The Institute of Mathematical Stochastics focuses on the analysis of complex stochastic systems frequently seen in numerous fields of the natural and social sciences.

Professorships and Research Interests:

  • Gerold Alsmeyer (Renewal theory, Branching processes)
  • Steffen Dereich (Complex networks, Stochastic processes)
  • Anna Gusakova (Convex and stochastic geometry)
  • Martin Huesmann
  • Zakhar Kabluchko (Stochastic processes, Random polynomials, Extreme value theory)
  • Matthias Löwe (Statistical mechanics, Random matrix theory)
  • Chiranjib Mukherjee (Large deviations, SPDE's, Directed polymers, Statistical mechanics)

Senior Lecturer:

  • Volkert Paulsen (Financial Mathematics)

Currently, the Institut of Mathematical Stochastics engages in the C5 and C6 project of the SFBs "Groups, geometry & actions" as well as in the DFG-project "Extraction of quantifiable informations from complex systems". Moreover, the Institute takes active part in the CENOS and DEMAIN Centres of the WWU Münster.