Dates and Deadlines

Deadlines for registration (QISPOS) and dates for the written module examinations are updated regularly. Due to the corona pandemic, all information can change at short notice. We try to keep you up to date by email as closely as possible.

Examinations winter term 20/21

March 15th until 26th, Leo 17.21*

Summer term 2021

All seminars and lectures will start on April 12th 8am

Examinations summer term 2021 tba*
*Please contact your examiner for more information

If you like to submit any written documents via post (e.g., in order to de-register from an examination), please send the post to Dr. PD Dennis Dreiskämper.

Important: If any problem occur for registration via QISPOS, please immediate contact your contact person in the Prüfungsamt. You find direct access to QISPOS and all important information regarding QISPOS here. Please be aware of the fact, that all registrations for seminars and module examinations (also re-examinations!) are to be made via QISPOS. No other possibilities are available.

In case of personal questions, please do not hesitate to contact the study program coordinator for the science programs, Dr. PD Dennis Dreiskämper (tel. +49 251/83-34893)

  • Application for transfer of study obligations

    In case you have completed study obligations in a different study program or on the job education, you can apply to have these credits transfered towards your degree. 

    Please use the following form for your application.

    Send everything (application and required documents) as a single PDF-file via e-Mail to the responsible chair of the commission, Prof. Dr. Heiko Wagner. Please explain exactly which study obligations (include obligation numbers and module numbers) are applied for to be credited.

  • Application for examination inspection / Cancel examination

    Please find the official application document here. In each semester there will be one official appointment for inspection that will be announced here and via e-mail to those who applied officially for an inspection.

    In order to withdraw an examination registration please print out this document and follow the instructions.


    In case of problems with the registration of study or examination achievements in QISPOS, please contact the study program coordinator Dr. PD Dennis Dreiskämper.

    All study examinations are registered in QISPOS. This requires timely registration in QISPOS (for deadlines, see homepage). Please check regularly that all grades have been booked correctly. If there are problems with booking the credit points or grades, please contact your lecturer.

    Further information on QISPOS (deadlines, hotline number, etc.) can be found at the following link:
    Department 2.3 QISPOS

  •  Compensation for disadvantages

    Students who, due to their disability, chronic illness or the care of one or more children, are unable to complete  their study or examinations have the option of applying for compensation for disadvantages. This can relate to semester-related exams or final exams or the thesis.

    If you would like to apply for disadvantage compensation, you must fill out the form "Form: disadvantage compensation" and hand it in to the Service Center. You can find this here (see tab Other/Sonstiges). In addition, the application from the examination office and the data protection declaration must be submitted. You can find these on the website of the examination office. The application must be submitted no later than 3 weeks after the start of the Qispos reporting period.

    After examining the application, you will receive an invitation to a consultation with the person responsible for compensating disadvantages, Frau Duensing-Knop, the course coordinator Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper and the respective examiner in which a proposal is made to you.
    If you should not see your disadvantage balanced, please contact the Rectorate Officer for the disadvantage compensation.

    A report in Qispos should only be made after the agreement for the compensation for disadvantages has been signed, otherwise the examination and study performance requirements that were valid for all students at the time of the report will apply.

    Please note the following when applying:

    Compensation for disadvantages is to be arranged in such a way that partial performance weaknesses are compensated for and the principle of equal opportunities is complied with as completely as possible. It is not about lower performance requirements, but about a different - but equivalent - design of the performance requirements. The aim is to take individual problems into account appropriately without reducing the professional requirements and individually adapting the performance review, e.g. in terms of time, space, technology or personnel.

  • Registration BA/MA Thesis












    Please find the document for registration here.

    You can find further details on the homepage of the Examination Office (Prüfungsamt).

    You can find information regarding topics and examiners on the website of the departments