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On these pages, the central facilities are presented that are of particular importance in research and teaching and for the institute itself. There is information on the OpenLab, the library, the center for educational research, the learning studio, the MediaLab,  psychomotoric activities room, the service center, learning about sports - knowledge transfer and the central administration of the institute of sport and exercise sciences.

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The OpenLab at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences offers numerous possibilites for the scientific research of both athletic as well as everyday movements in an interdisciplinary context.

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Currently covering about 45.000 media items, current journals, access to e-books and -journals as well as audiovisual media. The library of Sport and Exercise Sciences offers a broad spectrum of information and services. 

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Center for Educational Research

The research association promotes research projects and cooperations regarding educational research in sports as well as the transfer of knowledge in line with the academic professional development and the quality development in the advanced training sector.

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Media Lab

It is the aim of the Media Lab to advise and assist both students as well as lecturers of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences in the handling of "new" media.

Psychomotoric activities room
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Psychomotoric activities room

The psychomotor room offers a wide range of opportunities for climbing, jumping, balancing and swinging and enables basic individual and different movement and sensory experiences for both children and students to try out and experience themselves. In addition, selected small materials are available to promote sensory development. The room can also be used for diagnostic purposes.


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Service Center

The Service Center Sport is the first information and counselling service for sports students of every study program (physical education or science).

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With the initiative Sport-learning the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences of the University of Münster concentrates its activities on advanced teacher training. 

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Administration [de]

The administration as an own organizational unit has the responsibility to ensure a smooth process of research and teaching at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences.