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Prospective Students

If you would like to study sport sciences, you will find some information on sport aptitude, applications, study programs and courses, contact persons, life on the sport campus, degrees and much more on this page! If you have any questions, contact us! We look forward to you!

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The Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the WWU Münster offers different study programs (BA or MA). We are offering a study program that is characterized by a close interlinking of theory and practice in sports science (physical education) or a research orientation (international science programs).

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Study Program

At the Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences you can study sports science for a teaching degree (Elementary school, comprehensive, secondary school, grammar school and vocational college) or within the Science Study Programm with a strong research focus.

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Campus life

Central contact points for prospective students are the student association (Fachschaft), the Sport Service Center and central persons such as the study program coordinators and the academic advisor. Many events take place on campus, such as the graduation ceremony, the PrüungsShow, the summer party, the aptitude test and much more.

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The study programm (both the teaching and science study program) is divided into a BA degree and, based on this, a MA degree. New applications must be made for both courses.

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Various facilities such as the OpenLab, the MediaLab, the learning studio, the library and much more should support the studies.

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The study programms ends with a Master of Education or a Master of Science. The graduates of the teacher training courses usually complete their legal traineeship at school after completing their studies. A variety of occupations in research, sports science, clubs and associations, offices and other institutions are open to graduates of the science courses.

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Further Information

Further information on application, deadlines, processes, the WWU etc. can be found on the central website of the WWU or on the website of our institute of sport and exercise sciences, just click on "study". The student representatives will be happy to provide information in person or via their social media channels.