Mathematics Münster Research Fellows

With the guest professor programme “Münster Research Fellows”, our investigators invite distinguished mathematicians to a long-term stay in Münster. In this way we promote the exchange between researchers - beyond the borders of Mathematics Münster. The following outstanding researchers have already become Münster Research Fellows or will soon spend a longer period of time with us in Münster.

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Stephan Luckhaus

April 2019 to April 2021

We are pleased that Prof. Dr. Stephan Luckhaus (University of Leipzig) enrichs our Cluster as a Münster Research Fellow. The well-known mathematician, whose research combines various mathematical fields, will contribute to the 2021 focus program "Geometry and PDEs: from theory to applications".

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Matthias Aschenbrenner

January to July 2019

For seven months Prof. Dr. Matthias Aschenbrenner (UCLA) joined the group of Prof. Dr. Dr. Katrin Tent as a Münster Research Fellow. His  work centers in and around model theory, but has branched into other fields of mathematics, often using results and methods originating in mathematical logic.

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Arnd Scheel

July 2019

Arnd Scheel (University of Minnesota) joins the Cluster as a Münster Research Fellow. He is internationally renowned for his discoveries of mathematical principles of self-organization, in particular the dynamics of patterns and waves in complex systems.

Young Research Fellows

Our programme for "Young Research Fellows" gives outstanding young postdocs the opportunity to spend a long-term stay in Münster.

Name Affiliation Visiting Date
Tom Bachmann MIT January 2020
Eduard Vilalta UAB Barcelona TBA
David Jekel University of California      TBA