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We are happy to announce two probability workshops:

1) The conference "Probability, Dynamics and the Geometry and Groups" to be held University of Münster from September 9-13, 2024.
The last several years have witnessed a significant intensification of the connections between probability (e.g., random walks and percolation) and ergodic theory, especially in treating questions that relate dynamical behaviour with analytic and geometric properties of groups such as amenability, property (T), and the Haagerup property. The meeting will serve to further strengthen these connections by promoting interaction between different communities of researchers. Further details pertaining to this event can be found here.

2) The Probability Event: Point Processes, Exchange & Research taking place at the University of Münster, November 19-22.
Point processes are one of the main building blocks in the description of many spatial random systems. This PEPPER-school aims to foster exchange between young and established researchers and to explore modern research on point processes and their dynamics. The program consists of three mini-courses, invited talks and includes slots for contributed 'pitch'-talks. For more information and registration, see  the website.

Kürzlich erschienene Preprints des Instituts:
Kürzlich erschienene Preprints des Instituts:
  • Anna Gusakova, Mathias in Wolde-Lübke: Poisson-Laguerre tessellations [1 Jul 2024] arXiv Link

  • Steffen Dereich, Arnulf Jentzen, Adrian Riekert: Learning rate adaptive stochastic gradient descent optimization methods: [20 Jun 2024] arXiv Link

  • Chiranjib Mukherjee, Konstantin Recke: Coarse embeddability, L1-compression and Percolations on General Graphs [6 Jun 2024] arXiv Link