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Day of Teaching

On November 27, 2023, the University of Münster invites you to this year's Day of Teaching on the topic of "University Teaching in Times of Social Challenges".
Students will have the opportunity to actively exchange ideas on innovations in teaching and directly address suggestions for the further development of teaching.
The Sports Institute is also participating with two contributions. The complete program can be viewed on the University of Münster homepage.
All students, lecturers and staff are cordially invited to participate in the discussion and networking.

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Symposium on sport in all-day education

The contribution of sport to the fulfillment of the legal entitlement to an all-day school place was part of the agenda at a joint conference between the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) and the Conference of Sports Ministers (SMK) in Berlin. Stakeholders from politics, administration, associations and science met at the NRW state representation. Prof. Nils Neuber moderated a workshop on sport-related qualification in all-day education.

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University Day 2023

Last Thursday, the University Day 2023 successfully took place in Münster.
A total of 13,500 prospective students visited the university and took part in around 500 courses. At the Institute of Sports Science, 14 courses were open to students. The student council had an information stand and around 150 - hopefully - future students took part in the central information event at the BSH!

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Andreas Mühlbeier leaves the Institute

We bid farewell to Andreas Mühlbeier, a valued member of our Human Movement Science department, who left us on 1 November. Andreas started his PhD under Heiko Wagner in 2015 and has been with us since then as a PhD student and later as a PostDoc. During his time at the institute, Andreas focussed primarily on crash tests and their effects on the cervical spine, but contributed to numerous other projects. We will miss his commitment and presence. Andreas, we wish you all the best for your future career!

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Save the Date - Promoting development in school sport

A specialist conference on mental, emotional and social support through sport will take place on March 15, 2024. Under the title “Promotion of development in school sport – for everyone?!” the question is examined as to whether school sports also reach children with special needs. At the same time, the new special education degree programme in Münster is being discussed. Further information will follow.

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Get-together on the development of all-day schools

As part of the seminar "All-day school as an opportunity for school sport", a launch discussion will take place for the second time at the IfS on November 30 from 2pm to 4pm. In the context of the legal right to an all-day place, Prof. Dr. Anne-Christin Roth (German Sports Teachers' Association NRW), Prof. Dr. Miriam Kehne (Research Association for Child and Youth Sport NRW), Laura Hantke (Sports Youth NRW), Martin Wonik (State Sports Association NRW) and Martin Schönwandt (German School Sports Foundation) will discuss the opportunities and risks of child and youth sport in the context of all-day school development. The discussion will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber (IfS). Guests are more than welcome!

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Poverty as a health risk

Sport keeps you healthy - this truism is as banal as it is true. But how much exercise is necessary, especially for adolescents? The WHO recommends around one hour of exercise per day for children and young people. The study carried out as part of the "Move for Health" project under the direction of Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper provides worrying figures: The federally funded study found that fewer and fewer young people are doing regular sport in their free time.

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Kick-off meeting in the ComeSport project

As part of the BMBF joint project ComeSport, the kick-off meeting of ComeNet 5 on the topic of "Body images and social media in school sport" took place from 2 to 3 November in Münster. The meeting focussed on deepening the joint research work and preparing the upcoming work phases.
The universities of Leipzig, Münster and Paderborn are involved in the project. The Institute of Sport Science was represented by staff from the Education and Culture in Sport and Education and Teaching in Sport departments.

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Expert discussion on the topic of performance, sport, growing up

During a two-day expert discussion in Frankfurt, representatives of sports associations, sports practice, foundations, and academia explored the question of what role the topic of performance currently plays in children's and youth sports. The Institute of Sport Science was represented by staff from the departments of Education and Culture in Sport, Movement Sciences, and Physical Education and Teaching in Sport. The event was partly organized by the research network for children's and youth sports in North Rhine-Westphalia, whose office is located at the University of Münster.

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Honorary doctorate awarded to Prof. Klaus Völker

On 20.10.23, Prof. Klaus Völker was awarded an honorary doctorate in a festive ceremony. The laudation by the Dean of Studies, Prof. Heiko Wagner, revealed that it is and was an inner passion for Prof. Völker as a medical doctor to point out the importance of physical activity for the healthy development of people. For more than 50 years, Prof. Völker has been researching and teaching on this topic and is still doing so as a senior professor at the IfS.
We heartily congratulate him on this well-deserved honour!


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Successful disputation of Stefanie Dahl

The dissertation of Stefanie Dahl deals with the topic of health and physical activity in the field of nursing care. In the thesis she presents a comprehensive evaluation of the successful EU project "Wellbeing and healthy choices for older adults and their carers" (WHOLE). She has now successfully defended her dissertation. The doctoral committee included Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber, Prof. Dr. Michael Brach and Dr. Marion Golenia. We congratulate her warmly!

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DVS Poster Award for Tabea Christ

At the 26th sport scientific university day held by the dvs (German society for sport science) in Bochum, Tabea Christ from the department movement science presented her poster on skateboard therapy for children with ADHD which is part of her PhD topic. For this, she was awarded the poster award in the category natural sciences. Congratulations on this success!

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Three-way dialogue on the topic of inclusion in sports

In 2024, the state games of the Special Olympics NRW will be held in Münster. On this occasion, the "Trialogue Inclusion in Sport" will take place on November 02, 2023 in Münster, where Ms. Wilkens (City of Münster), Dirk Henning (Stadtsportbund Münster) and Prof. Dr. Michael Pfitzner (University of Duisburg-Essen) will discuss the possibilities of participation for people with intellectual disabilities. Further information can be found here.

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Didactics of Sport - Fundamentals and Models

In the textbook series "Basic Knowledge of Learning in Sport" the third volume on subject didactics by Prof. Nils Neuber has been published. Thus, the subject didactics lecture in M.Ed. is completely covered. While the new volume under the title "Subject didactics sport - fundamentals and models" lays the general foundation, the other two volumes deal with the specific requirement and decision fields of subject didactic concepts.

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Expert views on the debate about the federal youth games

The reform of the Federal Youth Games has triggered far-reaching discussions about the idea of performance in physical education and in children's sports. Professor Klaus Zierer and Professor Nils Neuber have now discussed in a guest article on the Robert Bosch Foundation's German School portal on what this debate might say about the culture of performance in the school context as a whole.

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dvs 2025

At this year's dvs General Assembly Bernd Strauß, Dennis Dreiskämper and Barbara Halberschmidt invited to the dvs Congress 2025 in Münster under the motto 'Diversity and Sustainability in Sports Science ?!'!

The congress will take place from 17 -19.9. 2025 at the castle and surrounding buildings. Sports scientists from all disciplines can participate in the congress.

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Project Meeting - Professional Education in Sport (FaBiS)

On September 13 and 14, this year's second research meeting of the project team on "Subject-based Education in Sport", FaBiS for short, took place. The focus was on the joint research work, in which exercise processes in physical education were analyzed on the basis of instructional videos. In addition, initial preparations were made for a research proposal. Four universities are involved in the project: Ilka Lüsebrink (missing on the photo) from PH Freiburg, Vera Volkmann from the University of Hildesheim, Helga Leineweber from the University of Münster and Petra Wolters from the University of Vechta.

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Autumn writing workshop of IfS doctroand students

14 doctoral students were guests at the Willi-Michels educational center in Welper from September 5th to 7th to work on their dissertations in a focused manner. Besides writing, the conference concentrated on the exchange of information on questions concerning the career after the doctorate. The head of the Career Service from the University of Münster, Dr. Andreas Eimer, came to the event especially to hold an exciting workshop with the doctoral students. In addition to the writing time, there was plenty of opportunity for exchange among the doctoral students in more informal rounds, which everyone experienced as profitable. The writing workshop was led by Birte Brinkmöller, Dr. Kathrin Kohake and Dr. Robert Stojan on behalf of the Young Researchers Initiative. The next writing workshop is planned for February/March.

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School visit in the Lab

At the beginning of the new school year, the students of the 10th grade from Hopsten (Hüberts'sche Schule) visited our department of movement sciences and the OpenLab of the IFS. During their visit, they conducted an exemplary analysis of their running style while walking, jogging, and sprinting using the Qualisys program.

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Field Trip to Baltrum

In the third week of August, the project seminar "Discovering Play and Utilizing the Play Spaces" took place at the NTB educational facility on the North Sea island of Baltrum. The 28 students discussed topics such as play and performance, play and structure or play and exploration. The excursion based on the concept of experiential learning took place for the 15th time already. It was led by Uta Kaundinya, Katharina Ludwig and Nils Neuber.


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BMBF project on the digitization of PE teacher education

As part of the BMBF collaborative project ComeSport, the research areas Education and Culture in Sport and Education and Teaching in Sport have been granted a project on the digitization of PE teacher education. The project will be conducted in cooperation with the universities of Paderborn and Leipzig and will focus on the question of how sports teachers can address students' body images, which are influenced by social media.

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Visit to Inzell

Matthias Hendricks, Swantje Buse and Dr. Ross Julian (Department of Neuromotor Behaviour ans Exercise) visited the training camp of the junior squad of the German speed skaters in Inzell. The athlete monitoring system REGmon, which was used as part of the MonitorEis project, was presented on site. From now on, athletes can use REGmon to provide various information on their training load, well-being and health status on a daily basis in order to identify symptoms of fatigue as early as possible. Information that can then be used by trainers to customize the training. MonitorEis is a service research project funded by the Federal Institute for Sports Science, which is carried out in cooperation with the German Speed Skating and Shorttrack Association.

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Support for Physical Education

Physical Education is the stepchild of education policy. It only receives public attention when there are problems, such as the current change to the Bundesjugendspiele. Yet it has an important function for school and culture: motor skills, self-concept, health, integration, playfulness and much more can be promoted by well-done Physical Education. The renowned sports journalist Bianka Schreiber-Rietig has now pointed this out in a commentary worth reading and has also called for a new school sports study. For the article, she interviewed Prof. Nils Neuber, among others.

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Successful exchange between sports science and youth research

During a second workshop in Frankfurt, members of the research network of the German Sports Youth and of the research network for children's and youth sports in North Rhine-Westphalia intensified their cooperation with colleagues from the German Youth Institute (DJI). The goal of the cooperation is a collaborative study on children's and youth sports. The event was hosted by the German Sports Youth. Stefanie Dahl, Dennis Dreiskämper, Lena Henning and Nils Neuber participated for IfS Münster.

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Congress of the ISHPES in Lausanne

Prof. Dr. Michael Krüger, a member of the Council of the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES), represented the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences of the University of Münster alongside Cand phil. Yoonkyu Song at the ISHPES International Congress held from July 12th to 14th, 2023 in Lausanne. The congress was dedicated to the topic of "biographies." Krüger gave a presentation on Ommo Grupe, the doyen of German sport science in the Federal Republic of Germany. 

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Tournament in Inline Skating Hockey

For the third time this semester (July 8th, 2023), the tournament between sports students from the Inline Skating seminar (Dr. Kai Reinhart) and the beginners from Münster Mottek with trainer Dennis Schwabe took place. All teams performed at a similar level, making it an intense evening in the midst of high summer temperatures.

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Reform of the Federal Youth Games

The Federal Youth Games are to become more child-oriented and less performance-oriented. The Committee for the Federal Youth Games and the Commission for Sport (SpoKo) of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal States in Germany (KMK) have therefore decided on a reform of the games, which is currently being discussed intensively. Prof. Nils Neuber has now given an interview on this issue for Zeit online, in which he argues for a differentiated view.

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As part of the BMBF's ComeSport joint project, the Education and Culture in Sport and Education and Teaching in Sport work areas have approved a project on the digitalization of sports teacher training.
The project addresses the question of how physical education teachers can address students' body images, which are influenced by social media.

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Farewell to Professor Dr. Michael Krüger

After 25 years of service at the Institute of Sports and Exercise Sciences, Prof. Dr. Michael Krüger will retire at the end of the summer semester.On July 3rd, Prof. Krüger was ceremoniously bid farewell within his lecture series "Sportpädagogisches und sporthistorisches Kolloquiums". We sincerely thank him for his many years of work and wish him a wonderful retirement.

Prolife4care 1x1Prolife4care 2x1
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Active Ageing Lab successfully accomplished PROCare4Life

Our members of the Active Ageing Lab from the University of Münster successfully accomplished with the other 13 project partners the objectives of the PROCare4Life project “Personalised Integrated Care Promoting Quality of Life for Older People”, which took place from January 2020 until June 2023. An interactive care system interactive care system for persons with chronic diseases, for their caregivers and for health professionals was currently being developed. We are so proud that the University of Münster could take part in this exciting European Union's Horizon project with the great consortium.

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Moving, Creative, Digital

Over the last few weeks, the Active Ageing Lab (Dep. Movement Science) has been running a course to promote digital skills, creativity, emotional self-care and physical activity. Now the team received the happy news that the interim report of the EU project IntegraLab+ was accepted, which is an important step for the further design of the project.

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Successful Disputation by Lorena Menze

The dissertation of Lorena Menze is entitled "Participation of students in performance assessment - A qualitative study on the perspective of physical education teachers". She has now successfully defended her thesis. On the doctoral committee were Nils Neuber, Ahmet Derecik (Berlin) and Marion Golenia. We sincerely congratulate her!

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Successful 3rd Roundnet Tournament of the IfS

Last Saturday, July 1, the Sports Events Seminar and Roundnet Seminar held the IfS Roundnet Tournament for the third time.
In relatively good weather conditions, over 50 teams played on the campus' Court 1.
A great success and congratulations to the winning team "Spike Culture"!

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Project start "Parkinson Vibrating Socks”

At the Department of Neuromotor Behavior and Exercise, the project "Parkinson Vibrating Socks" will start in July 2023 ( running until June 2027). In close collaboration between partners from science, industry and clinical practice, a vibrotactile cueing system for individualized improvement of freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease will be developed over the next four years. The Department of Neuromotor Behavior and Exercise will take the lead of the consortium and is responsible for the scientific evaluation of the cueing system in everyday like virtual environments. The total budget of the project is 4.246.012€. It is financed by the European Union and the InterregVI program Germany-Nederland. More information about the project and funding can be found here

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Successful completion of UT-WWU Collaboration Grant

The UT-WWU Collaboration Grants are funded with 80,000 Euro each and are financed 50 % each by the University of Münster and the University of Twente for a period of twelve months. Thanks to this funding, the department of Neuromotor Behavior and Exercise, together with collaborators from the University of Twente, Medisch Spectrum Twente and other partners from the Netherlands and Germany (feelSpace GmbH, Sherpa, Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen), were able to successfully apply for a project grant from the InverregVI program Germany-Netherlands, which aims to develop a vibrotactile cueing system for Parkinson's patients with Freezing of Gait. The final meeting of the multidisciplinary team took place in June in Enschede. More info can be found here.

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We mourn the death of our colleague Dr. Stefan Nielsen

We mourn the loss of our colleague Dr. Stefan Nielsen, who died on Monday, June 26 after a long, serious illness while on active duty at the age of 61.
With Stefan Nielsen we lose far too soon a highly qualified, respected colleague and loyal friend. We will miss him. Our thoughts are with his wife Silke and the entire family.


Visiting the Special Olympic World Games in Berlin

From June 16-20, students of the IfS visited the Special Olympic World Games in Berlin as part of a project seminar in the field of didactics. In addition to a spectacular opening ceremony and many exciting competitions, the students pursued small research projects on topics that arose during the preparation. The results of these projects will be presented as part of the lecture series "Inclusion in Sport" on 06.07.2023 from 4 to 6 pm in Leo 21. All interested parties are welcome to attend! The Tagesspiegel published an article about the students' visit to Berlin.


Visit of Dr. Csaba Ökrös

Dr. Csaba Ökrös, Pro-Rector of the Hungarian University of Sports Science, visited the Institute of Sports Science of the University of Münster from June 19 to 23, 2023 for the second time after 2022. The guest was supervised by Axel Binnenbruck, the module coordinator for sports games, since the connecting intersection is the sport of handball and the throwback game Qatch. Furthermore, discussions took place with the institute's management as well as the internationalization coordinator in order to deepen the existing ERASMUS cooperation.

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Closing event of the project "Learning and Movement"

To mark the conclusion of the "Learning and Movement" project, a ceremonial event was held in the Freiherr-vom-Stein-Saal at the district government in Münster. In addition to the teachers and school administrators of the participating project schools, representatives of the district government of Münster and the state office for school sports were present.  After Mr. Schmied, Head of the Department of Schools, Culture and Sports, opened the event with a greeting, the project results were presented.

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BA-Thesis to be assigned

We are looking for enthusiastic students who are interested in experimental research in the field of multitasking. This bachelor’s thesis offers the opportunity to gain experience in psychological research under more ecologically valid conditions using a driving simulator. Are you interested in the thesis? Then please contact Piesie Asuako and/or Dr. Robert Stojan. Topic:  Factors influencing the modality compatibility effect in a classical laboratory environment and in a more naturalistic driving environment.


Students welcome Special Olympics athletes from the Netherlands

On the 13th and 14th of June students of the IfS organized a diverse program of physical activities with the Dutch athletes as part of the Host Town Program of the Special Olympic World Games. Dancing together, sports activities and a great closing evening at the harbor were a successful start for the visit of the World Games in Berlin.

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Save the date - ExamShow

On 19 July it's that time again - the ExamShow of the Institute of Sports Science will take place again from 19h in the main hall of the university!
VVK: 04.07 and 11.07 from 15-16h in the Campus Café!
Motto of the show: 1001 exam night

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Over 80-year-olds show sex-dependent differences in curve line drawing

Older adults show reduced motor skills, which is attributed to three factors: Decrease in central and peripheral sensorimotor functions, decrease in information processing and/or changes in the motor system. Therefore, older subjects sometimes show pauses in movements (inter-segment intervals / ISI), which consist of individual movement segments. ISIs are generally longer or more variable when participants' motor control or planning is reduced. Therefore, measuring ISIs during target movements is a useful measure for assessing human movement control. You'll find the full length paper here 

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Teaching Council of the University of Münster

The Teaching Council consults the university rectorate on fundamental questions concerning academic studies and teaching. This includes the development of quality, enhancing the profile of teaching degree programs, as well as developing strategies for new degree programs. The members of the Teaching Council provide expertise on competitive procedures in the area of study and teaching. Professor Nils Neuber from the Sport Sciences Department has been appointed to the current Teaching Council.

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Obituary for Egon Steinkamp

On June 12, Egon Steinkamp passed away at the age of 96. From 1980 until his retirement in March 1988, he was a university professor for didactics of physical education at the WWU Münster.
Professor Steinkamp was not only a popular and respected university teacher, but also a researcher in the field of American literature and sports.


Planen und bauen im Nationalsozialismus

Dr. Emanuel Hübner, a long-standing and now external collaborator in the Department of Sports Pedagogy & Sports History at IfS Münster, is one of the authors of the five-year research project on "Planen und bauen im Nationalsozialismus", which is funded by the German government. He authored the chapter on "Nationalsozialistisches Bauerbe und Denkmalpflege am Beispiel Westfalen". The book also addresses the Berlin Olympic Stadium in 1936.
The exhibition "Power, Space, Violence," designed as part of the research project, is being showcased at the "Akademie der Künste" in Berlin until July 16, 2023.

© BMFSFJ und dsj

Successful start of move4healt

The dsj joint project move4health, funded by the BMFSFJ, aims to investigate three central topics with the help of a representative survey and qualitative in-depth studies. (1) the potential of exercise, play and sport for the psycho-social health of children and adolescents, (2) the attractiveness of sports clubs for children and adolescents, (3) conducive and obstructive conditions for children and adolescents to access and remain in sports, with a particular focus on socially disadvantaged target groups and those who are not involved in sports. The project is led and coordinated by members of the Department of Sport Psychology (PD. Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper & Dr. Lena Henning). The Research Unit Education and Instruction in Sport is responsible for an in-depth study in the area of all-day sports (Prof. Nils Neuber & Nils Kaufmann).

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Interview about the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics World Games will take place in Berlin from 17.06. to 25.06.2023.
Already last week (12.06.-15.06.2023) the delegation from the Netherlands was welcomed and hosted in Münster in the course of the 'Host-Town-Program'.
In an interview with Münster aktiv, Junior Professor Dr. Helga Leineweber explains the significance of the Special Olympics in connection with inclusion and inclusive sports.


Annual Conference of the dvs section Sport Pedagogy

The departments of Education and Teaching in Sport, Sport Psychology and Education and Culture in Sport attended the 36th Annual Conference of the dvs Section of Sport Education in Hamburg. Posters on current research projects were presented as well as lectures in working groups. The informal parts of the conference offered the opportunity for collegial networking and exploration of the city of Hamburg.

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Roundnet Tournament - SAVE THE DATE

The yearly Roundnet Tournament will be held on July 1 starting at 10:00 am on Court 1. More information are available on our Instagram channel, the website, via announcements and the IfS event Instagram channel.
We are looking forward to many participants!

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Sports, Politics and History in Germany and Korea

On June 6th and 7th, the International Conference on Sports, Politics, and History in Germany and Korea took place at the castle. The event was organized by the Department of Sports Pedagogy & Sports History in collaboration with the Willibald-Gebhardt Institute, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Michael Krüger, Prof. Dr. Roland Naul, Prof. Dr. Andreas Niehaus from Gent, and Cand. Phil. Yoonkyu Song. The speakers from Korea and Germany were welcomed by Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Michael Quante and the Korean Consul General, Huh Seung-jae. As a result, further forms of exchange and collaboration were agreed upon to explore the role of sports in the process of German reunification and the divided Korea.

© Kathrin Kohake

8th Self-Determination Theory Conference

The 8th Self-Determination Theory Conference took place from May 31 to June 3 in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Kathrin Kohake from the Department of Education and Teaching in Sports attended the conference with a presentation on "The Need for Competence in Childrens' Sports". After an opening lecture by SDT co-founder Richard Ryan, more than 600 participants exchanged new concepts, theories, methods and results over the course of 4 days.

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Successful QATCH tournament

On Saturday, June 3, this year's Qatch tournament took place in cooperation of the sports event seminar under the direction of Dr. Barbara Halberschmidt and the Qatch seminar under the direction of Axel Binnenbruck. Ten (international) teams competed on the beach courts in beautiful sunshine.
After an exciting preliminary round, the Hungarian team "Two and a half man" won the final against the team "Bier Elite".
The tournament ended in the evening on the campus in glorious sunshine.

© Anna Spindelndreier

Host Town Programm - Olympic World Game

At the world's largest inclusive sports event, the Special Olympics World Games, several thousand athletes with intellectual and multiple disabilities compete with and against each other in 26 sports.
This year, the Special Olympics World Games will take place in Berlin from June 17 to 25, 2023, and thus for the first time in Germany.
As part of the project seminar "Special Olympics", the Sports Institute will also participate in the Host Town Project in Münster from June 12 to 15, 2023. A subsequent visit to the Special Olympics World Games is also part of it.

© Erica Gobbi

Cooperation with the University of Urbino

Prof. Nils Neuber has further developed the cooperation with the School of Sport and Exercise of the Universita degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo with a one-week Erasmus exchange. In addition to some courses with students in Urbino, he also made agreements on collaborative research activities with Ass. Prof.' Ercia Gobbi. The next meeting will take place at the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin.


Special Olympics coming to Münster

The fifth State Games of Special Olympics NRW for people with intellectual and multiple disabilities will take place in Münster from May 22-25, 2024. For this purpose, the joint framework agreement was signed by the Lord Mayor Markus Lewe and the President of Special Olympics NRW - Gerhard Stiens - on May 22, 2023. The event is expected to attract 7,000 athletes and showcase 18 sports. Students are also welcome to attend.
Junprof. Dr. Helga Leineweber coordinates the implementation of the event with a working group, consisting of all work areas, at the IfS.

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Twelve months, twelve people

With its publication Twelve Months, Twelve People - Portraits the WWU would like to acknowledge the diversity at the University of Münster and present outstanding people of the respective past year. The current issue features a portrait of Prof. Nils Neuber, who has been awarded with the NRW State Prize for Sports Science in September 2022. His primary concern is to harness the educational potential of sport.

© PROCare4Life

International Conference of Integrated Care 2023

On the 23rd of May, our colleagues Mona Ahmed, Ellen Bentlage and Michael Brach visited the “International Conference of Integrated Care” (ICIC23) in Antwerp-Belgium and attended the PROCare4Life session and the public event after 42 months project time. By the end of this month, Mona will leave our institute. We wish her much success in her future career.

Hybride Training School PhysAgeNet COST Action

The PhysAgeNet COST Action is organizing a hybrid Training School on "From narrative to systematic living review" from May 30th to June 1st. The places on site (Kaunas, Lithuania) are already fully booked, but online participation is also possible for free without prior registration.

f.l. Prof.Dr. Bock, Prof.Dr. Bherer, Dr. Stojan, Prof. Dr. Voelcker-Rehagef.l. Prof.Dr. Bock, Prof.Dr. Bherer, Dr. Stojan, Prof. Dr. Voelcker-Rehage
f.l. Prof.Dr. Bock, Prof.Dr. Bherer, Dr. Stojan, Prof. Dr. Voelcker-Rehage
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Graduated with flying colours

Congratulations to Robert Stojan from the Department of Neuromotor Behavior and Exercise for successfully completing his doctoral defense titled "Brain Functional Aspects of Cognitive Aging during Ecologically Valid Motor-Cognitive Behavior." We are delighted to announce that Dr Stojan has been awarded the esteemed distinction of "summa cum laude" by his committee members, Prof. Dr. Claudia Voelcker-Rehage (Münster), Prof. Dr. Otmar Bock (Köln), and Prof. Dr. Louis Bherer (Montreal), for his exceptional presentation and defense

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Daniela Gundlach visits the MA Seminar

As part of the MA seminar "Sport Psychology in Schools", Daniela Gundlach, motopaedist and sports teacher at the BK, gave a lecture on motopaedic and psychomotor support options in physical education. With numerous case studies, the students worked out a variety of possibilities for dealing with conspicuous children and adolescents in physical education.

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Sport Politics in Germany and Korea

International Conference

On June 6th and 7th, a conference on Sport Politics in Germany and Korea with german and korean experts will take place in  in the castle's banquet hall. Registration for participation in the event is possible via the following link: 


© Axel Binnenbruck

Save the Date: Qatch Tournament of the IfS

Quotch? Quotch? Kuatsch?" - "QATCH!" The Institute of Sports Science at the University of Münster is planning a new edition of the beginner-friendly Qatch tournament in Münster on June 03, 2023!
No matter if amateur or professional - everyone can join so be there and register your team (mixed) for a participation fee of 5,00 € per team here.

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Image video about the teacher training program

The WWU has published a new image video about the teacher training program at the University of Münster. The video also includes sports.

© Kathrin Aschebrock

The future of children's and youth sports

Workgroup 4 " Embodying the joy of movement and sport at an early age" met for the first time in Berlin as part of the German government's sports development plan. The workgroup was established after the 2022 Physical Activity Summit and is intended to develop guidelines for children's and youth sports. It brings together representatives of the federal ministries, the Conference of Ministers of Sport and Education, sports organizations, and other civil society stakeholders. The workgroup is headed by Prof. Miriam Kehne (Paderborn) and Prof. Nils Neuber (IfS). Kathrin Aschebrock (IfS) is the managing director.

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Second hybrid PhysAgeNet conference in Riga

The second hybrid PhysAgeNet conference (April 25th-27th at Riga Stradins University) presented major advances from the Working Groups on evidence-based physical activity research and practice in older adults. Membership has doubled to over 250 from 45 countries. The future of COST Action was discussed. Members of the AB Exercise Science and Neuromotor Science lead various Working Groups and the overall network.


Girls'Day at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences

As in years past, the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences opened the door for this year's Girls'Day. Twelve interested girls were able to participate in small experiments and gained an exciting insight into sports science research.

© Constantin Franz (Medienlabor IfS)

Trialogue on the topic of protection concepts in sports

Around 50 participants from sports practice, child and youth welfare and science discussed the topic "Protection concepts in sports" with Marisa Kleinitzke (Stadtsportbund Münster), Martin Wonik (Landessportbund NRW) and Dr. Kathrin Kohake (WWU Münster) on April 27, 2023. The new event format "Trialog", which brings practice, politics and science into conversation, was opened by Professor Wessels (Rector of the WWU Münster) with a welcoming speech. The event was organized by the Stadtsportbund and the Sportjugend Münster, the Institute for Sports Science Münster and the Research Association for Child and Youth Sports NRW. The moderation was done by Thomas Lammers (SSB Münster).

© arete Verlag

A History of Sport in Europe in 100 Objects

The Book "A History of Sport in Europe in 100 Objects", edited by Daphné Bolz and Michael Krüger, is now published by the arete-Verlag Hildesheim. More than 100 authors in europe were involed. It was a result of the project "Training the people. A transnational history of sport in interwar Europe" from prof. Bolz at the University of Münster, wich was sponsorded by the EU. 

© DSHS Köln

Münster School Sports Talk

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, the Münster School Sports Talk "Perceiving Diversity in Physical Education - a key component of teacher expertise" will take place from 6-8 p.m. in Ho101. The speaker Junior Professor Dr. Helga Leineweber will present selected empirical findings as well as approaches to promote the professional perception of teacher*education, and give suggestions for dealing with own perceptions. The registration can be done here. All interested parties are welcome to attend.

© Sönke Götschenberg

First CeBiS Research Day 2023

At the CeBiS Research Day on April 19, 2023 (3:30 p.m. in Ho 101), Dr. Christiane Fischer-Ontrup and Eva Schönweitz will be giving a presentation at the Institute of Sport Science on the topic "BeSt! - A  movement-based self-regulation training in the classroom for the grades 4 to 6".

© Kim Joris Boström

Using technology in elite athletics: Looking back at the Tech-Werkstatt in Münster

The Tech-Werkstatt for elite athletics in Münster brought together over 120 participants from sports science, industry, and sports practice to learn about the latest technologies and discuss their applications in high-performance sports. The event included exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, and pitches, and was positively evaluated by experts from different fields. The Tech Workshop was a joint initiative by WVL, the High-Performance Sports Innovation Hub, WISS-Netz, DOSB, BISp, the University of Münster, and Predimo GmbH

© Stadt Münster

Congress award of Stadt Münster for Bernd Strauß and his team

In July, 2019, Bernd Strauß and the sportpsychology department of the WWU Münster held the FEPSAC convention, which takes place every four years, at the Münster Schloss for five days. Almost 1000 sport psychologists from more than 60 countries took part in an extensive scientific program that celebrated the 50th birthday of the European Association of sportpsychology FEPSAC.

The city of Münster prized this and two more conventions out of several hundreds from the last two years by handing over the award as the best and specifically forward-looking congress. This award was last handed over in 2019.

© Peter Imkamp (SSB Münster)

Invitation to the Trialogue "Protection Concepts in Sport"

The Institute for Sports Science Münster invites you in collaboration with the Research Association for Children and Youth Sport NRW, the Sportjugend Münster and the Stadtsportbund Münster to a  discussion round on "Protection concepts in sport" on Thursday, 27.04.2023 from 19.00 to 20.30 in H101. Minister Josefine Paul, Dr. Kathrin Kohake (WWU Münster) and Marisa Kleinitzke (SSB Münster) will be there to provide expert input. Further information and the link to the registration can be found here.

© Markus Jürgens (Medienlabor IfS)

Successful conference day of the IfS

Right before the start of the summer semester, the entire Institute of Sport Sciences met for a conference day. Several central topics of coordination, planning and information were discussed with all colleagues. The day ended with good conversations. We are looking forward to the summer semester 2023.

© PH Ludwigsburg

Substitute professorship for Kai Reinhart

Dr. Kai Reinhart will be filling a professorship for sports science and sports education at the Ludwigsburg University of Education in the coming semester. We wish him all the best for this!

© Eike Boll

Snow sports with children and young people with oncological diseases

From 11 to 25 March, the snow sports project took place in cooperation with the Clinic for Paediatric Haematology and Oncology at the University Hospital. For one week each, the children and young people were introduced to alpine skiing. A committed team of students from the Institute of Sport Science supported the trips organised by Eike Boll. Curricularly, this project is part of Module 10 "Cross-sport competences".

© Bernd Strauß

Successful binational science exchange in Tokyo

The 11th German-Japanese Symposium of Sports Science took place from March 1 to 3, 2023, at the Nippon Sports Science University (NSSU) in Tokyo under the guiding theme "Rethinking sustainability issues and values in sports". In addition to Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Roland Naul, who was also honored for his many years of commitment, Prof. Dr. Bernd Strauß and Prof. Dr. Maike Tietjens, other sports scientists presented current research findings and projects on the central theme.
The symposium once again demonstrated the diversity of sports science and research and the importance of international and interdisciplinary dialog.


© Landessportverbund Schleswig-Holstein

State Sport Conference Schleswig-Holstein

At the state sports conference held in the state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein, the regional sports development plan for the state was launched. The concept had previously been agreed by the state, the state sports association and the association of cities. A key element is the promotion of children's and youth sports. Prof. Nils Neuber gave a presentation entitled "No child without sport - promoting physical activity as a task for society as a whole".

© Springer

"Bewegung, Training, Leistung und Gesundheit" published in print

Volume 3 of the Springer Handbook "Sport and Sport Science" edited by Arne Güllich and Michael Krüger is now published in print. This means that all three volumes of the Springer reference work are now available both online and in print: Volume 1 "Grundlagen von Sport und Sportwissenschaft", Volume 2 "Sport in Kultur und Gesellschaft", and now Volume 3: "Bewegung, Training, Leistung und Gesundheit". Numerous authors from all fields of sports science were involved in the book project with a total of around 2500 pages.
The handbook sets new standards for sports science in Germany.

© Andrea Bowinkelsmann (LSB NRW)

More movement in elementary school

The importance of movement, play and sport for children growing up is undisputed in sports science circles. However, the Permanent Scientific Commission of the KMK has so far not taken up this insight and demands, among other things, an increase in core subject hours. Prof. Nils Neuber and Prof. Klaus Zierer (University of Augsburg) criticize this in a guest article for the F.A.Z. and demand more exercise for elementary school.

© Springer

Sport - Das Lehrbuch für das Sportstudium

"Sport – Das Lehrbuch für das Sportstudium“ is now released in second updated edition with new didactical elements like Flash Cards and accompanying videos. 
Like the first edition from 2013, also the second is essential teaching material for sport studies. Next to the editors Michael Krüger and Arne Güllich numerous lecturers in the institute for sport and exercise science (IfS) Münster took part in the project. The accompanying videos created by students of the IfS and the media section can be read back via an app. 

© NeuMoTrain

School sports festival track & field

Also this year, the children of the 3rd and 4th grades of the Annette von Droste Hülshoff elementary school in Nienberge created a great atmosphere in the athletics hall. Students of the seminar "Running Jumping Throwing" (Matthias Hendricks) had prepared the traditional sports festival with a total of 5 exciting stations. Team performance and having fun in (team) competitions are the focus of children's athletics. This morning again showed impressively that athletics packaged in a child-friendly way includes much more than the individual idea of ​​competition and performance.

© Uni MS - Peter Leßmann

Combination of studies and top- level sports

On February 3, 2023, representatives of the WWU, of the "adh", of the Olympic staging post NRW and of the "Studierendenwerk" met for re- signing the revised contract that has already been concluded 20 years ago. The project is important for top- level athletes since it supports their dual career.

© Andrea Bowinkelmann

Sportstiftung NRW awards grants for the first time

On January 27 / 2023, the "Sportstiftung NRW" awarded 90 grants for the first time in Düsseldorf the fair "boot".  The athletes were decorated by the state secretary for sports and voluntary work in NRW, Andrea Milz, and the chairperson of the Sportstiftung NRW, Dr. Ingo Wolf. The top- level sports project of the WWU was represented by Jörg Verhoeven and Dr. Barbara Halberschmidt.