Oberseminar Stochastik

Das Oberseminar Stochastik findet üblicherweise Mittwochs 17:00 - 18:00 Uhr statt. Vorträge in Präsenz finden im Raum M4 statt, digitale Vorträge via Zoom (Passwort auf Anfrage). Wir treffen uns bereits um ca. 16:45 zum gemeinsamen Tee oder Kaffee.

Konferenzen und andere Veranstaltungen finden Sie hier.


  • Sommersemester 2022

    27.04.2022 Matthew Dickson LMU München The Triangle Condition for the Marked Random Connection Model
    04.05.2022 Arne Grauer Univ. Köln Chemical distance in geometric random graphs with long edges and scale-free degree distribution
    11.05.2022 Vladislav Vysotskiy University of Sussex

    Persistence of the AR-1 sequences with Rademacher innovations

    18.05.2022  16:00 Uhr Stefan Junk Tohoku University, Japan Fluctuations for partition functin of directed polymers beyond the L^2 phase
    01.06.2022 [online] Brian Hall University of Notre Dame, USA

    Heat flow and random matrix theory

    13.07.2022 Anna Muranova Univ. Olsztyn, Poland Recurrence and transience of generalized networks



  • Wintersemester 21/22


    Date Speaker Institution Title
    20.10.2021 Sean O'Rourke University of Colorado Boulder Random Perturbations of Non-Normal Matrices
    17.11.2021 Jan Nagel TU Dortmund Sum rules via large deviations: polynomial potentials and the multi-cut regime
    24.11.2021 Anna Kraut Univ. Michigan Multi-scale limits in a population model with moderately rare mutations
    01.12.2021 Shuta Nakajima Universität Basel A variational formula for large deviations in first-passage percolation under tail estimates
    08.12.2021 Nicolas Juillet Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse Markovinification of the quantile process
    15.12.2021 Julien Poisat Univ. Paris-Dauphine Simple random walk among power-law renewal obstacles
    12.01.2022 Quentin Berger Univ. Paris Directed polymers and the Stochastic Heat Equation with Lévy noise
    26.01.2022 Anita Behme TU Dresden Generalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes in a Markov-switching environment
    23.02.2022 Gautam Banhatti   Beschreibung des Phasenraumes von magnetischem und nicht-magnetischem Billiards als sympletischen Quotienten und Verallgemeinerung auf höhere Dimensionen



  • Vergangene Semester

    Hier finden Sie eine Liste mit den Vorträgen des Oberseminars der vergangenen Semester. Vorträge vor 2013 finden sich im Archiv.



    Date Speaker Institution Title
    14.07.2021 Kilian Raschel Univ. Tours AR(1) sequences with uniform innovations: persistence probabilities and Mallows-Riordan polynomials
    07.07.2021 Thomas Godland WWU Positive hulls of random walks and random bridges
    07.07.2021 Sebastian Kassing WWU Convergence of cooling down gradient flow SDEs
    30.06.2021 André Schlichting WWU Dynamic of mean-field interacting systems: Phase transitions, self-similarity and metastability
    23.06.2021 Rodrigo Bazaes Santiago de Chile Localization at the boundary for conditioned random walks in random environment in dimension two and higher
    16.06.2021 Annika Heckel LMU München How does the chromatic number vary?
    09.06.2021 Jonas Jalowy WWU Fluctuations of the magnetization in the Block Potts Model
    02.06.2021 Lukas Szpruch Edinburgh Mean-Field Neural ODEs via Relaxed Optimal Control
    21.05.2021 Massimiliano Gubinelli Univ. Bonn Variational approaches for Euclidean quantum field theory III  
    20.05.2021 Massimiliano Gubinelli Univ. Bonn Variational approaches for Euclidean quantum field theory II  
    18.05.2021 Massimiliano Gubinelli Univ. Bonn Variational approaches for Euclidean quantum field theory I
    12.05.2021 Marcel Nutz Columbia Univ. New York Entropic optimal transport
    05.05.2021 Holger Sambale Univ. Bielefeld Hugher Order Concentration of Measure via Log-Sobolev Inequalities
    28.04.2021 Barbara Dembin ETH Zürich Large deviation principle for the streams and the maximal flow in first passage percolation
    21.04.2021 Konstantin Recke WWU Percolation on Nonamenable Groups
    27.01.2021 Martin Brückerhoff WWU A counterexample to the Cantelli conjecture via the Skorokhod Embedding Problem
    13.01.2021 Thomas Godland WWU Conical tessellations associated with Weyl chambers
    16.12.2020 Gerold Alsmeyer WWU Host-parasite coevolution: Some thoughts and results about the Kimmel-Bansaye model
    09.12.2020 Sara Terveer WWU Central limit theorems for hitting times of random walks on random graphs
    02.12.2020 Francesco Mattesini WWU Asymptotics of transportation cost for the occupation measure of fractional Brownian Motion
    25.11.2020 Chiranjib Mukherjee WWU The large deviation rate functions and stochastic homogenization on percolation clusters: the impact of disorder
    18.11.2020 Yannic Bröker WWU Stochastic heat equation and Gaussian multiplicative chaos in the Wiener space
    11.11.2020 Sebastian Kassing WWU Collaborating algorithms - Exploration vs. exploitation
    17.06.2020 Jonas Jalowy Univ. Bielefeld Rate of convergence to the Circular Law and its powers