Wilhelm Killing Kolloquium: Postdocs of Mathematics Münster (WWU Münster) in person and via Zoom: Scientific postdoc presentations

Wednesday, 15.06.2022 13:00 im Raum SRZ 216/217

Mathematik und Informatik

Get an insight into the research of five new postdoctoral researchers of Mathematics Münster. In short scientific presentations they will introduce their topics.

After the talks, there will be the opportunity to exchange ideas while enjoying tea, coffee and cake in the Common Room.

Estefania Loayza Romero: The Complete Manifold of Planar Triangular Meshes
Hossein Lamei Ramandi: Some remarks on potential open colouring axiom
Rodrigo Bazaes: Large deviations and random media: discrete and continuous models
Maria Gerasimova: Stability of groups
Amandine Escalier: Local and asymptotic geometry of groups

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Kolloquium Wilhelm Killing