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Knowledge transfer in sports education

In the summer of 2022, the 35th annual conference of the Sport Pedagogy Section of the German Association for Sport Science took place at the Institute of Sport Science in Münster. The event addressed the question of the extent to which knowledge transfer is a central topic in sports education. Based on selected conference contributions, an anthology on this topic has now been published in the “Education and Sport” series by the Center for Educational Research in Sport (CeBiS). In a total of 17 contributions, the authors present the basics, topics and formats of sports education knowledge transfer.

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Movement as a principle of school development

At the invitation of the head of the school department, Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber gave a lecture on the topic of “Learning needs movement - movement as a principle of school development” at the extended conference of the Münster district government. Based on learning theory, the heads of school administration discussed the importance of a moving school culture and the promotion of self-control skills through movement.

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Education needs movement

For the seventh time, the City Sports Association and the School Department of the City of Dortmund organized a symposium on the topic of 'education needs movement'. Around 280 professionals discussed the communal interaction in the educational triangle of daycare centers, schools and sports clubs in numerous workshops. Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber gave the keynote speech on the topic of “Anchoring the joy of movement and sport at an early age”. Nils Kaufmann led a workshop on promoting boys in sport.

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Quality in day-care centers and all-day schooling

At the invitation of the German Sports Youth (dsj) and the DFL Foundation, a two-day symposium on the quality of physical activity, play and sports programs in daycare centers and all-day schools took place in Mannheim. Around 140 participants discussed the content and standards for high-quality physical activity and sports programs for children. Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber gave a presentation on the quality framework for all-day schooling and participation in all-day schooling.

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Foundation of a network on democracy and sport

Around 15 sports scientists met at the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg to establish a Democracy and Sport Network. For two days, the participants discussed previous work in this field and developed perspectives for future activities in research, teaching and transfer. The Institute of Sport Science was represented by Nils Kaufmann and Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber at the kick-off conference.

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Successful disputation by Franziska Duensing-Knop

Franziska Duensing-Knop wrote her dissertation on "Inclusion in physical education teacher training - an explorative study of university didactic concepts to promote an inclusive attitude" as part of the teacher training quality campaign. She has now successfully defended her doctoral thesis. The doctoral committee included Prof. Nils Neuber, Prof. Michael Pfitzner (University of Duisburg-Essen) and Junior Prof. Helga Leineweber. We would like to congratulate Dr. Duensing-Knop on her successful doctorate!

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Organizing all-day education in a multi-professional way

Following an invitation of the Federal Ministry of Education (BMBF) and the Federal Youth Ministry (BMFSFJ), a threeday conference on all-day education took place in Berlin. Experts from politics, administration, science and the practice discussed the challenges of multi-professional collaboration in all-day schools. Prof. Bernhard Kalicki (DJI), Prof. Miriam Kehne (University of Paderborn), Prof. Jessica Süßenbach (University of Lüneburg) and Prof. Nils Neuber (University of Münster) presented perspectives on the development of all-day schools on behalf of sport. Julian Lagemann (German Sports Youth) moderated the workshop.

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Promoting development in school sport - for everyone!

In March, the fourth symposium on "Promoting development in school sport - for everyone!?" was held at the Institute of Sports Science. In three lectures and a total of 12 workshops, around 240 participants discussed questions of mental, social and emotional support in physical education. The conference was organized by the Department of Physical Education and Teaching Research (Prof. Neuber) and the Developmental Diagnostics and Support working group (Prof. Tietjens). Partners included the NRW State Chancellery, the NRW Statutory accident insurance institution, the Münster District Government and the Willlibald Gebhardt Institute.