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Nils Neuber receives NRW State Prize for Sports Science

From the hand of the President of the State Parliament, André Kuper, and the State Secretary for Sport and Volunteer Work, Andrea Milz, Professor Nils Neuber has received the State Prize "Sports Science North Rhine-Westphalia 2022" in the category "Social, Educational and Cultural Sciences". The prize is awarded every four years by a jury for outstanding achievements in sports science. The award ceremony took place in the state parliament in Düsseldorf. The laudatory speech was given by Professor Maike Tietjens. 

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Focus on knowledge transfer in sports education

The 35th annual conference of the dvs section of sports pedagogy from June 16-18 in Münster was held under the heading "Knowledge Transfer - a Central Topic in Sports Pedagogy". The diverse program offered the approximately 300 conference participants various formats around the conference theme, including three keynote lectures, four dialogue forums, an educational policy evening, a sports science forum together with the asp conference, and a total of 76 lectures and 29 posters. As a venue, the SportCampus Münster offered numerous opportunities for the long-missed professional and personal exchange.

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All-day education in Bavaria

The legal Entitlement to an all-day place in elementary school as from 2026 was the occasion for an expert hearing regarding all-day education in the Bavarian State Parliament. At the invitation of the Education and Social Affairs Committees, quality criteria, cooperation models and staff qualifications were discussed. Prof. Nils Neuber emphasized, among other things, the significance of movement, play and sport for a healthy adolescence of children and expressed his support for cooperation with Bavarian sports clubs on an equal footing. A more detailed report on the hearing about all-day education can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Parliament.


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Certificate course "Individual support through learning & movement, play & sport"

The new certificate course (ZL) at sport-lernen combines topics from the ZL "More movement in elementary schools" with those from the ZL "Learning and movement". For children and adolescents, movement is a basic need. Children of all ages have increasing difficulties in following school rules, sitting still for longer periods of time, or controlling impulses. The positive effects of movement in terms of cognitive performance and executive functions have already been empirically proven by several studies. Unfortunately, these results are rarely put into practice.

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Review of the research on children and youth sports

The volume "Kinder- und Jugendsportforschung in Deutschland - Bilanz und Perspektive" (Children's and Youth Sports Research in Germany - Review and Perspectives) has been published in the series "Bildung und Sport" (Education and Sport) of the Center for Educational Research in Sport (CeBiS). The volume was edited by Prof. Nils Neuber and includes 19 research and transfer contributions on current topics such as participation, integration, prevention, inclusion, intercultural learning or informal learning in childhood and adolescence. The IfS is represented in the volume with a total of ten authors.

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Networking of children's and youth sports

At its 45th meeting in November, the Conference of Ministers of Sport decided to set up a working group with representatives from the education, health, sports and science systems to improve the networking of children's and youth sports in Germany. The occasion is the publication of the 4th German Children's and Youth Sports Report. The main topics are the effects of the Corona pandemic and the legal demand for an all-day place. Prof. Dr. Nils Neuber was also appointed to the working group as he´s the spokesperson for the NRW Research Association for Children's and Youth Sports.

211209 Expertenpools Der Dsj211209 Expertenpools Der Dsj
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Expert Pools of the German Sports Youth

The board of the German Sports Youth has appointed Prof. Nils Neuber to its expert pools "Pedagogical Quality in Child and Youth Sports" and "dsj Research Network" for another four years. In addition, Nele Welling from the AB Bildung und Unterricht im Sport was appointed to the dsj research network as a "member under 27".The two working and advisory committees focus on quality development in children's and youth sports in Germany. The Research Network also publishes the journal forum Child and Youth Sport - journal for research, transfer and practical dialogue.

211209 Flvw B Lizenz211209 Flvw B Lizenz
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Coach B license competitive soccer 2022

The Institute for Sports Science at the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster will once again organize in cooperation with the FLVW (Fußball- und Leichtathletik Verband Westfalen e.V.) a course in 2022 for the acquisition of the Soccer Coach B-License. The B-License Soccer is aimed at all interested parties who want to work as a performance-oriented trainer. The scope is a total of 80 learning units basic training and 40 learning units profile (juniors) plus an exam. Further information about the B-License can be found on the website of the FLVW.