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Image video about the teacher training program

The WWU has published a new image video about the teacher training program at the University of Münster. The video also includes sports.

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The future of children's and youth sports

Workgroup 4 " Embodying the joy of movement and sport at an early age" met for the first time in Berlin as part of the German government's sports development plan. The workgroup was established after the 2022 Physical Activity Summit and is intended to develop guidelines for children's and youth sports. It brings together representatives of the federal ministries, the Conference of Ministers of Sport and Education, sports organizations, and other civil society stakeholders. The workgroup is headed by Prof. Miriam Kehne (Paderborn) and Prof. Nils Neuber (IfS). Kathrin Aschebrock (IfS) is the managing director.

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Trialogue on the topic of protection concepts in sports

Around 50 participants from sports practice, child and youth welfare and science discussed the topic "Protection concepts in sports" with Marisa Kleinitzke (Stadtsportbund Münster), Martin Wonik (Landessportbund NRW) and Dr. Kathrin Kohake (WWU Münster) on April 27, 2023. The new event format "Trialog", which brings practice, politics and science into conversation, was opened by Professor Wessels (Rector of the WWU Münster) with a welcoming speech. The event was organized by the Stadtsportbund and the Sportjugend Münster, the Institute for Sports Science Münster and the Research Association for Child and Youth Sports NRW. The moderation was done by Thomas Lammers (SSB Münster).

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Münster School Sports Talk

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, the Münster School Sports Talk "Perceiving Diversity in Physical Education - a key component of teacher expertise" will take place from 6-8 p.m. in Ho101. The speaker Junior Professor Dr. Helga Leineweber will present selected empirical findings as well as approaches to promote the professional perception of teacher*education, and give suggestions for dealing with own perceptions. The registration can be done here. All interested parties are welcome to attend.

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Social cohesion through sport

A new anthology by Petra Gieß-Stüber and Berndt Tausch has been published in the series of the Center for Educational Research in Sport (CeBiS). The volume, entitled "Social Cohesion in and through Sport - Education for Diversity and Sustainable Development for Diversity and Sustainable Development" is a diverse mix of theoretical and practical, scientific and implementation-related, pedagogical and political and political contributions, which vividly describes the idea of a "Sport for Development".


Conclave of the Working Area Education and Instruction in Sport

The department of Education and Teaching in Sport met for two days in March 2023 for a closed meeting at the Schullandheim Barkhausen. Research, teaching, transfer and the upcoming summer semester were discussed.

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Invitation to the Trialogue "Protection Concepts in Sport"

The Institute for Sports Science Münster invites you in collaboration with the Research Association for Children and Youth Sport NRW, the Sportjugend Münster and the Stadtsportbund Münster to a  discussion round on "Protection concepts in sport" on Thursday, 27.04.2023 from 19.00 to 20.30 in H101. Minister Josefine Paul, Dr. Kathrin Kohake (WWU Münster) and Marisa Kleinitzke (SSB Münster) will be there to provide expert input. Further information and the link to the registration can be found here.

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State Sport Conference Schleswig-Holstein

At the state sports conference held in the state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein, the regional sports development plan for the state was launched. The concept had previously been agreed by the state, the state sports association and the association of cities. A key element is the promotion of children's and youth sports. Prof. Nils Neuber gave a presentation entitled "No child without sport - promoting physical activity as a task for society as a whole".

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More movement in elementary school

The importance of movement, play and sport for children growing up is undisputed in sports science circles. However, the Permanent Scientific Commission of the KMK has so far not taken up this insight and demands, among other things, an increase in core subject hours. Prof. Nils Neuber and Prof. Klaus Zierer (University of Augsburg) criticize this in a guest article for the F.A.Z. and demand more exercise for elementary school.