Media Lab

Reasons and purpose

It is the aim of the Media Lab to advise and assist both students and lecturers of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences in the handling of "new" media. Dependent on a seminar, this e.g. could be the digital documentation of a meeting or the recording of objects of investigation for subsequent analyses. 

Motion analyses in the sports practice proved as particularly valuable, as they offer students a helpful support for motoric learning. Additionally, with the central media department, the medial work of individual deparments does now find improved coordination. 

 Operating areas of the Media Lab

  • Sport practice: Video analysis, production of instructional films for technology application, video recordings on request
  • Education and research: Evaluation of physical education, video analysis of the teacher behaviour (also in theoretical events), recording of interviews, group discussions, etc., internet / e-Learning
  • Management of technical equipment: Loan system for students and lecturers (video cameras, dictation devices, presenters, etc.), administration and consulting regarding technical devices
  • Video and photo documentation: Congresses, dance performances, freshman days, etc.
  • Technical possibilities: Digital video editing of analogue and digital videos, photographic image editing, creation of DVDs, video digitizing, video dubbing, mixing of music