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State Sport Conference Schleswig-Holstein

At the state sports conference held in the state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein, the regional sports development plan for the state was launched. The concept had previously been agreed by the state, the state sports association and the association of cities. A key element is the promotion of children's and youth sports. Prof. Nils Neuber gave a presentation entitled "No child without sport - promoting physical activity as a task for society as a whole".

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More movement in elementary school

The importance of movement, play and sport for children growing up is undisputed in sports science circles. However, the Permanent Scientific Commission of the KMK has so far not taken up this insight and demands, among other things, an increase in core subject hours. Prof. Nils Neuber and Prof. Klaus Zierer (University of Augsburg) criticize this in a guest article for the F.A.Z. and demand more exercise for elementary school.

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More movement in all-day school

In December, the Research Association for Children's and Youth Sports in North Rhine-Westphalia published a position paper on the topic of "More movement at all-day schools!". The paper was received with great interest by both associations and ministries as well as in the press. An interview with Prof. Nils Neuber has now been published on the BMBF platform Ganztagsschulen.org.

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Lecture on children's and youth sport in Emsland

Following the invitation of the District Sport Federation of Emsland, Prof. Nils Neuber gave a lecture on the subject of children's and youth sport after Corona at the sports school in Sögel during the conference "Strong children through sport!". In the following discussion it became clear that movement, play and sport were missing in many areas of young people's lives. The project seminar "Perceiving the body, developing movement skills" also takes place at the sports school in Sögel.

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Children's and youth sports at the movement summit

The German government's first Physical Activity Summit on December 13 in Berlin is intended to send a signal of change for sports development in Germany. To this end, a sports development plan will be drawn up in which the federal government, the states and municipalities, as well as civil society and the state, science and practice will work together. At the invitation of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Prof. Nils Neuber gave a keynote speech on the challenges and prospects of children's and youth sports at the kick-off event.

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Qualitative research in sports pedagogy

In the series "Education and Sport" of the Center for Educational Research in Sports (CeBiS), the volume "Qualitative Research in Sports Education - Contributions to a Reflexive Methodology" has now been published. The volume was published by Benjamin Zander, Daniel Rode, Daniel Schiller and Dennis Wolff and illustrates the current spectrum of qualitative research in sport pedagogy in 20 contributions written by about 40 authors.

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More exercise in schools and sports club

The Corona pandemic has made it clear how important exercise, play and sports activities are for children and young people to grow up healthy. As spokesman for the NRW Research Association for Children's and Youth Sports, Professor Nils Neuber is therefore currently on the road a lot. For example, he spoke at the quality circle "Offener Ganztag" of the city of Krefeld, at the discussion event "Out of the starting blocks" with the SSB Münster, at the symposium "Learning requires movement" of the Ostfriesische Landschaft in Emden as well as at a conference of the association "Movement and Social Work" in Marburg.

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Nils Neuber receives NRW State Prize for Sports Science

From the hand of the President of the State Parliament, André Kuper, and the State Secretary for Sport and Volunteer Work, Andrea Milz, Professor Nils Neuber has received the State Prize "Sports Science North Rhine-Westphalia 2022" in the category "Social, Educational and Cultural Sciences". The prize is awarded every four years by a jury for outstanding achievements in sports science. The award ceremony took place in the state parliament in Düsseldorf. The laudatory speech was given by Professor Maike Tietjens.