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On the following pages you can find information about the student association, studying sport and exercise sciences and the research at our institute, contact persons, events and some uselful information.

  • The student representatives

    Who we are:
    The term student representatives actually includes all students in every study program. However, usually only a small group of  students is voluntarily active. The student representatives represent the interests of students at the institute of sport and exercise sciences and also try to critically examine the content offered at the institute and in sports science. In addition, (party/fun) life is not neglected: IFL parties, get-to-know-each-other trips (Westerstede) and student council evenings ensure the necessary fun.

    What we do:
    The activities of the student representatives are discussed and coordinated at the weekly student council meetings. The student council meetings are open to all students; every student has a right to say his opinion on the upcoming decisions.
    A central point of the student council work is the study situation at our institute. In addition to working in the official committees, the student council tries to address grievances at the institute and make suggestions for improvement and is also involved in campus development.

    Our meetings take place every Monday at 8 p.m. Everyone is welcome here!

    Where we are:
    The student council is located directly next to the sports field 1 on the Horstmarer Landweg.
    The student council room is occupied either during the attendance times on the homepage or, with a little luck, in between. Just have a look!

    Link to our website

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  • Contact

    The following persons will try to help you in case of emergency, problems or just with some useful information

  • Study

    In addition to research at the Institute of sport and exercise sciences, teaching is fundamental. You can get all information about your study program on the following pages: Link to STUDIES.

    On the pages you will find information about contact persons, on the application to the study programs, on study procedures and courses offered at the institute, on exams and study assignments, all necessary forms, documents and deadlines! Usually you will find all the information you need to study successfully.

    After finishing your studies successfully, we are hapyy to keep the contact via our Alumni - Team.

  • Research

    The field of sports and exercise sciences is one of a kind, viewing the common topic of sports from various scientific perspectives. Social sciences, behavioral sciences and natural sciences practice different, specific methods of data acquisition and offer a wide variety of varying aspects regarding the phenomenon of sports. on the following pages you can find information about our RESEARCH

  • Events

    From Girls Day in March, to the graduation ceremony in the castle, the summer party with the traditional game of lecturers against the student representatives, the university day, the Prüfungs-Show, the IfL Party and the alumni day - many events contribute to the special atmosphere at our institute. Meetings and congresses are also organized. You can find information on this at this link EVENTS