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Sports studying in Münster with its B.A. and M.Ed. teacher training courses have a high share in sports practice (individual sports, game sports, different fields of exercise, health sports). Sport and exercise sciences has a similarly high proportion - from sports medicine to sports history. There are also integrative fields between theory and practice.

The Science courses (BA and MA of Science) are characterized by a strong research focus. Students are trained from the natural sciences of sports science to conduct research from a scientific perspective and to present but also question and discuss these research findings.

In addition to a solid academic education and specific qualifications for studies and work, the sports science degree programs convey teamwork and communication skills, but also aspects of physical health, stress and balance.

During 2021, two image films - related to the teacher training study program and to the science study program in Münster - will be posted on these pages, which will be produced with the online team of the WWU and the media laboratory of the Ifs in the spring of the year.

Dates and deadlines

► Start of all seminars and courses in Winter term 2021/22: Monday, 11.10.2021 - 12 pm. Exceptions are listed in the HisLSF.

► The Service Center Sport offers consultation hours (telephone).

You can find the opening hours here.


If you need any information about the Science Study program, please click here.