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Sport - Das Lehrbuch für das Sportstudium

"Sport – Das Lehrbuch für das Sportstudium“ is now released in second updated edition with new didactical elements like Flash Cards and accompanying videos. 
Like the first edition from 2013, also the second is essential teaching material for sport studies. Next to the editors Michael Krüger and Arne Güllich numerous lecturers in the institute for sport and exercise science (IfS) Münster took part in the project. The accompanying videos created by students of the IfS and the media section can be read back via an app. 

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Students versus Motteks


For the second time, sports students and the hobby players of the Münster Mottek club (coach Dennis Schwabe) met last Saturday (21.1.). With four mixed teams, an exciting tournament was held in which the winner could only be determined by goal difference in the end. The students had prepared for this endurance test in the inline skater hockey seminar (Dr. Reinhart) and passed it with flying colours. The club players also had to put in a lot of effort in the close games. It has been a sporty and exciting evening and an interesting insight into the trendy game of inline skater hockey.

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Expert visit to the MA Seminar

Nadine Albers presented the boxing project Mind Mittens in the MA seminar (Maike Tietjens & Barbara Halberschmidt) "Personality and Leadership" with practical insight into individual modules of the project. Afterwards, the students discussed with Inga Jelen (special education teacher) about possibilities and limits of promoting personality in a special education setting at schools.

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New book on psychology in football published

The new book by Bernd Strauß (AB Sportpsychologie), which he wrote together with Daniel Memmert (DSHS Cologne) and Daniel Theweleit (freelance journalist, e.g. at FAZ, Spiegel), has just been published by Springer/Nature-Verlag.

Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas

 The Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences wishes all staff and students, friends and families, and our partners inside and outside the university a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year 2023. 

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Disputation of Lena Henning

On Friday, Dec. 16, 2022, Lena Henning successfully defended her doctoral thesis on "How self-perceptions control physical activity behavior: The interplay of physical self-concept, motivation, and physical activity in middle childhood" defended.
We congratulate her very much!

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Children's and youth sports at the movement summit

The German government's first Physical Activity Summit on December 13 in Berlin is intended to send a signal of change for sports development in Germany. To this end, a sports development plan will be drawn up in which the federal government, the states and municipalities, as well as civil society and the state, science and practice will work together. At the invitation of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Prof. Nils Neuber gave a keynote speech on the challenges and prospects of children's and youth sports at the kick-off event.

New faces in the Wagner Lab

We are happy to announce Tabea Christ and Colja Homann as our new colleagues! Tabea will start as a PhD student in the "Skaten statt Ritalin" (skateboarding instead of Ritalin) project, while Colja will work within the "Applied Movement Science" working group. We wish both of them a successful time!

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Prevention of sexualized violence

On 09.12.2022 a workshop took place at the IfS under the direction of Bettina Rulofs and Gitta Axmann on the topic "Prevention of sexualized violence". Both are leaders in the field of (prevention of) sexualized and interpersonal violence. With this workshop, the working group Prevention of Sexualized Violence (PSG) implemented the measures for the prevention of sexualized violence at Ifs that were anchored in the position paper adopted by the Ifs Board.

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Habilitation Dennis Dreiskämper

On Wednesday, 30.11.22 Dennis Dreiskämper held his habilitation lecture on the topic of "Doping prevention from a sport psychological perspective: The importance of the athlete's perspective on the legitimacy and impact of anti-doping efforts" and thus successfully completed the habilitation procedure. Dean Prof. Dr. Gerald Echterhoff was the first to congratulate on the "Venia legendi" together with the FBR and numerous guests from inside and outside the WWU!

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Lounge talk on school sports development

As part of the seminar "School Sport after Corona" by Prof. Nils Neuber, representatives of the School Sport Offensive NRW discussed the future of school sport with students and guests. Among the discussants were Jun.-Prof. Anne-Christin Roth (Deutscher Sportlehrerverband NRW), Martin Wonik (Landessportbund NRW), Laura Hantke (Sportjugend NRW), Dr. Gerrit Schnabel (Unfallkasse NRW) and Martin Schönwandt (Deutsche Schulsportstiftung).

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Lecture at annual conference of the DGfE

On November 25, 2022 Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber, Andre Magner & Jun.-Prof. Dr. Esther Pürgstaller held a lecture on the topic "And I thought we were only doing yoga here... - Basics and first empirical findings on body education in sports studies". The lecture took place at the annual conference of the Commission for Sports Pedagogy of the German Society for Educational Science (DGfE) at the University of Graz (Austria) under the motto "Is the body (still) the same? - A sports pedagogical keystone in dynamic change.

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Volunteers wanted for "Erlebnis Turnfest“

Under the motto "The moment you love" the experience gymnastics festival starts on Ascension weekend from 17 - 21.05.2023 in Oldenburg. In order to make this special event possible, we need many helping hands. As a volunteer at the Erlebnis Turnfest 2023, you can help shape the largest mass sports event in northern Germany. More info here.

© Sebastian Braun (Helen-Keller-Schule)

"SPOPSY4HEALTH" for the participation of mentally ill children and adolescents in sports

In a collaboration between Münster University Hospital, the Institute of Sports Science at the WWU Münster and the Münster district government, the "SPOPSY4HEALTH" project is investigating the extent to which mentally ill children and adolescents have access to sports activities. For this purpose, around 50 patients between the ages of 10 and 18 will provide information about their sports behavior. The project is being funded by the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia as a pilot project of the NRW Research Association for Children's and Youth Sports.

© B. Strauß & H. Wagner

New Vice Dean and Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Bernd Strauß and Prof. Dr. Heiko Wagner were recently elected as vice dean and dean of studies respectively of faculty 07 - psychology and sport sciences. Additionally, Bernd Strauß is now the Executive Director of the IfS, Heiko Wagner the executive vice- director. We congratulate cordially and wish them a successful term of office!

Closer cooperation between SC Preussen and WWU Münster

SC Preussen and the WWU want to enhance their already existing cooperations and plan on doing joint projects. Bernd Strauss as the representative of the top- level sports at the WWU has coordinated a statement that also involves the faculty of sport sciences as well as the university sports.

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Movie of the "Prüfungsshow" 2022

Under the chair of Sarah Riedel and Barbara Halberschmidt, the third "Prüfungsshow" of the Institute of Sports Science took place on July 20, 2022. As always, the media lab was there with the camera. The result is a moving and emotional summary of a unique exam show. By the way, the next exam show will take place on February 08, 2022.

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School sports after Corona - perspectives for a new start

On Thursday, 01. December 2022, a lounge talk will take place from 14-16 o'clock in Ho101. The guests Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anne-Christin Roth (President of the German Sports Teachers Association NRW), Martin Wonik (Board of Directors of the State Sports Federation NRW), Laura Hantke (Board Member of the Sports Youth NRW), Dr. Gerrit Schnabel (Director School of the Unfallkasse NRW) and Martin Schönwandt (Chairman of the German School Sports Foundation) will discuss the topic of school sports after Corona - perspectives for a new start. All interested parties are invited, we look forward to seeing you there!

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Basics of sports and sport sciences

"Grundlagen von Sport und Sportwissenschaft", Volume 1 of the "Handbuch Sport und Sportwissenschaft" edited by Arne Güllich and Michael Krüger has now been published in print (717 pages) by SpringerSpektrum. It follows Volume 2 on "Sport in Kultur und Gesellschaft" (783 pages), which was published in 2021. Volume 3 on "Bewegung, Training und Leistung" will follow in 2023.

The contributions to all volumes have been published online since 2018 as Springer Referencencework.

Protest gesture against racism: At the UEFA Nations League match between Germany and England on 7 June, the national football players of both teams knelt down.
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Sport, politics and morals

Multimedia Reportage: Michael Krüger and Henk Erik Meier about instrumentalisation of the Football World Cup in Qatar

Positive image cultivation for controversial states, raised fists against discrimination or colourful captain's armbands for more diversity: sport was and is a stage for political messages. At the same time, both top-level and popular sport have great integrative potential for society. In their dealings with each other, they convey values such as fairness, tolerance and team spirit. In view of major global events such as the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the positive signal effect of sport is beginning to falter. The new multimedia reportage "Sport, Politics and Morals" (german title: Der Sport, die Politik und die Moral) from the WWU Münster takes a comprehensive look at the instrumentalisation of sport with contributions by Prof. Dr. Michael Krüger and Prof. Dr. Henk Erik Meier from the Institute of Sports Science.

To the multimedia report "Sport, Politics and Morals" (available only in German)

Dr. Cassandra Kraaijenbrink successfully defends her dissertation

Congratulations to Dr. Cassandra Kraaijenbrink for receiving her joint Ph.D. from the WWU Münster and the University Groningen! It was a pleasure to attend her successful defense titled "Biophysical perspective on submaximal #handcycle propulsion in able-bodied men", which took place on Nov 03, 2022.

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Exciting CeBiS Research Day at IfS

On 2.11.2022 Andre Magner ("Study success of male sports students - theoretical foundations, empirical findings and perspectives for teacher education") and Nadine Albrecht ("Effects of a movement-supporting, psychosocial intervention with boxing-specific elements on the self-concept of adolescent girls") presented their PhD projects at the CeBiS Research Day and discussed them with the participants. We would like to thank all participants for the productive exchange.

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Jörg Verhoeven was elected honorary member

Jörg Verhoeven was appointed honorary member by the "allgemeinen deutschen Hochschulsportverbund" (adh) at the 117th general assembly on October 22, 2022, for his extraordinary commitment to university sports and the adh. Congratulations, Jörg!!

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Movement can enhance learning

On Wednesday, 26.10.2022, the Münster School Sports Talk "Learning and Movement" took place in a hybrid model. Johann Sühling from the Westfälische Nachrichten reported on 28.10.2022:

It's the normal picture of a classroom: Around 30 children sit silently in their seats and look at the teacher, who is at the blackboard - a frontal lesson, precisely. Dr. Karin Eckenbach and Prof. Dr. Michael Pfitzner from the University of Duisburg-Essen discussed whether this is the perfect learning atmosphere on Wednesday at the 22nd Münster School Sports Talk at the Institute for Sports Science. They believe that exercise before, after and even during learning can improve the cognitive abilities of school children. However, this should not be limited to physical education classes, but should also be used in other areas of the school. Eckenbach and Pfitzner use examples to illustrate ways in which exercise can be used outside of physical education. One sticking point remains the question of how much exercise is necessary in everyday life. Even Eckenbach had to admit, "There is no perfect answer yet." But twice a week for at least 15 minutes is a minimum, she said.

Second meeting of the Integra_Lab+ project

On the 18th and 19th of november the second transnational meeting of the Integra_Lab+ project took place in Münster. Together with international partners, members of the Active Ageing Lab discussed the results of the projects Need Analysis and settled the base to start with the development of the E-motion video library to foster seniors physical activity.


PhysAgeNet enters its second year

The COST Action "Evidence-based Physical Activity in old Age" (PhysAgeNet) aims to improve the comparability of research, the tailoring of exercise programmes and the use of technology.
Representatives from 36 European countries approved the financial plan of Chair Michael Brach. The network will thus start its second year this week. IfS members from the departments Movement Science and Neuromotor behavior and exercise are participating.

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Movie of the Roundnettournament 2022

The IfS media lab has now published a video of the IfS Roundnettournament, which took place on Saturday, July 2nd, 2022, with almost 180 participating players. The tournament was organized by the IfS event seminar by Barbara Halberschmidt and the trend sport seminar by Eike Boll. As you can see in the video, the players enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in the best weather.

See what you have developed

Better quality of life through integrated care for people with Parkinson's and dementia -- after more than 2.5 years, the PROCare4Life consortium (14 organisations from 6 EU countries) was able to see for themselves the state of the system -- on site in Madrid instead of by zoom. "It's enormously helpful to actually see and touch what you've developed -- and talk to the users," says Michael Brach, whose team is responsible for daily exercise recommendations and learning materials for PROCare4Life.

© Andrea Bowinkelmann (LSB NRW)

European Conference on Physical Education and School Sport in Europe

What is the situation of physical education and school sport in Europe? How has the Corona  pandemic influenced this? What quality of physical education do we need in Europe? These and other questions were discussed by the international audience on the basis of scientific presentations at a two-day event in October 2022, organized by the Willibald Gebhardt Institute, CEREPS and WWU Münster. Dr. Denni Dreiskämper (sports psychology) held a presentation on the development of children's fitness and physical activity in the Corona pandemic.

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Project: Snow and water sports in oncology

An article about the water sports project has appeared in the section "Münster Menschlich". This project is being carried out by the Institute for Sports Science and the Paediatric Clinic for Haematology and Oncology at the University Hospital. Click here for the article.

In addition, the snow sports project "Körperliche Aktivität im Schnee für Hirntumorpatient*innen und ihre Familie" (Physical activity in the snow for brain tumour patients and their families) has received funding from the Sparkasse Münsterland Ost in the category "Gemeinsam im Münsterland" (Together in Münsterland) for the winter of 2023.

Both projects are supervised by sports students from the IfS and prepared as part of the seminar "Sport in Oncology".

© Katharina Ludwig

NFI Writing Workshop

At the beginning of October, 16 PhD students of the IfS participated in a three-day writing workshop of the Young Researchers Initiative. The writing workshop gave the junior researchers the opportunity to work on their dissertations in a focused way as well as to network with PhD students from the other departments. In addition, Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper gave a lecture on the topic of "Open Science" followed by an opportunity for exchange. Overall, the writing workshop under the guidance of Birte Brinkmöller, Robert Stojan and Katharina Ludwig was perceived as beneficial and will be repeated in spring next year.


900 citations for COVID-19 study by the Active Ageing Lab.

A bibliometric analysis of studies on COVID-19 and physical activity identifies Achraf, Brach, Trabelsi et al, 2020 as the most cited (meanwhile over 900 depending on the source). The paper also received a publication award. From Münster, Mona Ahmed, Ellen Bentlage, Michael Brach and Daniella How were involved.

The original study can be read here.
And the bibliometric analysis here.

© Prof. Dr. Bernd Strauß

Dennis Dreiskämper successful in "Hochschulmanagement"

Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper successfully completed the WWU scholarship "Hochschulmanagement" on 20.10.22 after two years. The participants of the two-year advanced training from all departments of the university trained in central university management tasks.
We congratulate him very warmly!

© GOLD-Projekt

Last meeting of the GOLD-project

From the 27th to the 28th of September the last on side meeting in the framework of the GOLD project (Good Practices for Old People) took place. The partners from Greece, Bulgaria and France visited the Institute of Sport Sciences. The current status of the project and the further procedure were discussed.

© Györgyi Koppa

Further intensification of the cooperation with the Budapest Sports University

At the end of the summer semester 2022, Axel Binnenbruck visited the Hungarian University of Sport Science in Budapest for the second time to deepen the cooperation established in the previous year. In addition to discussions about common intersections in research and teaching, which also enables a student exchange, primarily the topics of handball and the trend game Qatch were worked on with the Pro-Rector Dr. Csaba Ökrös.

© LSB (Andrea Bowinkelmann)

More exercise in schools and sports club

The Corona pandemic has made it clear how important exercise, play and sports activities are for children and young people to grow up healthy. As spokesman for the NRW Research Association for Children's and Youth Sports, Professor Nils Neuber is therefore currently on the road a lot. For example, he spoke at the quality circle "Offener Ganztag" of the city of Krefeld, at the discussion event "Out of the starting blocks" with the SSB Münster, at the symposium "Learning requires movement" of the Ostfriesische Landschaft in Emden as well as at a conference of the association "Movement and Social Work" in Marburg.

© Constantin Franz (Medienlabor IfS)

Head to Head Race at DSLV - Sponsorship Award for Study Projects

For the first time at the IfS the DSLV award for study projects in the practical semester was presented. An exciting speed science contest was offered to the 60 people in the audience and challenged the jury from the learning locations school, university, ZfL and ZfsL tremendously. First place was won by Hannes John, closely followed by Elias Grosse (2nd place) and Ronja Haase (3rd place). Martin Schrömges and Antonia Elke tied for 4th place. Daniel Paterok provided the musical accompaniment to the ceremony. The keynote speech was given by Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber. The goal of the award was to highlight study projects from the practical semester.

© Marion Golenia

Münster School Sport Talk

On Wednesday, 26.10.2022, the Münster School Sports Talk "Learning and Movement" will take place from 6-8 p. m. at Ho101. The lecture by Dr. Karin Eckenbach and Prof. Dr. Michael Pfitzner will provide insights into scientific findings in the field of "Learning and Movement", discuss transfer possibilities and  practically test examples of a movement-based learning support on the basis of reflections on a moving school culture. The event will be held in a hybrid model followed by a lounge discussion. Registration takes place via the QR-Code. All interested parties are invited, we are looking forward to your coming!

© Markus Jürgens

Podium discussion "Out of the starting blocks"

Under the motto " Out of the starting blocks, children's & youth sports  - Now we're getting started!", Julian Lagemann (Sportjugend NRW), Leon Herbstmann (Youth Welfare Committee of the City Council of Münster), Thomas Michel (District Government of Münster) and Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber (Institute of Sports Science Münster/Forschungsverbund Kinder- und Jugendsport NRW) discussed the value added by exercise, play and sports in children and adolescents, as well as success factors, obstacles and special requirements as a result of the current framework conditions on September 29, 2022.The moderator of the podium discussion in the auditorium of the castle in Münster was moderated by Oliver Harbring. The event was organized by the Stadtsportbund Münster, the Institut for Sports Science at the WWU Münster and the Research Association for Children and Youth Sports NRW.


Open internship position

Our long-standing cooperative partners at Roessingh Research & Development (RRD) are searching for an intern beginning as soon as possible. This internship can be done within the scientific study programs, but can also be done voluntarily. BSc and MSc theses are also possible to emerge from the project.

Find more information here.
If you are interested, please contact Rosemary Dubbeldam.

© LSB (Andrea Bowinkelmann)

Panel discussion "Out of the starting blocks" on September 29, 2022

Together with the Stadtsportbund Münster and the Forschungsverbund Kinder- und Jugendsport NRW, the Institute of Sports Science is organizing a panel discussion on the potentials and possibilities of children's and youth sports in schools and clubs for the time "after" Corona. The talk event will take place on Thursday, September 29, 2022, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the auditorium of the castle.
For more information and the link to register, click here.

© Andrea Bowinkelmann

Nils Neuber receives NRW State Prize for Sports Science

From the hand of the President of the State Parliament, André Kuper, and the State Secretary for Sport and Volunteer Work, Andrea Milz, Professor Nils Neuber has received the State Prize "Sports Science North Rhine-Westphalia 2022" in the category "Social, Educational and Cultural Sciences". The prize is awarded every four years by a jury for outstanding achievements in sports science. The award ceremony took place in the state parliament in Düsseldorf. The laudatory speech was given by Professor Maike Tietjens. 

© © Münsterland e.V./Anja Tiwisina

Start-up Predimo wins Münsterland Innovation Award

At this year’s Münsterland Innovation Award Ceremony, Predimo GmbH was named winner in the category Start-up. During a festive ceremony for around 300 guests, Predimo’s CEO Dirk Bendig and CTO Prof. Heiko Wagner received the award from Frank Knura, board representative of Sparkasse Münsterland Ost. 
Predimo, a start up founded on the work at the Department of Movement Science and supported by the WWU, has won the award for “ComputerMyoGrafie”, a process that analyses loads in joints during movement and which brings a new level of analysis to sports, ergonomics, and medicine. 


Fake and truth

As part of the exhibition "Fake - the whole truth" at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, Dr Kai Reinhart discussed the film "This aint't California" (19.8.2022) with film producer Ronald Vietz. The story about skateboarding in the GDR - based on Reinhart's dissertation (2010) - had been presented to the public as a documentary, but mainly consists of re-shot scenes with actors.

Charlotte le Mouel leaves the institute

Post-doc Dr. Charlotte le Mouel, who worked in the Department of Movement Science since September 2020, has accepted a new position as a researcher at the CNRS (Paris, France). She will continue her work on handwalking in the context of motor learning and balance control. Congratulations to the new position and thanks for the great time!

© Deutsche Schulsportstiftung

Prospects for school sports development

Development opportunities for school sports were discussed at a two-day expert workshop held by the German School Sports Foundation in Berlin. In addition to digitization and inclusion, these included all-day school development, the support of social talents, as well as questions of educational equity and participation. Professor Nils Neuber represented the Institute for Sports Science at the WWU and the Research Association for Children's and Youth Sports in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Kognition und Motorik
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Publication cognition and motor skills

A new comprehensive compendium by Jun.-Prof. Stefanie Klatt (DSHS Cologne) and Prof. Bernd Strauß (IfS) with 21 chapters by the leading German-speaking scientists in an edited work on the sport psychological basics and applications on the interaction of cognition and motor skills has just been published by Hogrefe Verlag.

Bernd Strauß appointed to the MC of FEPSAC
© Peter Lessmann WWU

Bernd Strauß appointed to the MC of FEPSAC

At the 16th Congress of European Sports Psychology, FEPSAC, Bernd Strauß was appointed to the Managing Council for four years. As Vice President, he will represent the Research and Communication department. Good luck for your tenure!

© Michael Krüger

Prof. Dr. Hans Langenfels turned 90

Prof. Dr. Hans Langenfeld, first professor of physical education in Münster from 1974 to 1997, celebrated his 90th birthday on 4 July. The Department of Sport Education & Sport History congratulates him! On his 80th birthday, Michael Krüger and Josef Ulfkotte published a commemorative publication in his honour. The dvs dedicated a more detailed tribute to him at their website.

© Antonia Elke

University Rowing Championship

Success for Münster sports student Antonia Elke (third from left) at the Aasee regatta in Münster last weekend (1-3.7.2022). Together with her partner Katharina Börms, she won the adh university championship in the double sculls. With a time of 3:42.38 for the 1,000 metres, they beat the 12 competing boats and qualified for the European University Championships next year.

© Zentrum deutsche Sportgeschichte/Bestand Fräsdorf

Film about the German-German Olympic Team in Tokyo (1964)

On Thursday, 7.7.2022, 12-14 h, Campus Gym/Room 5, sports historian Dr René Wiese from the Centre for German Sports History (ZDS) and filmmaker Thomas Grimm will present their documentary film "The Cold Rings".
All interested parties are cordially invited. Please register via Dr. Kai Reinhart.

Spikeballtournament IfS 2022Spikeballtournament IfS 2022
© IfS Eventseminar

Spikeballtournament IfS 2022

On Saturday, July 2nd, 2022, the IfS spikeball tournament took place at the IfS with almost 180 participating players. The tournament was organized by the IfS event seminar by Barbara Halberschmidt and the trend sport seminar by Eike Boll. In the best weather, the players enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Numerous sponsors had supported the tournament, so that attractive prizes could be awarded.

Aptitude test and sommer party 2022Aptitude test and sommer party 2022
© Medienlabor IfS Constantin Franz

Aptitude test and sommer party 2022

Last Wednesday, June 29, the first aptitude test took place after a two-year break due to the pandemic. After the aptitude test, the lecturers played their traditional football game against the student association. The day ended with the summer party.


Grant Holder Manager workshop of the COST-Academy

Last week, Ellen Bentlage took part in the COST Academy's workshop for Grant Holder Managers in Brussels. The aim was to exchange experiences. The COST Academy supports the management of the Action Network. Prof. Dr. Michael Brach, head of the Active Ageing Lab from the Department of Movement Science, is the chair of the COST project "Network on Evidence-Based Physical Activity in Old Age“ (PhysAgeNet CA20104). More information can be found here.

Ralf Lanwehr
© Ralf Lanwehr

Ralf LAnwehr visited MA Seminar

Ralf Lanwehr, FH professor, adviser to the DFB, expert and adviser for leadership, culture & change with a pinch of people analytics visited the MA seminar "Sport and Exercise Psychology in School" and gave a rousing, interactive lecture on charisma and leadership. The students were enthusiastic and asked and discussed questions with great interest. Thanks for the great visit!!

© neumotrain

54th asp conference successfully concluded

The 54th annual meeting of the asp took place from 16-18.06.2022 after 2 digital years again in presence in the Fürstenberghaus in Münster. Under the motto "One brain, lots of movement - variability and plasticity across the lifespan" 350 participants discussed in 25 working groups and 13 practical workshops within a diverse program. In addition to 3 keynote lectures by Prof. Dagmar Sternad on "Variability in Exploring, Learning and Forgetting", Prof. Caterina Pesce on "Dealing with Complexity and Variability in Research" and Prof. Karen Li on "Cognitive and Physical Training Approaches to Improve Cognitive-Motor Multitasking in Older Adults", Prof. Ulrike Ungerer-Röhrich gave a talk on "Movement Coaches in Daycare Centers".

© Daphné Bolz

Professorship for Daphné Bolz

Dr. Daphné Bolz, who has been an EU scholarship holder at the Department of Sport Education & Sport History since September 2020, has been appointed as a university professor at the University of Rouen (France/Normandy). She will take up the professorship on 1 September 2022 and continue the joint projects with the AB Sport Pedagogy & Sport History on the development of physical education and sport in Europe. Congratulations on this professorship!

© Kai Reinhart

Inline hockey tournament

Last weekend (24.6.2022), the first joint inline hockey tournament took place in cooperation between the IfS and Münster Mottek. Students from various inline skating seminars run by Dr. Kai Reinhart and players from the open IfS inline hockey group met up with active players from the Münster Mottek inline skater hockey club. Dennis Schwabe, coach at Münster Mottek, enthused: "This should take place every semester". A second edition is planned for the winter semester.

Aptitude test 2022
© Fachschaft Sport

Aptitute test 2022

Next Wednesday, June 29, 2022, around 400 applicants for the Sport Science degree will be tested for their suitability. Filming for the new image film sports science will be carried out parallel to the aptitude test.

© Mattis Timnik (Medienlabor IfS)

Focus on knowledge transfer in sports education

The 35th annual conference of the dvs section of sports pedagogy from June 16-18 in Münster was held under the heading "Knowledge Transfer - a Central Topic in Sports Pedagogy". The diverse program offered the approximately 300 conference participants various formats around the conference theme, including three keynote lectures, four dialogue forums, an educational policy evening, a sports science forum together with the asp conference, and a total of 76 lectures and 29 posters. As a venue, the SportCampus Münster offered numerous opportunities for the long-missed professional and personal exchange.

© Nora Hansel

World Champion at the IfS

World champion and multiple European champion in para-triathlon Nora Hansel visits the Institute of Sport Science (IfS) as part of the seminar "Sport in Oncology". Thematically, Nora Hansel will deal with the topic of "Oncology and Competitive Sports" and outline her path to competitive sports. The seminar will take place on Wednesday, 22 June, from 10 am to 12 pm. Interested parties are cordially invited. Registrations can be made at
In the afternoon, Nora Hansel will join the seminar participants at the starting line of the Leonardo Campus Run.

© Axel Binnenbruck

Dr. Csaba Ökrös will visit the IfS from 17-24.6.2022

Dr. Csaba Ökrös, sports lecturer and handball researcher at the Hungarian University of Physical Education - Testnevelési Egyetem (HUPE), will visit the Institute of Sport Sciences at WWU from 17-24.6.2022 June 2022 as part of an ERASMUS trip. His visit is the first exchange visit on the foundation of an Erasmus cooperation agreement initiated by Axel Binnenbruck, which, in addition to possible collaborative research projects, above all enables students to spend an exchange semester abroad. During the week, in addition to visits to courses, lectures and laboratory visits, talks will be held with the institute's management and with those responsible for the English-language science programs.

© Andrea Bowinkelmann

Two major sports conferences at WWU

Joint "Forum Sportwissenschaft" is open to the public

Two major sports science conferences, one common concern: From June 16 to 18, the conferences of the German Association for Sports Science (dvs) in the section of sports pedagogy as well as the German Society for Sport Psychology (asp) will take place. At the "Forum Sportwissenschaft" on June 17, the paths will cross: Starting at 8:30 a.m. in the Fürstenberghaus, interdisciplinary discussions will take place on the topic "Education needs movement - motor activity promotes attention and learning of children and adolescents". International experts, practitioners and science policy makers will exchange experiences, debate research content and approaches for the future. Interested parties can follow the discussions on site or via stream.

© Emil Richelmann (Medienlabor IfS)

Inline skating with students

As part of Dr. Kai Reinhart's mediation-related practice immersion (VP), two roller-skating days took place in Whitsun week with fourth-graders taught by sports teacher Mirka Pauck from Sprakel primary school. In the BSH and the Leo Hall, riding techniques were practised and an inline diploma awarded, roller figure skating choreos were presented and hockey was played. Another highlight - at least for the children - was the joint visit to the Da Vinci Mensa.

Observation in Sport Sciences
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Observation in Sport Sciences

The book by Edda van Meurs, Bernd Strauss (both Dept. of Sport and Exercise Psychology), Vera Vergeld (formerly Dept. of Sport and Exercise Psychology) and Volker Gehrau (Professor of Communication Sciences at the WWU) in UTB Verlag has just been published.

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Lecture by Prof. Dr. Tim Bindel at the WWU

As part of the junior researchers' conferences of the dvs section of sports pedagogy and the working group for sports psychology, a joint lecture by Prof. Dr. Tim Bindel (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz) will take place on Wednesday, the 15th of June 2022, at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium F1 (Fürstenberghaus, Domplatz 20-22). Under the title "Explain it to me like I am twelve - Dissertations are everybody's business" he will talk about modern science communication. The lecture is open to the public and we warmly invite all interested parties to attend!

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All-day education in Bavaria

The legal Entitlement to an all-day place in elementary school as from 2026 was the occasion for an expert hearing regarding all-day education in the Bavarian State Parliament. At the invitation of the Education and Social Affairs Committees, quality criteria, cooperation models and staff qualifications were discussed. Prof. Nils Neuber emphasized, among other things, the significance of movement, play and sport for a healthy adolescence of children and expressed his support for cooperation with Bavarian sports clubs on an equal footing. A more detailed report on the hearing about all-day education can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Parliament.

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Briefing about the practical semester in physical education - start of the practical part 02/2023

On 22.06.22 (Wed.) from 13.00 - 14.00 o'clock per ZOOM there will be a briefing on the practical semester in the subject Sport for all students who start in the winter semester 2022/23 with the preparation for the practical semester and complete the school practical part from February 2023. Important content-related and organizational information about the practical semester in sports will be presented. The zoom link to the event will be sent by e-mail.


Expert discussion at the University of Paderborn

In the context of an expert discussion at the University of Paderborn on 20.05.22 Renate Nocon-Stoffers gave a lecture on the topic of theory-practice relation in the practical semester of sports at the WWU. The event was organized by the AG Praxissemester des Deutschen Sportlehrerverbandes NRW, in which the eight institutes forming sports teachers in NRW are represented. After an impulse lecture by the school researcher Prof. Dr. Gröschner, representatives of the locations presented their concepts of theory-practice relation in the context of research-based learning in the practical semester, which were discussed controversially right after the lecture.


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Contribution at international Congress for Physically Active Learning

Jennifer Liersch (University of Duisburg-Essen), Katharina Ludwig (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) and Lena Radünz (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) presented their PhD projects in a short presentation at the International Congress for Physically Active Learning in Zwolle (NL). The subject of the presentations was, in addition to the presentation of the empirical projects, in particular the presentation of the various ideas of movement-based interventions for the classroom.

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Practice brochure "Get out of the Offside!"

After intensive preparation, the Network for the Advancement of Boys in Sport has published a brochure which, in addition to theoretical and empirical basics, also contains ideas for the practical implementation of boys' development in the context of exercise movement, play and sport. The brochure can be downloaded free of charge here.


Yoonkyu Song at the IfS

Yoonkyu Song from the national university of Seoul will spend three years as a doctoral student and scholarship holder of the South Korean Ministry of Science at the Department of Sport Education & Sport History. German-German sports relations during the Cold War and the unification process after the fall of communism in 1989/90 are considered a model for Korean sports policy and cooperation in the field of sports with North Korea.

Dennis Dreiskämper
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Dennis Dreiskämper on the consequences of the Corona Pandemic

Trotz unterschiedlicher Coronaprognosen für den Herbst wirft aktuell ein weitgehend einschränkungsfreier Sommer seine Schatten voraus. Viele Wissenschaftler*innen beschäftigen sich indes weiter mit den Folgen der Pandemie. Sportpsychologe Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper hat die Auswirkungen auf Bewegung und Fitness von Kindern und Jugendlichen untersucht. Im Interview mit Hanna Dieckmann berichtet er, welche Kinder besonders betroffen sind und welche Ergebnisse ihn überrascht haben. Hier geht es zum Interview auf der Webseite der WWU

Girls day 2022Girls day 2022
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Girls day 2022

Great interest in Girls Day 2022 “Girls On The Move”
On April 28, 30 participants aged 11-16 came from all over Germany to take part in the digital Girls Day of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Münster. With great interest, the girls learned more about the scientifically-oriented research in sports science in the fields of neuromotorics & training, movement science and sport and exercise psychology, which is represented at the institute.

Team-ga2f1d2cc8 1920Team-ga2f1d2cc8 1920
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INTEGRA_LAB: First meeting in presence in Madrid

From 3rd to 5th of April, team members of the Active Ageing Labs (Apartments of Movement Science) met transnational Partners from France, Poland, Spain and Italy in Madrid, to push forward the Erasmus+ project Integralab+. Integralab+ encourages the emotional self-care of elderly adults through their acquisition of digital skills and creativity (directed by Michael Brach). In this project, the WWU team will focus on creating a target-group adapted video library to foster physical activity.

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Guest lecture by PD Dr. Sven Güldenpfennig

The renowned sports scientist and peace researcher in the field of sport, PD. Dr. Seven Güldenpfennig, will give a guest lecture on the topic of "Olympia is important, but not a peace power" on 2 May from 4-6 p.m. as part of the Sports History Colloquium of the Sports Education & Sports History Department at IfS Münster. The event will take place in seminar room 101 of the seminar building Horstmarer Landweg 52. In addition, it will be possible to participate in the event via zoom. Pre-registration is not required.

Maike Tietjens
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Maike Tietjens is Vice-rector of the WWU again

Prof. Maike Tietjens will serve as Vice-Rector for a second term in the newly named Vice-Rectorate for Academic Career Development and Diversity. Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts and we wish you a successful term of office!

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Digital writing workshop

From 2nd to 4th March, PhD students from all departments were invited to take part in a digital writing workshop. This was organized by the junior scientists support initiative (NFI) as part of the commission for junior scientists (KFWN) and was intended to give the junior scientists the opportunity to take time together to write and work on their dissertations in a focused manner.


Arto LaukkanenArto Laukkanen
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Arto Laukkanen at the IfS

Arto Laukkanen, PhD, adjunct professor, is working as senior lecturer in Sport Pedagogy at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences in University of Jyväskylä, Finland. His research aims at providing understanding of the developmental mechanisms leading to physically active lifestyles early in life and later on. At the moment, Laukkanen is leading a geographically representative longitudinal study of families with children (Skills, support and physical activity - Taiturit) and is supervising three PhD students involved in this study. His stay from April 25-29, 2022, is sponsored by the WWU Internationalization Fund.


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Easter discount sport learning

Easter discount offer from sport lernen! Until 29.04.2022, a 10% discount can be secured for various training courses. The offer is addressed to teachers of all subjects, pedagogical specialists, trainee teachers and all interested parties. Further information can be found in the flyer.

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Teaching Award for Kathrin Kohake

Shortly before joining the Institute of Sports Science at the WWU, Dr. Kathrin Kohake received the prestigious teaching award of the city of Hamburg. The prize comes with an endowment of 10,000 euros. The prize was officially handed over to her by Hamburg's Senator for Science, Katharina Fegebank, at a ceremony. Congratulations!

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Department of Neuromotor behavior and exercise gets “collaboration grant”

The Collaboration Grants are each worth 80,000 euros and they run for twelve months. The Universities of Münster and Twente share the funding equally. Financial support goes for example to workshops for setting up new consortia or networking events with industrial partners and companies. Over and above this, the money can be used for purchasing new equipment and research instruments.

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Sport and Hygiene in Interwar Europe

Our EU scholarship holder PD Dr. Daphné Bolz will give a lecture on "Reconstruction of the Body: Sport and Hygiene in Interwar Europe" next Wednesday, 9th March 2022, 7-8 p.m. as part of a webinar lecture series of the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at the University of Leicester/UK. The lecture series is internationally oriented, registration is possible via the following link:

Link to registration

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Documentation of the expert discussion "Generation 'Workout' - Children's and Youth Sports in Transition"

In October 2021, the Institute for Sports Science at the WWU Münster hosted the 3rd Expert Discussion of the Research Network for Children and Youth Sports NRW together with the expert hearing of the dsj-research association on the topic of "Generation 'Workout' - Children and Youth Sports in Transition". Now the documentation of the event has been published, which contains essential topics and ideas of the conference.

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Mini Qatch Tournament

The Institute for Sports Science at the University of Münster successfully hosted a mini-Qatch tournament with four teams on February 20, 2022 as part of a third handball trend game event for future sports teachers. For the first time, the trend game event dealt intensively and exclusively with the handball trend game "Qatch" over two days, focusing not only on the history of the game, but also on methodology as well as training and game forms leading up to the tournament.

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Certificate course "Individual support through learning & movement, play & sport"

The new certificate course (ZL) at sport-lernen combines topics from the ZL "More movement in elementary schools" with those from the ZL "Learning and movement". For children and adolescents, movement is a basic need. Children of all ages have increasing difficulties in following school rules, sitting still for longer periods of time, or controlling impulses. The positive effects of movement in terms of cognitive performance and executive functions have already been empirically proven by several studies. Unfortunately, these results are rarely put into practice.

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Wintersports week in Salzburg

As part of an EU-funded cooperation between the Institute of Sport Science and the University of Education in Salzburg, our staff member Eike Boll led the course "Winter sports week with heterogeneous learning groups" with colleagues from Salzburg. This cooperation has resulted in an Erasmus agreement between the two institutes. Students of the Institute of Sport Science can now apply for an Erasmus stay in Salzburg.

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Finger Tapping as a Biomarker to Classify Cognitive Status in 80+-Year-Olds

Within the framework of the SENDA study, which deals with the detection of cognitive impairment and dementia in people over 80 years of age, it was investigated whether the cognitive status of the participants can be determined on the basis of a simple motor task (finger tapping). The results show that the groups of participants differ significantly in selected movement parameters.

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New publication about the "History and Future of School Sport in Teaching and Practice"

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Limpert-Verlag, the oldest publisher of sports education and sports science books in Germany, Michael Krüger (Münster) and Stefan König (PH Weingarten) have published a volume on the history and future of school sports. It contains selected original contributions by prominent authors in the field of physical education on important historical periods of development as well as current and future tasks and perspectives of the subject.

The Limpert-Verlag publishes the journal SportPraxis, one of the most widely distributed journals for the teaching and practice of sport in schools and classrooms, in whose A4 format the volume is designed.