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Prüfungsshow of the Institute of sport and exercise sciences

The Prüfungsshow was created to reward and honor the long work of the students. The show presents students from various courses whose exams (mostly choreographies) were rated very good or whose exams are so unusual, creative and special that they should be shown to a larger audience. Not only exam results are presented, but also great content from the courses and special talents of students, which was discovered during the training in the courses and which would otherwise remain hidden from outsiders. In this way, the long work that the students put into their works is once again particularly appreciated. Of course, participation in the show is voluntary!

A highlight of every show is the exam that takes place during that show. Groups from the acrobatics and african dance courses show their group choreography for the first time and receive their grade for it.

The sports event management seminar prepares the processes behind the scenes for a semester and strives to offer the active as well as the spectators a great, spectacular, varied show with a successful supporting program.

The show is moderated and organized by Sarah Riedel and Barbara Halberschmidt.