Education and Sport

Education is a central topic of individual and social development in the modern times. As a lifetime process, education refers to all areas of human existence - as well as to sports. Movement, Play and Sport rank among the most frequent and popular activities by people of all ages. In sports, one experiences a fulfilled leisure time, and, furthermore, is able to acquire a wide range of different competencies. Education and Sport concern not only formal educational processes, e.g. in day care facilities for children and schools, but also address informal educational processes, e.g. in sport clubs and self-organized sport activities. A particular challenge is the linkage of educational processes within the scope of educational networks on a municipal level.  Education in the 21st century lives from an interpenetration of different learning locations and modalities.

Sports is an important part of the culture and a fundamental matter of educational processes. Though, the educational opportunities in sports are unequally distributed. Social and ethnical backgrounds, movement status and sex have considerable influence on the sport commitment and the associated educational potential.