ACTIMENTIA: Hilfskraft gesucht

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Für das neue EU-Projekt PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND EXERCISING BENEFITS IN DEMENTIA CARE wird eine wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft gesucht.
Inhaltlich verbindet das Projekt drei Bereiche:
- Arbeit mit älteren Menschen, die an Demenz oder MCI (mild cognitive impairment) erkrankt sind
- e-Learning, blended learning, serious games
- Prävention durch Bewegung im Alltag und als Training
Mehr Info gibt es hier und bei Michael Brach.

Promotion erfolgreich abgeschlossen!

20180720 Disputation Judith 120180720 Disputation Judith 1
© Maarten van den Heuvel

Am 20.07.2018 verteidigte Judith Mergen ihre Promotion zum Thema "Physical Self-Concept and Body Image in Healthy Adolescent Girls and Women with Anorexia Nervosa".
Wir gratulieren ganz herzlich und wünschen alles Gute für den weiteren beruflichen Werdegang!

Hilfskraft gesucht! -- Internship, Studienprojekt, Qualifikationsarbeit möglich

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In Herzsportgruppen ist bisher immer ein Arzt / eine Ärztin anwesend. Im
Auftrag des Deutschen Behindertensportverbandes untersuchen wir Akzeptanz und
Sicherheit, wenn die vorgeschriebene ärztliche Betreuung auf unterschiedliche
Weise organisiert wird. Dabei suchen wir studentische Unterstützung. Dies kann
als Bachelor- / Masterarbeit, als Internship oder als Hilfskrafttätigkeit
organisiert werden. Erfahren sie mehr hier.

Delayed Latency of Postural Muscles of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

20180216 Intellectual Disabilities20180216 Intellectual Disabilities
© J. W. Tolentino-Castro

In a recent study we did not find differences on muscular delays between individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and a control group. 

A mobile bath tub to reduce postural load for nurses while bathing patients.

180202 Badewannecaro180202 Badewannecaro
© A. Kerkhoff

As a part of a bachelor-thesis, the bathing procedure in two different bathtubs has been investigated. The mobile bathtub "Caro" has been developed by Mr. Becker a former employee at the Institute of Sports Science. The bathtub "Caro" is used for the bathing process of physically handicapped persons. The goal of the study is to elaborate on the differences between the usage of the two different bathtubs, concerning the bathing of a patient and related thereto the lumbar movements of the bathing person. It is hypothesized that the overall lumbar movement of the person who baths the patient decreases when using the bathtub "Caro", leading to a less severe cumulative lumbar loading throughout the task. Measurements have been completed by Dr. Christiane Bohn and Filipp Gamer and we are looking forward to the results.

Contribution of upper body to dynamic balance regulation higher than usually assumed

2018-02-08-contribution Sq2018-02-08-contribution Wide
Experimental setup and arm postures
© Kim Bostroem

Boström, K. J., Dirksen, T., Zentgraf, K., & Wagner, H. (2018). The Contribution of Upper Body Movements to Dynamic Balance Regulation during Challenged Locomotion. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 1–10. [paper].

Excursion to "Phänomania" in Essen

20180208 Phaenomania Sq20180208 Phaenomania Wide
Heiko Wagner and Maarten van den Heuvel in front of an interleaved mirror at the "Phänomania" in Essen
© Kim Bostroem

On January 26th, a group of students and instructors of the MSc-Program Sports, Exercise and Human Performance travelled to Essen for a visit to Erfahrungsfeld Phänomania. An extensive collection of practical experiments allowed the students to experience some fundamental physical phenomena and concepts hands-on.

Slupinski, de Lussanet and Wagner publish a paper in Behavior Research Methods

20180115 Ball Catching20180115 Ball Catching
© L. Slupinski

A paper titled “Analyzing the kinematics of hand movements in catching tasks—An online correction analysis of movement toward the target’s trajectory” by Lena Slupinski, Marc de Lussanet and Heiko Wagner has been published in the Journal of Behavior Research Methods. In ball catching, the catcher has to guide the hand towards the future trajectory of the moving ball, based on predictions, which are mostly adjusted during the movement. The authors present a method for analyzing the hand movements of the catcher, assessing the time at which the trajectory of the ball is anticipated. This method can be used to quantify anticipatory behavior in interceptive tasks.

Raus in die Natur

20171026 Rausnatur20171026 Rausnatur
© C. Bohn

Christiane Bohn contributed a chapter to a new textbook titled “Einfach sportlich”. This chapter introduces contents for outdoor psychomotor education in to primary school teachers.

ROUND TABLE Sportförderunterricht

20171026 Roundtable20171026 Roundtable
© C. Bohn

Christiane Bohn accepted the invitation from the Ministerium für Schule und Bildung in NRW to participate in the round table conference for professional exchange concerning the future of remedial physical education (Sportförderunterricht).

Hugh Riddell and J. Walter Tolentino-Castro publish in "Journal of Down Syndrome & Chromosome Abnormalities”

20171025 Riddelcastro20171025 Riddelcastro
© Tolentino-Castro

"Perception of Biological Motion Speed in Individuals with Down Syndrome”
The explanations for the motor learning deficits observed in individuals with Down Syndrome (DS) emphasize a complex interplay among the structural and functional body abnormalities of this population. To further comprehend how this pathological condition functions, researchers are now attempting to understand how visual and motor systems process information and how this processing correlates with the development of motor learning in individuals with DS. The purpose of the current study was to investigate whether individuals with DS are able to perceive and differentiate between visually presented sequences of biological motion that portrayed walking at different speeds. We tested 17 participants with DS and 17 typical develop individuals (CG) who were matched for age and gender on a task requiring subjects to make fine discriminations between biological motion stimuli in the form of point-light-walkers that walked at different speeds. Individuals with DS were unable to recognize differences in walking speeds between walkers, and also demonstrated slower reaction times on the task than the CG. The CG was able to perform the task well above chance level and faster than DS subjects. These results shed light on the biological motion processing capabilities of people with DS, and provide insights for future research in this field. doi: 10.4172/2472-1115.1000123

450 crash tests with 71 volunteers

20171024 Crashtest20171024 Crashtest
© Kalthoff

The crash test team of the Department of Movement Science (Heiko Wagner, Kim Boström, Marc de Lussanet, Andreas Mühlbeier, Wolfram Kalthoff) has finished the test series for the BG Verkehr at the facility of in Münster-Wolbeck. These tests were oblique frontal impacts with two passengers sitting in a moving Smart Fortwo. The crew finally conducted 450 crash tests with 71 volunteers and two dummies in 2016 and 2017.

Kerkhoff and Wagner publish in German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research

20170905 German Journal Exercise And Sport 1to120170905 German Journal Exercise And Sport 1to1
© SpringerMedizin

Annette Kerkhoff and Heiko Wagner from the Department of Movement Science published an article in the German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research together with collaborators from the Biomechanics Research Laboratory at the Münster University of Applied Sciences in Steinfurt. The article, entitled "Effects of two different foot orthoses on muscle activity in female during single-leg landing – A short-term and long-term study", was co-authored by Arne Nagel, Michael Möller und Klaus Peikenkamp, and is the first article published in a project on how foot orthoses affect knee stability.

Congress in sunny Sevilla

20170703 15553120170703 155531
© C. Kraaijenbrink

From the 2nd to the 5th of July, the 23th congress of the European Society of Biomechanics took place at the Higher Technical School of Engineering of the University of Sevilla. Cassandra Kraaijenbrink presented part of her work for her PhD in a flash presentation and a poster with the title Effects of resistance on 3D force application during low-intensity handcycling in healthy men.

Article published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

© A. Mühlbeier

An article titled Monosynaptic stretch reflex fails to explain the initial postural response to sudden lateral perturbations was accepted for publication in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. The article, written by Andreas Mühlbeier, Kim Joris Boström and Heiko Wagner from the Department of Movement Science as well as Christian Puta from the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, gives a report of muscular activity following sudden external perturbations of the trunk.

Teilnahme am 16. Leonardo-Campus-Run

© Maarten van den Heuvel

Vier Mitarbeiter_innen der Arbeitsgruppe Bewegungswissenschaft liefen am Mittwoch, 21.6.2016 den "TK-Run" (5KM) beim alljährlichen Leonardo-Campus-Run.
Die Läufer_innen erzielten folgenden Plazierungen:
Damen: 17. Platz für Judith Mergen mit 23:21 Minuten, und 172. Platz für Lena Slupinski mit 33:21 Minuten.
Herren: 12. Platz für Maarten van den Heuvel mit 18:45 Minuten und 43. Platz für Andreas Mühlbeier mit 21:17 Minuten. Toller Einsatz!

Gute Leistungen beim Münster Staffelmarathon

Staffelmarathon2016 TeamStaffelmarathon2016 Team
© Judith Mergen

Am 11.09.2016 sind zwei Staffeln des Arbeitsbereichs Bewegungswissenschaft beim Münstermarathon mitgelaufen.

Die Zeiten und Platzierungen:
Das Team „Motorik" (José W.T. Castro, Maarten van den Heuvel, Wolfram Kalthoff und Andreas Mühlbeier) hat eine Zeit von 3:21:26 absolviert und hat den 44. Platz der Männerstaffeln belegt.
Das Team „Motorike" (Nicole Dirksen, Annette Kerkhoff, Lena Slupinski und Judith Mergen) ist 4:02:47 gelaufen und hat den 32. Platz der Frauenstaffeln belegt.
Super Leistungen, die beim nächsten Marathon natürlich verbessert werden sollen.

DVS-Posterpreis für Annette Kerkhoff

Kerkhoff Posterpreis Dvs2016Kerkhoff Posterpreis Dvs2016
© Kim Joris Boström

Annette Kerkhoff erhielt am 30. September 2016 in Darmstadt den Preis für das beste Poster der Konferenz der Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaften (DVS).

Inspirierender Konferenzbesuch in Jamaika

Ncm2016 Lena 1to1Ncm2016 Lena 2to1
© Maarten van den Heuvel

Maarten van den Heuvel und Lena Slupinski haben vom 24.04 - 29.04.2016 die Neural Control of Movement (NCM)-Konferenz in Montego Bay (Jamaika) besucht und dort jeweils ein Poster zu folgenden Themen präsentiert:

Lena Slupinski: Quantifying the kinematics of hand movements towards a flying ball
Maarten van den Heuvel: Augmented visual feedback during a rhythmic postural task differentially modulates cortical activity in patients with Parkinson's disease and age-matched controls

Neue Mitarbeiterin

Cassandra Kraaijenbrink

Wir begrüßen unsere neue Mitarbeiterin Cassandra Kraaijenbrink.

Besuch von Professor Mochizuki der Universität von São Paulo

Mochizuki Dec2016
© J.W. Tolentino-Castro

Professor Luis Mochizuki (Universität von São Paulo) besuchte die Arbeitsgruppe Bewegungswissenschaft vom 15. Dezember 2016 bis zum 16. Januar 2017. Trotz Weihnachtsferien gestalteten die Doktoranden, insbesondere J. Walter Tolentino-Castro, zusammen mit Prof. Wagner vielseitigen, produktiven Austausch. Zwei Anträge für Workshops die in Brasilien stattfinden werden sind das vorläufige Ergebnis dieser Wissenschaftskooperation. Seja sempre bem vindo em Münster Professor Luis.

Fachtagung "Starke Kinder durch Sport"


Am 21.1. 2017 hielt Frau Dr. Bohn auf der Fachtagung des KSB Emsland "Starke Kinder durch Sport" in Sögel den Hauptvortrag "Und ALLE machen mit", in dem insbesondere der Umgang mit heterogenen Lerngruppen im Sport thematisiert wurde.

Sprechzeiten Prof. Wagner nur nach Vereinbarung

250 Kalender

Professor Dr. Heiko Wagner startet mit Ende des Wintersemesters im ein Semester frei von Verwaltungs- und Lehraufgaben und widmet dies ganz seinen wissenschaftlichen Forschungen. In dieser Zeit werden Sprechstunden nur nach Vereinbarung mit dem Sekretariat eingeräumt.

Projektkurs trifft auf Sportseminar des IfS

20170315 M9 Projektkurs20170315 M9 Projektkurs
© Christoph Kesselmeier

Im Rahmen einer Kooperation zwischen dem Kardinal-von-Galen Gymnasium in Hiltrup und dem Arbeitsbereich Bewegungswissenschaft besuchten Schülerinnen und Schüler der Jahrgangsstufe Q1 das Seminar „Sport trifft Technik“ unter der Leitung von Maarten van den Heuvel. In diesem Seminar entwickeln die Studierenden kleine physikalische Experimente, die sich auch im Sportunterricht durchführen lassen.

Judith Mergen visits Deakin University in Australia

20170626 Judith Mergen Deakin University20170626 Judith Mergen Deakin University
© Deakin University, Melbourne

Judith Mergen will be visiting the Deakin University in Melbourne from June 28th until August 8t, 2017 for a short research stay. Part of her tasks will be to assist in the analysis of a dataset that was collected as part of the project Engaging Teachers, motivating students: A cluster randomized trial to improve girls’ perceived motor competence.