PDE Colloquium

Gustav Holzegel, Christian Seis, Hendrik Weber

Tuesdays 14:15, weekly, Room SRZ 203 (unless otherwise announced)

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Current Talks

Date Speaker InstitutionTitle
05.12.2023Dr. Tommaso Rosati University of Warwick Lower bounds to Lyapunov exponents for stochastic PDEs, Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
12.12.2023Dr. André Guerra ETH Zürich Differential inclusions, quasiconformal maps, and the Monge?Ampère equationl
19.12.2023Ass. Prof. Frederico Cornalba University of Bath High-order discretisation and variance reduction for the Dean-Kawasaki model from Fluctuating Hydrodynamics, Kolloquium Partial Differential Equations
09.01.2024Dr. Pawel Duch Adam Mickiewicz University, Pozna? Flow equation approach to singular stochastic PDEs. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"

Past Talks

Date Speaker InstitutionTitle
28.11.2023Angeliki Menegaki Imperial College London L^2-stability for the 4-waves kinetic equation around the Rayleigh-Jeans equilibrium. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
21.11.2023Prof. Dr. Marcel Oliver Katholische Universität Eichstätt - Ingolstadt Backscatter parameterizations for eddy permitting ocean models, Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
14.11.2023Dr. Mitia Duerinckx Université Libre de Bruxelles Effective description of particle suspensions in fluids
07.11.2023Prof. Dr. Annalaura Stingo École Polytechnique Global stability of the Kaluza-Klein spacetime, Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
24.10.2023Prof. Dr. Mahir Hadzic University College London Construction of naked singularities for the Einstein-Euler system
27.06.2023Prof. Dr. Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman University of Toronto Massive Scalar Fields on Black Hole Spacetimes. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
20.06.2023Dr. Markus Tempelmayr WWU Münster Some recent progress on quasilinear SPDEs. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
13.06.2023Dr. Roberta Bianchini IAC, Rome Mathematical analysis of stably stratified fluids. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
06.06.2023Prof. Dr. Gianni Dal Maso SISSA, Trieste New results on homogenisation of free discontinuity problems. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
06.06.2023Dr. Bjoern Bringmann Princeton University Invariant Gibbs measures for (1+1)-dimensional wave maps into Lie groups. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
16.05.2023Prof. Dr. Jonas Hirsch Universität Leipzig On the De Giorgi - Nash - Moser theorem for hypoelliptic operators (joint work with H. Dietert). Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
18.04.2023Dr. Paul Gassiat Université Paris-Dauphine Long-time behavior of stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi equations. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
17.01.2023Richard Schubert Universität Bonn A variational approach to data-driven problems in fluid mechanics. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
20.12.2022Zoe Wyatt King's College London Global stability of product spacetimes. Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"
25.10.2022Prof. Dr. Sebastian Herr Universität Bielefeld Global wellposedness of the Zakharov System below the ground state, Kolloquium "Partial Differential Equations"