumaranayake and Devansh Sehta started their studies at the University of Münster in October. They are supported by full grant scholarships awarded by the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster. In interviews, they tell us why they chose Münster, which mathematical topics they will focus on and what they hope to achieve during their time here.

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Support for outstanding international master's students

First short-term scholarship holder starts in Münster

The first short-term scholarship for international master's students in mathematics has been awarded to José Rafael Santiago. The Venezuelan has recently arrived in Münster and will spend six months at the University of Münster, funded by the new scholarship programme of the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster.

Master scholarshops Kick-offMaster scholarshops Kick-off
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New master's scholarship programme for excellent young mathematicians

The first international scholarship holders have started their studies in Münster

After some organisational obstacles, Anupam Datta, Zhuang Kang and Shervin Sorouri have arrived in Münster and started their studies at Münster University. They are the first international students to receive the new full grant master’s scholarships. In this way, the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster aims to support outstanding young mathematicians and attract them to Münster.