After a planning and renovation phase of just over a year, the Institute of Sport Science's Learning Studio in room Ho 101 opened its doors to teaching in April 2018 in a new splendor. With the start of the summer semester, it offers students and faculty of the Institute of Sport Science state-of-the-art presentation and teaching technology in a completely renovated, learning-friendly ambience that also has clear design references to sports. The concept of the learning studio was developed by Markus Jürgens and Prof. Nils Neuber. Sebastian Grade intensively supervised the renovation together with Department 2.

Equipment of the learning studio:


  • Desk (electrically height-adjustable)
  • Rectangular tables (with castors, 16 x)
  • Rough tables (4 x)
  • Round sitting and standing tables (height adjustable, 4 x)
  • Sofa corner
  • Pin boards (4 x)
  • Presentation trolley
  • Seat cubes (20 x)
  • Chalkboard
  • Whiteboard


  • Projector
  • Smartboard
  • Apple TV (wireless presentation)
  • Kramer Via Go (wireless presentation)
  • Document camera
  • Stereo music system
  • Microphone
© Markus Jürgens


On these pages you will find instructions for the furniture and the installed hardware.